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Brittany is a full-time appreciator of people who make wonderful things. Wantist’s curator, editor, and chief gift-hound, she’s passionate about seeing big brands and indie lines share the same shelf and loves how the internet has blown open the conversation between the shop and the shopper.

With a background in design, photography, merchandising, and PR, her head’s usually pulling her in several directions—useful when taking on a startup like this one with your husband.

She’s quick with a drill, displays cards as art, and is fascinated by floor plans.

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Jacob is a business brain with an art heart. A voracious reader for as long as he can remember, he startled his parents reading the Star Wars opening crawl aloud at the age of three. (Which of course dates him. He’s okay with that.)

That business brain got an early start too with his first subscription to Inc at 13 and a skateboarding catalog company he founded at 16.

He grew up in a retail household surrounded by Kartel classics and early Alessi pieces. Though it should be noted, his favorite thing in the house was always the computer.

Everyone (including himself) thought he’d major in computer science or pursue an MBA, so naturally he went to art school and studied printmaking and video art. He’s been doing his own thing ever since.

Former Contributors

Capree Kimball has a deep love of Victorian-era “fancy lads”, 19th Century anatomy drawings, and tin robots. She loves big, bold colors and big, bold patterns. Oh, and anything well-designed, especially if it’s something she can sit in. Capree writes and blogs about her obsessions on My Adventure is Your Advantage! (MAIYA for short). You can also find her spreading the mod love on GrassrootsModern and 2Modern, as well as sharing cool DIY and craft ideas on Curbly. Capree loves the Internet and social media – and you! Please say hello on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

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Monique Pouget started a love affair with the Internets in 1996 and hasn’t looked back since. She currently resides in sunny San Diego, and spends most of her time studying the Googles at an online marketing agency, searching for the best carne asada burrito and exploring the city via bicycle. She also writes for Holiday Matinee and curates her own personal blog as well. Monique recently discovered she owns 46 belts, but rarely wears them in her pants’ designated loops.

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Morgan Haines is a graphic designer by day and internet addict by night (ok, sometimes during the day too). A Southern California girl through and through, she loves sunny days by the pool, home improvement, and all things carbohydrate. All of which she blogs about on her personal blog.

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Deb Averett has dabbled in a lot of things including photography, social media consulting and bartending. She doesn’t claim to be an expert at everything, but she sure knows a little about a lot. She lives a life surrounded by boys so her biggest dream in life has come true. She blogs at Dose of Happy and writes about whatever makes her happy. When she’s not there, you can find her on Twitter.

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Kelly Beall is a graphic designer by trade who doesn’t make or sell anything other than perception, but she’s passionate about supporting those who do. Giving them a voice and spreading their names and talents far and wide is what she does best. You can also find her blogging at Design Crush as well as contributing on Curbly and Houzz.

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Samantha Wagner resides in Vancouver, Canada and has a life-long passion for design, textiles, books and classic styles. She prides gift-giving as one of her greatest talents. When she’s not working at one of her many day jobs, Samantha designs accessories under the name Sam Made, blogs at
Post Grad Hair Cut
and spends far too much time on twitter.

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Erin Chock is a Hawaii girl who’s traded in sand and sun for a life of rain and cool forests in the Pacific Northwest. She loves tea and good books, sweets and shopping. Feel free to check out her personal blog, or follow her on Twitter.

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Be our guest! Want to share your own gift-giving stories and tips here on Wantist? Please get in touch: hello@wantist.com

Alyssa Yuhas

Alyssa Yuhas is a graphic designer based in Calgary, AB, Canada. When not freelancing, blogging or working on her side-project WLWL magazine, she can be found flipping through stacks of magazines, dancing to live music, eating with friends, hunting through thrift stores or collaborating and traveling with her husband.

