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Send Inspiration: Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards

Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards by Yoko

Holstee Manifesto Cards by Yoko

There’s a good chance you’re among the tens of millions who crossed paths with Holstee’s Manifesto in the last year or two.

Maybe you read the poster or you watched this video. If it missed you, then lucky me to be the first to share this with you.

Our friends and good-life ambassadors at Holstee recently collaborated with designer Yoko Sakao Ohama to create a set of four greeting cards that capture treasured nuggets from the Manifesto.

If one thing is certain of such inspiration—it should be shared. Thanks, Holstee for another beautiful way to do so.

Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards by Yoko

Holstee Manifesto Cards by Yoko

Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards by Yoko

Holstee Manifesto Cards by Yoko

In addition to these new gems, the Manifesto is also available on a card in it’s entirety. All the cards are blank inside, “making them an open canvas for any occasion.” Especially fabulous as a New Year greeting, don’t you think?

Holstee Manifesto Greeting Card

Holstee Manifesto Greeting Card

And because we will never tire of videos about creativity, printing, and process, here’s a look at how the Manifesto cards and posters are printed:

Can’t see the video? Visit the blog.


Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards by YokoHolstee Manifesto Greeting Cards by YokoHolstee Manifesto Greeting Card

Make This Gift! Flying Wedding Couple Balloons

DIY: Flying wedding couple balloons on Brooklyn Bride

Flying wedding couple balloons by Brooklyn Bride, photo by Hilda Grahnat

I’ve been obsessed with idea since first seeing it. What a fun project to put a smile on the face of someone special.

Seen here as a fun decoration for a wedding reception. Brittany Watson Jepsen takes you through all the DIY steps to make Flying Wedding Couple Balloons over on Brooklyn Bride.

DIY Flying wedding couple balloons by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Flying wedding couple balloons by Brooklyn Bride, photo by Hilda Grahnat

It’s such a whimsical idea for any celebration. So many adaptations come to mind. Birthdays—Flying High at 50! Over the Hill and Up in the Sky! And of course the younger kids would get a kick out of this too.

It’d be a sweet gesture on an anniversary too, don’t you think? Even more magical with plane tickets attached. (Wink-nudge)

I’d love to see this done other ways. What are your ideas?

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DIY Flying wedding couple balloons by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Happy Birthday Hermione Granger, Doogie Howser & Mr. Burns!

Fictional Character Birthday Calendars : September by Flavorwire

Fictional Character Birthday Calendars by Flavorwire

You know what tomorrow is? September! I’m sort of in denial. I do very much enjoy this month, my brain’s just not quite ready to believe it’s already here.

Nonetheless, happy birthday Septemberites! You share some impressive fictional company.

For a full cast of 365 birthdays check out these Fictional Character Birthday Calendars and find out which villain or hero shares your special day.

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Summer Lovin’ Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Summer Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn - Palm, Tennis, Flags

Palm Tree, Tennis Ball, Flags Summer Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Ready for summer? Yes! And this collection of cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn is the cherry on top of our limeade popsicle.

Hand designed and screen printed at their home studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, these cards by Jesse Levison and Emily Joiner have a playful style and are covered in summer fun. I spy sea shells and fireworks, beach balls and birthday candles (Happy birthday fellow Geminis!).

Visit their shops on Etsy and Supermarket to collect them all!
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Summer Cards by Gold Teeth BrooklynSummer Cards by Gold Teeth BrooklynSummer Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn - SwimmerSummer Card by Gold Teeth Brooklyn - OceanSummer Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn - Boat, Flamingo, ShellsSummer Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn - Beach Ball, Horseshoe, GrassSummer Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn - Candles, Balloon, Fireworks

The Shot Glass Birthday Card

Shot Glass Birthday Card by 55 Hi's

Shot Glass Card by Fifty Five Hi’s

Birthdays and whiskey shots, they have a funny way of showing up on the same day don’t they?

Whether to toast another year or to forget just how old you really are, a shot of something strong usually does the trick. Fifty Five Hi’s has created a card to help you do both.

Pop-Out Shot Glass Birthday Card by 55 Hi's

This birthday card has a pop-out origami shot glass in it. It really works. No, I’m not kidding. Watch the video:

It was a moment of genius the day Ross created this thing. Needless to say the first set sold out super quickly, but the second batch is set to ship next week.

