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Last Day to Enter! Win A Pop-Up Basket from MIO

MIO Earth Day Giveaway

Yes, it’s that time already. Tomorrow is the last day to enter our MIO Earth Day giveaway!

Head to this post and tell us how you’d use your Pop-Up Basket. Tell your friends for even more chances to win. All the details are here.

Want to see just how clever MIO’s Pop-Up Basket is? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the design process, including photos and video of basket prototypes. See the creativity, testing and fine-tuning that went into making this unique product. And just think, you could win one!

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How to Make DIY Origami Bows from Recycled Magazines

DIY Origami Bows

DIY Recycled Magazine Origami Bows, by Jessica Jones

In honor of Earth Day and because these were just too cool not to share, I thought you’d all get a kick out of these awesome recycled magazine origami bows! All you need is a single piece of scrap paper and you’re set. Aren’t they lovely? I might just start turning everything into a pretty bow — watch out!

Check out How About Orange for more pretty pics and Let’s Create for the detailed tutorial.

Happy folding!

P.S. If you’ve got a surplus of magazines (who doesn’t?) and are feeling extra crafty, check out these pretty magazine bows too!

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MIO Earth Day Giveaway!

MIO Earth Day Giveaway

Happy Friday! We’re heading into Earth Day weekend with an awesome giveaway from MIO! You remember our spotlight on these great guys earlier this week. This is your chance to win one of our favorites from their collection. It’s clever, comes in really great colors, and is perfect for springtime!

Win A Pop-Up Basket from MIO

The Prize:

One lucky winner will receive a MIO Pop-Up Basket for your bike or your home—your choice!

The Pop-Up Basket ships flat and is pulled into shape once you receive it. Stretch it a little and use it as a modern decorative container. Stretch it all the way and use it as a recycling bin, umbrella stand, or bin for toys or logs. Yes, it’s that strong!

Or, get on your bikes and ride! There’s a version for your bike too. Attach to the front or the back to carry purses, backpacks, shopping bags, your friends! (Okay, probably not your friends.)

THREE ways to enter:

1. Check out the Pop-Up Basket and the Pop-Up Bike Basket on MIO’s site. Then leave a comment letting us know what you would store in yours and which color you like most.

2. Head to MIO and Wantist on Facebook and give us some “likes”. Then leave a comment on this post letting us know you like us!

3. Let your followers in on the giveaway. Tweet this link http://wnt.st/lpfz with the hashtag #MIOEarthDay and you’re all set.

Do all three to increase your chances! Giveaway runs April 20th through April 26th. The winner will be announced Friday, April 27th.

Good luck!


Win A Pop-Up Basket from MIO

MIO Sustainable Design + Beautiful Gifts

MIO Store Interior

MIO Philadelphia Store Front

With Earth Day this Sunday, I’d like to bring your attention to our wonderful sponsor, MIO! MIO is a design company and the vision of the Salm brothers—Isaac, the numbers guy, and Jaime, the design guy.

MIO creates beautiful, affordable gifts and home interior products, with an emphasis on making sustainability covetable through design.

They call it Green Desire, and it’s their guiding principle. It’s based on the idea that we should crave sustainable products out of genuine desire rather than fear, guilt or altruism. (Yes!) They’re matching our desires with what’s good for the planet, and they do an incredible job of it. Just have a look at these favorites from MIO’s collection—colorful, smart, and quite desirable.

Earth Friendly Gifts from MIO

1. Organixe Pencil Holder, 2. Square Cap Straw Hat, 3. Rider Cap Straw Hat, 4. Oval Tack Frame, 5. Beehive Softbowl, 6. Wobowl Softbowl, 7. Pop-Up Basket

Isaac and Jaime work closely with creative designers, manufacturers, engineers and business folks worldwide from their studio and storefront in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, they run CultureLab, a design consultancy within MIO that assists companies such as Target, FedEx, and Anthropologie with incorporating sustainable solutions into their business practices.

Wantist and MIO Giveaway coming soon...

I’m super excited to let you in on something really special. We’ve teamed up with MIO for an Earth Day Giveaway! More details coming later this week.

Stay tuned!

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Wantist and MIO Giveaway coming soon...Earth Friendly Gifts from MIO

How to Make DIY Gift Bows from Recycled Magazines!

DIY Recycled Magazine Bows

DIY Recycled Magazine Bows, photo from Whole Living

From newspapers to paper grocery bags, there are plenty of ways to wrap your gift in recycled materials–but recycled magazine bows??  That’s pure genius, people!  The crafty folks over at Martha Stewart-owned Whole Living created this clever tutorial for turning your old glossies into colorful, hand-made gift toppers.  You’ll need about one page per bow and some double-sided tape.  Grab those then head over to Whole Living to see how this eco-friendly craft comes together!

(h/t 100 Layer Cake)

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Can You Guess What This Gift is Wrapped In?

Can you guess what this gift is wrapped in?

Can you guess what this gift is wrapped in?
It’s something you might find in your trash bin

Or tossed onto the kitchen table
Figure it out, if you are able

It won’t come in a roll or a sheet
It’s something reused, repurposed—so neat!

Wrapped up by Charissa—she’s clever
And known for her gift-wrapping endeavors

So give it your best in the comments
Get guessing! That’s it. No more hints.

