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Can You Guess What This Gift is Wrapped In?

Can you guess what this gift is wrapped in?

Can you guess what this gift is wrapped in?
It’s something you might find in your trash bin

Or tossed onto the kitchen table
Figure it out, if you are able

It won’t come in a roll or a sheet
It’s something reused, repurposed—so neat!

Wrapped up by Charissa—she’s clever
And known for her gift-wrapping endeavors

So give it your best in the comments
Get guessing! That’s it. No more hints.

(After a while if you still have no clue,
Of course I’ll share the link with you!)

For more creative wrap ideas from Charissa check out her guest post here: Gift Wrapping Ideas From Everyday Materials

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  1. Hooray! Thanks for featuring my idea (and turning it into a rhyming riddle, no less!). That’s a first for me. Appreciate the passion and care put into your service and blog – keep it up!

  2. A painter friend of mine collages those envelopes. I wish he had a link to them online. Fun idea!

  3. Such a great idea to use something that is difficult to see through by design, and a bonus that those patterns are usually so interesting.

    cliff s.
  4. The correct guess has been made! Nice job Amanda and Carina :)

    Charissa created this gift wrap by turning security envelopes inside out. Clever right? See her tutorial for how-tos and more photos.

    Inspired by your guesses here and on our Facebook page. Great ideas!

  5. I was certain it was security envelopes too, now I’m stumped!

  6. Is it security envelopes turned inside out?

  7. old paper copy of a topographic map?? in b&w of course.

    • It totally looks like that, good guess. But nope, it’s something else.

      I’ve seen some awesome wrap ideas with old maps too—love that idea!