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Give Living Ornaments by Flora Grubb

Gold Leaf Cup Christmas Ornament by Flora Grubb

Gold Leaf Cup Ornament by Flora Grubb

20 days y’all! C’mere you jolly bearded man. Let’s snuggle.

I just love this time of year, don’t you? The lights are hung, the stores look beautiful, and handmade events are popping-up everywhere. It’s a great time to get out and fall in love with some local makers.

With such a wild year nearly behind us, there’s a simple wintery style we’ve cozied up to this December—seems our favorite stores have too.

It’s a mix of woodsy natural textures, crisp whites, shimmery touches and geometric everything. Have a look at the gifts on Wantist’s page one to see what I mean.

Forest Floor Christmas Ornament by Flora Grubb

Forest Floor Ornament by Flora Grubb

Falling perfectly into this mix are these wonderful ornaments by Flora Grubb. Made with living succulents and air plants they make truly unique gifts for all friends of little plants.

And with just a bit of care they’ll even continue to thrive long after the holidays have come and gone.

Aren’t they lovely?

Succulent Ornament by Flora Grubb

Succulent Ornament by Flora Grubb

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Succulent Ornament by Flora GrubbSucculent Ornament by Flora GrubbSucculent Ornament by Flora GrubbForest Floor Christmas Ornament by Flora GrubbForest Floor Ornament by Flora Grubb

So Fresh! Seasonal Produce Calendars by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Produce Calendar Posters by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Produce Calendar Posters by Chasing Delicious

You know what? It’s berry season!

You know what else? These Seasonal Produce Calendars are really terrific. Every foodie, aspiring foodie, and fresh-food lover who wouldn’t dare call themselves a foodie, needs these on their kitchen walls.

Created by Russell van Kraayenburg, he’s a self-described food-crazed writer, photographer, and creative director obsessed with deliciousness. Russell’s also the author of Chasing Delicious, an educational and beautiful blog that encourages people to prepare foods from scratch using all natural seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Chasing Delicious emphasizes eating seasonally for flavor and nutritional benefits but also explains one other perk—the Thanksgiving effect—that I especially enjoyed reading about:

My favorite part about abiding by an ingredient’s natural availability is what I like to call the Thanksgiving-effect. Most of us only eat those famous turkey-day dishes on thanksgiving because the meal, and each particular dish, is more special that way. Approaching fruits and vegetables with the same zealous attention to seasonal availability makes that tiny dewberry window in May all the more special.

(Read more from Russell’s Kitchen 101 post.)

The posters are printed on heavy weight paper with room for framing and can be purchased at a great price individually or as a set of three.

And with that, I do believe it’s time to whip up a Basil Mint Cake for us to share and a Watermelon Swash for me. Right now. Hello June and happy weekend!

(h/t Sodapopgirl)

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fruits-300Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Make this Gift: Handmade Clay Planters

DIY Handmade Clay Pots by Fellow Fellow

DIY Planters, by Claire of Fellow Fellow

Yes, I’ve been on a succulents kick lately and this kick won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I think moving to California has something to do with it. My flower-rescuing housemate Cariann, she’s responsible as well. The fact that they’re easy to care for and completely giftable are other reasons. And their undeniable cuteness—yes, there’s that too.

So a handmade home for the little plants? Hello! Yes, let’s make these. For everyone we know. They’re sure to make them smile and that’s what it’s all about right?

The wonderful Claire of Fellow Fellow shows the steps to make these adorable clay pots over on Say Yes to Hoboken. See, undeniable cuteness. And another thoughtful gift for Mom. (Or me. Why yes, I’d love one. Thank you!)

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Springtime at Terrain

Terrain at Styer's

Terrain at Styer’s

Every season, Terrain sets the tone with a gorgeous assortment of gifts that celebrate the outdoors. With Easter and Mother’s Day right around the corner, this nursery, cafe, and al fresco wonderland located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, doesn’t disappoint. I’m so glad their online shop is just as lovely.

From fresh blossoms to delicate cordials, hand-woven mossy Easter baskets and scents from the garden, have a look at these spring favorites from Terrain!

Springtime favorites from Terrain

From top to bottom: 1. Elderflower Cordial, 2. Vertical Vases Garland, 3. Woodland Coast Basket, 4. Green & Spring Revitalizing Body Lotion, 5. Meyer Lemon & Lavender Jam, 5. Bunny & Bloom Cookies, 6. Persius Long Handled Copper Rake, 7. Tomato Candle, 8. Nested Candies, 9. Tulip Magnolia Brances

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Springtime favorites from Terrain

Far Out! 20 Gifts for the Happiest Hippies

All You Need is Love and Give Peace a Chance Prints, by the Love Shop

Hello Winter of Love, 2011! The holidays are here, like yesterday, and they come bearing gifts…mostly the urgency to find the perfect something special for all types of people. Fear not, we’ve got you covered (and wrapped gorgeously too). If you’re in a bohemian bind, here are 20 gifts for the peace, love and happiness devotee in your life!

Gold Peace Sign Salad Plate by Murval of Paris, Obol Cereal Bowl, Peace of Cake Mold by Fred Flare

Everyone knows hippies are all about spreading the peace, and these dishes will emphasize this message during breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. A cereal bowl disguised as a yin yang? Check.

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Shop Here: Daytrip Society

Daytrip Society Interior A

Gifts from Daytrip Society B

1. String in a Tin by The Thoughtful Gardener, 2. Bird Watcher Letterpress Print by Old School Stationers

In the heart of Kennebunkport’s Dock Square is a cheerful store set on inspiring your inner daytripper.

Daytrip Society carries a charming mix of gifts and gear for nature-loving, treehugging, outdoorsy types. Whether into roughing it, glamping it, or simply filling your home with wonderfully green things, there’s something special awaiting you here.

Daytrip Society Interior B

Gifts from Daytrip Society A

1. Surfing Photographs from the Seventies, 2. Scrimshaw Coasters, 3. Porcelain Farmer’s Market Basket by Roost, 4. Wild Herbs: Plantable Paper 45, 5. Sweet Balsam 3-Wick Candle

Leaving their high profile jobs at Island Def Jam Records, Jessica, a music video producer and Andy, a graphic designer, returned home to their native Maine and set up shop a couple years ago. They opened their doors with a desire to share their wanderlust and love for an afternoon adventure. I’m so glad they did, aren’t you?

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Daytrip Society Interior BGifts from Daytrip Society BGifts from Daytrip Society A

Other walls will be green with envy

Woolly Pockets

How does your garden grow?


You know when you’re on a walk in the woods and the air smells fresher, the breeze feels cooler and the greenery around you seems almost huggably lush? Imagine that on the wall of your apartment, your office, your patio. We are, and we’re flipping out over the possibilities with Woolly Pockets.

Inspired by living walls he’d seen while traveling in Paris and New York, Miguel Nelson created a soft-sided pocket, filled it with soil and began growing plants on his wall. They grew so fast and so successfully, he knew he was onto something.

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