(After a while if you still have no clue,
Of course I’ll share the link with you!)

For more creative wrap ideas from Charissa check out her guest post here: Gift Wrapping Ideas From Everyday Materials


Shop Here: Daytrip Society

Daytrip Society Interior A

Gifts from Daytrip Society B

1. String in a Tin by The Thoughtful Gardener, 2. Bird Watcher Letterpress Print by Old School Stationers

In the heart of Kennebunkport’s Dock Square is a cheerful store set on inspiring your inner daytripper.

Daytrip Society carries a charming mix of gifts and gear for nature-loving, treehugging, outdoorsy types. Whether into roughing it, glamping it, or simply filling your home with wonderfully green things, there’s something special awaiting you here.

Daytrip Society Interior B

Gifts from Daytrip Society A

1. Surfing Photographs from the Seventies, 2. Scrimshaw Coasters, 3. Porcelain Farmer’s Market Basket by Roost, 4. Wild Herbs: Plantable Paper 45, 5. Sweet Balsam 3-Wick Candle

Leaving their high profile jobs at Island Def Jam Records, Jessica, a music video producer and Andy, a graphic designer, returned home to their native Maine and set up shop a couple years ago. They opened their doors with a desire to share their wanderlust and love for an afternoon adventure. I’m so glad they did, aren’t you?

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Daytrip Society Interior BGifts from Daytrip Society BGifts from Daytrip Society A

Wrapped Up Again and Again

Give Harmony Fabric Git Wrap by Chewing the Cud

A beautiful waste-free alternative to wrapping paper, Chewing the Cud’s Fabric Gift Wraps are a super easy way to wrap a gift, create a cheerful presentation, and best of all, can be used over and over.

Hand-printed on organic cotton and designed by the very talented Viola Sutanto, the wraps come in an array of prints and colors for a presentation that’s as thoughtful as the gift itself.

The perfect finishing touch to an eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift!

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Chewing the Cud Fabric Gift WrapsChewing the Cud Give Luck Fabric Gift WrapGive Heart I Wheelie Like You Fabric WrapChewing the Cud Give Love Fabric Gift Wrap

Holstee Recycled Wallet

Holstee Recycled Wallet with Metro card

Holstee’s Recycled Wallet is full of win. A smart minimalist design that holds all the essentials—it’s made from recycled plastic bags and newspapers that get litter of the streets of Delhi, and production provides fair wage employment and subsidizes healthcare and education for each employee’s family.

We first fell in love with Holstee because of their Manifesto and continue to be impressed by their mission-driven creations and curated shop.

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Holstee Recycled Wallet giveaway

‘Tis the Season for Night Light Boxers from PACT

Night Lights Boxer Brief by PACT

There’s a lot to look at. We get it. To help you out we’re calling attention to a gift you may have missed, or one we think you shouldn’t. This is the Something for Someone Spotlight.

It’s that time of year when holiday cheer finds its way onto all kinds of a products. This is one of our favorites. From the good people at PACT come these festive Night Light Boxer Briefs— part of their Winter Lights Collection. And don’t feel left out ladies, there’s several styles for you too.

As is always the case with PACT products, they’re sustainably produced and each pair serves a cause. These support the Lighting Hope for Haiti program. So this holiday give thanks, give back, and get down with your Night Lights on with a little help from PACT.

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Night Lights Boxer Brief by PACT

7 Green Gifts under $100

To encourage the giving of green gifts this holiday, The Nature Conservancy created Green Gift Monday to coincide with one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, Cyber Monday. Their proposition is a simple one—with all the purchases you’ll be making today, why not make at least one of them a considered one. Something responsible, something meaningful, something green.

Visit the Green Gift Monday page for posts and gift ideas from their partner bloggers. And for some of our own picks here’s seven green gifts to help you get going.

Resource Revival Recycled Pendulum Desk Clock

Recycled Pendulum Desk Clock • $76

Handmade in Oregon by the Resource Revival team using recycled bicycle parts.

Simrin Farmyard Placemat pig brick

Simrin Farmyard Placemats – Set of 4 • $38

Made from 100% jute and hand-printed by Simirin in Brooklyn, NY.

Outset Verde Recycled Stainless Steel and Bamboo Grilling Set

Verde Recycled Stainless Steel and Bamboo Grilling Set • $59

Set of 6 grilling tools made from 100% recycled stainless steel and farm-raised bamboo.

Reveal Hipster Satchel front

Reveal Hipster Satchel • $99

Stylish hemp bag with recycled zipper and vegan leather handles.

Wegner EvoWood 11 Swiss Army Knife

Wegner EvoWood 11 Swiss Army Knife • $64

Constructed from scrap Swiss Walnut unused from other production processes.

Mia Water Carafe

Mia Water Carafe • $23

Beautiful carafe made from 100% recycled glass.

Bamboo Type Coasters

Bamboo Type Coasters – Set of 4 • $45

Jumbled characters from Baskerville Semibold cut out of mature bamboo stock.

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Bamboo Type CoastersMia Water CarafeWegner EvoWood 11 Swiss Army KnifeReveal Hipster Satchel frontOutset Verde Recycled Stainless Steel and Bamboo Grilling SetSimrin Farmyard Placemat pig brickResource Revival Recycled Pendulum Desk Clock