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So Fresh! Seasonal Produce Calendars by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Produce Calendar Posters by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Produce Calendar Posters by Chasing Delicious

You know what? It’s berry season!

You know what else? These Seasonal Produce Calendars are really terrific. Every foodie, aspiring foodie, and fresh-food lover who wouldn’t dare call themselves a foodie, needs these on their kitchen walls.

Created by Russell van Kraayenburg, he’s a self-described food-crazed writer, photographer, and creative director obsessed with deliciousness. Russell’s also the author of Chasing Delicious, an educational and beautiful blog that encourages people to prepare foods from scratch using all natural seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Chasing Delicious emphasizes eating seasonally for flavor and nutritional benefits but also explains one other perk—the Thanksgiving effect—that I especially enjoyed reading about:

My favorite part about abiding by an ingredient’s natural availability is what I like to call the Thanksgiving-effect. Most of us only eat those famous turkey-day dishes on thanksgiving because the meal, and each particular dish, is more special that way. Approaching fruits and vegetables with the same zealous attention to seasonal availability makes that tiny dewberry window in May all the more special.

(Read more from Russell’s Kitchen 101 post.)

The posters are printed on heavy weight paper with room for framing and can be purchased at a great price individually or as a set of three.

And with that, I do believe it’s time to whip up a Basil Mint Cake for us to share and a Watermelon Swash for me. Right now. Hello June and happy weekend!

(h/t Sodapopgirl)

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fruits-300Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Everything Here is Wonderful: Screen-Printed Maps by Best Made Co.

Wonderful Silk Screened Maps by Best Made Company - Seattle

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about going somewhere. Getting outta Dodge and hitting the road, en route to somewhere wonderful. Lucky for us, this country is full of wonderful destinations, many of them right under our very noses.

It’s precisely these places that Best Made Company's Everything Here is Wonderful map series was created to celebrate—the parks, cities and the journey in between across these United States.

Hand-printed in Saint Paul, MN, numbered, and embossed with a Best Made seal, these topographic survey maps represent “some of the more remarkable and cherished locations you’ve ever (or never) explored.”

Give a Wonderful Map in recognition of a wonderful place they dream of visiting, or the one they call home.

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Wonderful Silk Screened Maps by Best Made Company - AnchorageWonderful Silk Screened Maps by Best Made Company - San FranciscoWonderful Silk Screened Maps by Best Made Company - Austin

Wrap: An Illustrated Magazine for Reading & Wrapping

Wrap Magazine - Covers

Good morning from sunny San Francisco! We’ve been here just over a week, soaking it all in and meeting so many wonderful people. (Are you here? Let’s do coffee!)

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome group of creative, artistic gals. Katy was one of them. She’s an illustrator and co-founder of Daughter Earth, with her sister Laura. Visit their blog, shop their store, send virtual hugs.

Katy introduced me to something jaw-droppingly wonderful, gift-givers. I’ve been so excited to share.

Wrap is a design magazine with a double purpose. It features the work of talented illustrators from around the world and once you’ve read the interviews with each artist, the large format pages can be put to use as wrapping paper. Wrapping paper!

Run by Chris and Polly in London, Wrap can be found in select news stands and museum gift shops worldwide. Issue Four will be available in their online shop next Tuesday. Catch a sneak peek of the next issue on the presses!

Once I get my hands on a copy one question remains: Wrap with them? Or frame them? Oh man!

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Wrap Paper - Wrapped GiftsWrapped Magazine - two-sided wrapWrapped Magazine - Leslie Barnes and Ruth MunroWrapped Magazine - wrapped giftsWrap Paper - Wrap PacksWrap Magazine - Pages

Make This Gift: Custom Art from Your Own Fingerprints!

ManMadeDIY : How To: Make Custom Art from Your Own Fingerprints

Custom Fingerprint Art, by Chris Gardner

Here’s a DIY that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, wedding gifts, or just because. It utilized something so specifically you and turns it into art—your fingerprints!

You’ll need to have some simple creative computer skills (or know someone who does) and be quite cunning to acquire the fingerprints without raising any suspicions. Just tell your Valentine with a wink and a smile, “Shut it! No questions.”

Our friend Chris at ManMadeDIY put together this handy tutorial to take you through the steps for making your own. And if his visual style isn’t quite yours, get creative! There are many ways to adapt the idea changing the scale, colors, paper colors and typeface. Have fun! And let us know how yours turns out.

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Love on the Wall: Prints & Posters from The Love Shop

More Love by TheLoveShop

More Love by TheLoveShop

Gifts that express love all year long are quite possibly the sweetest gifts you can give. And what easier way to do that than with a piece of art?

TheLoveShop is filled with amorous, inspirational, and happy sayings creatively rendered and embellished by the lovely JJ St. James.

After facing down a very trying time in her life, the Australian designer chose to focus on love—joy, peace, happiness, gratitude—and created The Love Shop to share that love. I’m so glad she did!

Pass it on by gifting a lovely print to someone you love. I can’t get enough of the top print titled More Love. More indeed!