Ross Moody is the one-man-band behind Fifty Five Hi’s, a design driven collection of greeting cards, art prints, desktop wallpapers, and more. Such greatness!

(h/t ManMadeDIY)

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Pop-Out Shot Glass Birthday Card by 55 Hi's

Gift Toppers Abloom

Bloom Gift Toppers by Stephmodo

Bloom Gift Toppers by Stephanie Brubaker

Have you seen these? Oh I’m so sad I missed them prior to Mother’s Day, but happy to have found them today! Stephanie Brubaker’s bloom gift toppers are such a simple idea with such a lovely result—and what fun to go collect all those flowers.

Stephanie uses basic kraft gift boxes, a little washi tape, and sprigs and stems of herbs and blooms from her yard and nearby. I’m thinking gifts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers—they’d all look great with flowers!

Visit Stephmodo to get her tips, see the combinations she’s come up with, and to get inspired to create your own.

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10 “No Bull” Gifts for Taurus on their Birthday!


Texas Longhorns – Fine Art Photo from Deirdre T

Happy birthday, Taurus, or Taureans, to be exact. Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the bull, a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power—all traits used to describe those born April 21 through May 21. But aside from their stubborn nature, Taureans have much more to them than just outward appearances.

They are patient, reliable, warm-hearted and enjoy the good things in life, whether earthly, financial, sensual or cultural. With such varied interests, spoiling your favorite Taurus on their birthday should really be quite simple. Here are 10 no-bull gifts to celebrate the special bull in your life!

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Luxurious Gifts for Taurusmusical gifts for TaurusFood gifts for Taurus

Create a Custom Photo Strip Phone Case

Case-Mate DIY Tool examples

What do moms love? Moms love photos of their babies. And what do moms use every day more than any other thing in their bag? Their phone. So doesn’t it make perfect sense to make mom a super cool case that lets her take her favorite faces with her wherever she goes? Of course it does!

That’s why we’re all over Case-Mate’s new DIY features to customize a case for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Best-Friendship Day, any day!

Case-Mate DIY Photo Booth Cases

Use a single photo, or pick several!

Case-Mate DIY Tool choose your layout

Choose your layout using Case-Mate’s DIY Tool

In addition to decking out your case with a single photo, now Case-Mate’s easy DIY tool let’s you create collages, photo strips and other arrangements. Tell the story of a favorite memory—a big trip, an anniversary, a family photo session, a messy time baking in the kitchen—by recreating it on the back of her phone.

The DIY tool works with many many smart phone styles and you can upload images straight from your photo library or even right out of Facebook or Instagram—hello filters!

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Case-Mate DIY Tool choose your layoutCase-Mate DIY Photo Booth Cases

Best Mail Day Ever: DIY Birthday Surprise!

creating gif

DIY Birthday Mail Surprise, photo by Jordan Ferney

Birthday mail is the best mail, don’t you think??  Now, imagine getting 112 birthday greetings from all your favorite people that, when combined, forms a giant mural!  BEST mail day ever, right?  Jordan from Oh Happy Day has the deets on kicking off this awesome birthday mail campaign — check it out!

DIY Birthday Mail Surprise, photo by Jordan Ferney

My favorite part, aside from how ridiculously clever this DIY birthday idea is, is all the sweet notes written on the back!  This would be a great way to get family and friends in on a simple but heart-warming birthday gift — kind of like this 60 years of memories idea — but with a little more pizzazz!

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DIY Birthday Mail Surprise

12 Gifts to Make Aries Your Numero Uno!

Mens Leather Aries Cuff

Men’s Leather Aries Cuff from The Ravens Daughter

Independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous … these are all characteristics that have been used to describe Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, from March 21-April 19. Aries is symbolized by the ram, which has come to represent aggression and courage, making Aries an active, energetic sign. Arians are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated and expect the same from others. Throughout history, rams were often symbols of leadership, and as such, Aries people are said to be natural-born leaders who venture out and approach life “head-on”.

Aries are complex. They have a combination of strong masculine and feminine expressions all jumbled up together. But don’t fret. If you have an Aries in your life, there are ways to show them you love and appreciate them and these gifts will do just that!

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