Wantist: Give Amazing Gifts

Wantist helps you give amazing gifts.

To someone special, or to yourself (you deserve it!).

There’s so much joy in giving a gift—finding something perfect, wrapping it up just so, anticipating big happy smiles.

Don’t let that big harried world out there rain on your joy parade. All the parts that drive you crazy when you need a gift—figuring out where to begin, searching the stores, knowing what’s hot, uncovering something unique and unexpected—let us do that part.

Curated Collection

We hand-pick gifts that delight recipients and excite gift-givers. Wantist’s curated collection combined with our simple search by person and type were created to save you time (and trigger loads of virtual high fives).

We made Wantist for everyone who draws a blank when it comes time to give a gift (all of us). Your usual steps: browse the same old stores or get googling and hope to find the needle in the haystack.

Our goal is for Wantist to be as insightful as a great salesperson. You say “I’m looking for something quirky for someone artistic,” and there you go—hand-picked quirky gifts for your artistic friend.


Wantist was created by Brittany and Jacob Reiff. Jacob heads up design and development (when not busy with his lastest venture Skyscraper). Brittany does everything else. Wantist was made Portland, Ore. and is currently hq’d in San Francisco.

With three years under our belts the site continues to grow and change. We are forever grateful to our friends and fans, and look forward to future evolutions of this little adventure.

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