Danielle Krysa

The Jealous Curator, (aka Danielle Krysa) has a BFA in Visual Arts, and a post-grad diploma in Design. She has worked as a designer and Creative Director for years, but has never stopped loving, and creating, fine art. After decades of secretly thinking “Damn, I wish I thought of that”, she finally decided to say it out loud, and in February of 2009 The Jealous Curator was born. The blog features the work of emerging contemporary artists from a variety of disciplines… the only requirement is that they make her feel like she’s been punched in the creative gut. Danielle also writes art pieces for several other blogs, and has recently started taking her jealous curation from the blogosphere, to the white walls of actual galleries.

Erin Loechner

Juggling an active Internet career with writing, speaking and consulting, Erin Loechner can be found daily at DesignForMankind.com, her art/design blog that was recently honored as one of the London Time’s top 50 design blogs in the world. She currently hosts a renovation column on HGTV.com where she catalogs her experiences as an impromptu interior designer. Erin’s work has been featured in Glamour, Lucky, Dwell, Readymade, Nylon, Print Magazine, Apartment Therapy, The Huffington Post, and she regularly contributes to Readymade Magazine.

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner is an artist, writer, and sawdust maker who’s passionate about seeking connections between creativity and community. As Curbly‘s editor, Chris is able to practice his “DIYology” – that everyone should be empowered to impact the things they consume and the places they interact with a little creativity. Chris is also the founder of Curbly’s sister (brother?) site, ManMadeDIY, a blog that catalogs the independent craft and handmade movement through a masculine lens. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in the humanities from Miami University, and a master’s degree from MTSO.

Cariann Burger

Born and raised in the high desert of Reno, Nevada, Cariann Burger headed for the coast to study Interior Design at the Design Institute of San Diego. After school, she left the land of golden skin and great Mexican Food, to work in the film industry in Vancouver, BC. After falling in love with a young South African boy, she put her design talents to good use designing high end luxury homes before launching Cargoh. When she is not connecting with Cargoh’s amazing community, she can be found at her sewing machine making just about anything, or on a patio sipping on a nice cold one!

Amy Turn Sharp

Amy Turn Sharp is the wood queen of Little Alouette, an organic wooden toy shop she runs alongside her master carpenter husband, Joe. A mother of 3 from Columbus, Ohio, Amy is a creative freelance who at all times has at least 7 projects brewing. She is a desired speaker at events like The Creative Connection, ETSY Labs, Blissdom, Mom2.0, and Blogher on creativity, social media, and entrepreneurial spirit. Amy was named one of the 50 top Etsy Moms by Babble.com in 2010 and 2011. She is involved in the mom blog world and can’t stop trying to make all the cool crafts on the whole Internet. She has written a debut novel and is slightly addicted to twitter.

Emily Fitzhugh

Emily Fitzhugh is a social media consultant living in Portland, Oregon. With a background in interior design, she wanted to find a way to stay connected to the creative world. She created Sodapopgirll.net, a lifestyle and design blog. While posting about the fashion, music, art, design and photography she loves, her goal is also to find creatives who are are unique, innovative, and fun. Hence her tagline, “shake it”. After admiring others’ creative masterpieces for years, Emily started to make jewelry and just recently launched her new Etsy shop Sodapopgirlshop.

Carina Murray

Five years ago, Carina Murray founded Crow & Canary, a fine art card and gift representation company that keeps her busy traveling up and down the West Coast. Today she represents a delightful and eclectic mix, with letterpress, screen-printed and hand embellished cards at the core of the collection. You can find her sharing all things lovely on the Crow & Canary blog, and her travels and other musings on twitter.

Amy Ferguson

Amy Ferguson is a southern girl who has lived in NYC for the past seven years. She is a freelance art director, a blogger and an all around fun lady. She lives in the West Village and loves good food and even better drinks. Laughing is her #1 pastime. She’s not really into high fives but if the mood is right, she’ll consider it. Oh, and she sometimes tweets really smart and hilarious things.

Badder Homes & Gardens

Badder Homes & Gardens is the bad girls guide to good housekeeping. Authored by Texas girls, Krista, Sarah, and Nikki, Badder Homes is, “a site for cynical bitches who want their homes to look pretty”. Krista is a Senior Copywriter, a medical disaster and is probably drinking champagne right now. Especially if it’s before noon. Sarah is a Senior Copywriter currently living and cursing in Austin, TX. Nikki is an Associate Creative Director, obituary humorist and level five bed wetter.

