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Green Beans & Butter! In-the-Kitchen Letterpress Prints by Old School Stationers

Green Beans and Butter Letterpress Print by Old School Stationers

This week, more than any other all year, I find myself thinking about food. You too? Whether you’re prepping it or dreaming about it, there is nothing quite like Thanksgiving when it comes to home-cooking and recipes your family has loved for years.

To keep those familiar flavors and feelings around all year long are these prints by Old School Stationers—just waiting to be a hung in a warm kitchen filled with the smells of turkey, casseroles and pie.

In the Kitchen Letterpress Prints by Old School Stationers

I’ve been a fan of Brian Reed’s letterpress prints and cards since discovering his camping series around this time last year—I gave a couple to my Dad for his birthday.

The prints, block mounted on wood, have a wonderful texture and are beautifully finished. The In the Kitchen series consists of the four prints shown: Home Grown, Keep Canning, First Place Pie and Green Beans & Butter (yum!). If you don’t see the print or card you’re looking for in their Etsy shop, get in touch with Old School Stationers for the ones you want most!

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  1. Love Old School Stationers – and I can never resist Brian’s calendar!