I Heart Love by TheLoveShop

I Heart Love by TheLoveShop

Endless Love by TheLoveShop

Endless Love by TheLoveShop

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Endless Love by TheLoveShopYou Are My Sunshine by TheLoveShopShut Up and Kiss Me by TheLoveShopLove Me Til My Heart Stops by TheLoveShopKiss Hug Love by TheLoveShopI Heart Love by TheLoveShopGreat Love by TheLoveShopAll You Need Is Love by TheLoveShop

Give & Tell with Amanda Waas of You’re Welcome

Amanda WaasDon’t let Amanda‘s Scrooge face fool you. She’s actually one of the internet’s most thoughtful gift-givers. She’s a kindred spirit who dishes up gift ideas on her site, You’re Welcome. Yes, the name indicates precisely her sense of humor, as you’ll see.

You’re Welcome is “a gift guide for all of life’s awkward occasions,” including estranged family members’ weddings and assorted accidental pregnancies. She just wrapped her 12 Days of Gift Guides featuring 11 Pipers Piping: Gifts for a Stoner and 5 Golden Rings: Gifts for a Golddigger.

Amanda lives in Brooklyn and currently works in publishing in NYC where she interviews people such as Sheryl Crow, appears in publications such as Every Day With Rachael Ray, and writes “about ridiculous topics such as how to keep your lunch safe from a lunchroom bandit.” Thanks & happy gifting, Amanda!

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Amanda Waas's Gift Picks from Wantist

Give & Tell with Alyssa Yuhas of welikewelove

Alyssa YuhasAlyssa is all kinds of cool. She’s a tastemaker, trendsetter, and terrific graphic designer. She publishes a blog of inspiring things to like and love—music, art, fashion, it’s all there. In addition she’s also the creator of welikewelove, a quarterly magazine of wonderful things, currently in it’s 9th issue.

welikewelove is born out of a love for discovery, and the belief that discoveries are best shared with excitement and the barely controllable urge to include someone. You may remember this interview we did with the mag in the summer—so fun!

While I miss her IRL, she’s here virtually today to share gifting secrets with you! And for a dose of Christmas cheer, be sure to check out her Joyeux Noel board on Pinterest. It’s dreamy.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

I’m not sure I have a favorite GIFT I’ve given, but I love giving gifts to my husband, family or friends when they least expect it. Any time BUT their birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, etc. (Don’t worry, I still treat them well on those days!) Randomly when I’m shopping at a store or online, I’ll see something that is so perfect for them– a record, t-shirt, necklace, book, etc– I’ll pick it up and either give it to them right away or save it for a special moment. I love giving when they least expect it. I love the element of surprise!

Tell us about a gift-giving ah-ha moment you recall.

Some people in my life are really hard to buy for– they have what they need and what they want. Or they buy it as soon as they want it. My ah-ha moment came when I realized I could buy them “an experience”. So, I buy a ticket or two to a concert, theatre, dance, orchestra, art opening, art class, restaurant tasting, cooking class, etc… and the best part is, buy yourself a ticket and you can do it together!
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Alyssa's gift picks from Wantist

20 Meatastic Gifts for Carnivores!

Meat Love U

Meat Love U by Charity Ryan

Yeah, yeah, we all know the eat-less-meat buzz is spreading worldwide, but not everyone wants to board that Kermit-colored, rouphage-laden train. Some people prefer to get their protein from something that once had parents rather than a plant or bean. True meat lovers are something of a rare kind. They can name the time and place of their “best steak ever”; they stop at butcher counters, in awe, to admire the vast selection of meaty goodness; they once took a cross-country road trip just to try a burger they saw on TV. These are the true carnivores, the meat lovers of the world, and it is for them that this list was put together!

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BBQ of the Month ClubCarnivore Kitchen and TableMeat TeesCarnivore_Foodie_GiftsDrywell MeatMarxExoticMeat

Green Beans & Butter! In-the-Kitchen Letterpress Prints by Old School Stationers

Green Beans and Butter Letterpress Print by Old School Stationers

This week, more than any other all year, I find myself thinking about food. You too? Whether you’re prepping it or dreaming about it, there is nothing quite like Thanksgiving when it comes to home-cooking and recipes your family has loved for years.

To keep those familiar flavors and feelings around all year long are these prints by Old School Stationers—just waiting to be a hung in a warm kitchen filled with the smells of turkey, casseroles and pie.

In the Kitchen Letterpress Prints by Old School Stationers

I’ve been a fan of Brian Reed’s letterpress prints and cards since discovering his camping series around this time last year—I gave a couple to my Dad for his birthday.

The prints, block mounted on wood, have a wonderful texture and are beautifully finished. The In the Kitchen series consists of the four prints shown: Home Grown, Keep Canning, First Place Pie and Green Beans & Butter (yum!). If you don’t see the print or card you’re looking for in their Etsy shop, get in touch with Old School Stationers for the ones you want most!

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In the Kitchen Letterpress Prints by Old School Stationers