Creede Fitch

Creede is a frugal design junkie. He loves miminamist and mid-century influences and often finds himself with a hammer and drill in hand in order to achieve the style he wants without breaking the bank. In 2005 he started Grassrootsmodern in order to share his ideas and inspirations on affordable design. Creede lives in Utah with his son, daughter, and golden doodle Ainsley. Chances are he is currently working on his house.

Maggie Furlong

Maggie is an L.A.-based writer, TV critic and lover of all things pop culture (you can see her stuff at AOL TV and The Huffington Post or follow her on Twitter), but when entertainment stops being entertaining — and, admit it, sometimes it does — her favorite multi-tasking hobby while keeping up with bad TV is online shopping. From clothing to kitchen gadgets, vintage records to sold-out-in-an-instant Missoni for Target bicycles, even sunglasses for her Boston Terrier, Otis, she’s never met a deal or steal she didn’t have fun shopping for.

Bridget Butch

Bridget Butch (a.k.a. BB) is an acknowledged multi-topic nerd. Design, art, travel, science fiction TV, vintage advertising, very tiny animals – she explores all of her quirks and passions on her blog, BB-Blog. (Pronounced BB-hyphenblog. She thinks it sounds more German that way.) BB has two rescued cats (Oskar and Eva), can’t quit Brooklyn (her home away from home), enjoys cheese (on an epic level) and is actively saving 50 to 100 American dollars with her friend, Bradley, to buy Second Life and perhaps live there upon retirement. When not seeking out new nerdy adventures, BB makes a fine living as the Director of User Experience at Hanson Dodge Creative, a design and marketing firm in Milwaukee, WI. Feel free to say hi or follow her blog on twitter.

Arjun Basu

Arjun Basu is a writer, editor, foodie and bourbon lover. His first book of short stories, Squishy, was published in 2008. His first novel is currently making the rounds with publishers. He also writes short stories on Twitter. He’s still not sure why.

Amanda Waas

With all of the holidays, birthdays, baby showers, and awkward weddings of distant relatives that we stare down every year, we spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what to buy for people we love, people we hate, and people we barely know. Bearing that in mind, Amanda launched You’re Welcome as an online resource that provides gift suggestions for life’s most awkward occasions. Since its launch in May, You’re Welcome has been featured in Glamour, Elle Décor, and DailyWorth. Amanda has also written for Every Day With Rachael Ray, Time Out New York, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, AOL’s Shelterpop and DIY Life, and various others. She has interviewed Sheryl Crow, the Barenaked Ladies, and that good-looking lead singer from Incubus. She lives in Brooklyn amongst million dollar brownstones that she couldn’t afford in a billion years.

Charissa Pomrehn

Charissa Pomrehn loves that wrapping gifts is an everyday opportunity to be creative. She can be found making her own gift bags, conjuring bows from burp cloths, and sharing free printables for gift wrapping at The Gifted Blog.

Ken Denmead

Ken Denmead is a husband and father from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as a civil engineer. He’s also the editor of GeekDad, the parenting blog for Wired magazine’s online presence, where along with a group of other dedicated, geeky parents he posts projects, book and movie reviews, weekly podcasts, and more about being a parent and being a geek.

Brandi Bernoski

Brandi Bernoski writes at Not Your Average Ordinary. She’s a full-time graduate student for the moment, but has dreams of moving back to New York City to become a freelance writer, baker, and hostess extraordinaire, and open my own online shop and consulting business someday.

Hannah Simon

Hannah Simon lives and works in San Francisco, and is a contributing writer at Holiday Matinee. By day, she’s also a Communications Specialist at Wikia, a collaborative publishing platform that enables people to discover, create, and share content on any topic. By night, she’s the Editor-in-Chief of music discovery website Indie Shuffle. Find her on Twitter, where she’s usually posting links to cat videos.