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Make this Gift: Handmade Clay Planters

DIY Handmade Clay Pots by Fellow Fellow

DIY Planters, by Claire of Fellow Fellow

Yes, I’ve been on a succulents kick lately and this kick won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I think moving to California has something to do with it. My flower-rescuing housemate Cariann, she’s responsible as well. The fact that they’re easy to care for and completely giftable are other reasons. And their undeniable cuteness—yes, there’s that too.

So a handmade home for the little plants? Hello! Yes, let’s make these. For everyone we know. They’re sure to make them smile and that’s what it’s all about right?

The wonderful Claire of Fellow Fellow shows the steps to make these adorable clay pots over on Say Yes to Hoboken. See, undeniable cuteness. And another thoughtful gift for Mom. (Or me. Why yes, I’d love one. Thank you!)

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