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Hello OliveBox! A Subscription Service for Paper Lovers

OliveBox packaging

OliveBox: A Subscription Service for Paper Lovers

I’m SO excited for the launch of OliveBox. It’s a brand new subscription for people who love all things paper—and it’s actually quite more than what you might think.

Here’s how OliveBox founder, Grace Kang, describes it:

After an age of electronic everything, we are finally back to being excited over beautiful, handwritten letters and receiving a physical gift in the mail. Everyone is so busy these days and we think it’s time to press pause. Take a moment to enjoy the journey, and savor that moment whenever you get the chance.

OliveBox type + stamps

To share this joy we are excited to introduce our new OliveBox subscription service! As a member you will receive a delightful box of paper & lifestyle products delivered to your front door each month. From cards to artwork to inspiring books and gifting ideas, you never know what exciting products you will unwrap each month. Each box will have a surprise theme and will include goodies that have been transformed by the beauty of paper.

“Transformed by the beauty of paper.” Love that.
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Make it! DIY Popsicle Memory Game

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

A perfect little DIY gift to take us into long weekend—it’s a memory game like the one you played as a kid, only these game pieces look like popsicles!

Created by Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic, her post includes a free printable download to make your very own. It’s a thoughtful and inexpensive birthday gift for a little friend, and makes a fun thank you for teachers too.

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

Any thoughts for how to adapt this gift, and maybe create a grown up version?

Visit Eat Drink Chic for the download & how-tos and have a terrific weekend!


DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

Hand-Lettered Notes by Knock Knock & Kate Bingaman Burt!

Hand-Lettered Notes by Kate Bingaman Burt and Knock Knock: We Need To Talk

Hand-Lettered Notes by Kate Bingaman Burt and Knock Knock

We’re irrefutable fans of Knock Knock. They make giving a gift and a laugh about as easy as giving a high-five.

We’re also big fans of Kate Bingaman Burt—described previously here as a creative crush. She draws. Constantly. She’s a maker and an educator. Lives here, works here, inspires here. (Disclaimer: She’s awesome IRL too.)

When I saw that the two collaborated to bring the gift-giving world these hand-lettered versions of Knock Knock classics I experienced a bit of awesome overload. In fact I’m need of a new adjective. It’s kind of a problem.

Knock Knock, Kate, heart you!
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Happy Friday, Happy Notes!

Happy Notes by Tokketok

Photos by Tokketok

I was so excited to find out that Joke of Tokketok would be making more of these, and this time in a notepad form. Gold-foiled and on heavy paper stock, these colorful happy notes are a great gift for anyone who loves to spread a little cheer.

Have a super weekend!

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Wrap: An Illustrated Magazine for Reading & Wrapping

Wrap Magazine - Covers

Good morning from sunny San Francisco! We’ve been here just over a week, soaking it all in and meeting so many wonderful people. (Are you here? Let’s do coffee!)

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome group of creative, artistic gals. Katy was one of them. She’s an illustrator and co-founder of Daughter Earth, with her sister Laura. Visit their blog, shop their store, send virtual hugs.

Katy introduced me to something jaw-droppingly wonderful, gift-givers. I’ve been so excited to share.

Wrap is a design magazine with a double purpose. It features the work of talented illustrators from around the world and once you’ve read the interviews with each artist, the large format pages can be put to use as wrapping paper. Wrapping paper!

Run by Chris and Polly in London, Wrap can be found in select news stands and museum gift shops worldwide. Issue Four will be available in their online shop next Tuesday. Catch a sneak peek of the next issue on the presses!

Once I get my hands on a copy one question remains: Wrap with them? Or frame them? Oh man!

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Your Words, Beautifully Hand Written: Love Letter Transcriptions by Paperfinger

Love Letter Transcription by Paperfinger

Love Letter Service by Paperfinger, photo by StudioAlex

When was the last time you wrote a love letter? A real love letter.

Was it high school? Have you never? Those that began “Dear Diary” only sort of count.

There’s nothing quite like pausing to read the feelings of the heart put to paper. A love letter transcends a single moment. It can be treasured, hugged even, and adored again and again.

Now that you’re all grown up, emotions are stronger, relationships more meaningful, yet writing a love letter is something you rarely stop to do.

What’s holding you back? Your penmanship? Perhaps you’re concerned the gesture won’t fully express the way you feel.

Well let’s forget all that. Bryn Chernoff, aka Paperfinger, is here to help. Bryn provides a love letter service—she takes your words, your passion, your affection, and transcribes it in beautiful, calligraphic script on lovely, textured, Italian stationery. Complete with a wax seal if you choose.

Love Letter Service by Paperfinger

Love Letter Service by Paperfinger, photo by StudioAlex

It’s the complete package for your sentimental heart, a tangible expression of your love, and an indelible romantic impression only a love letter can provide.

And don’t you worry about the words. As Bryn says in an interview with Felt & Wire, “A lot of folks think that a love letter needs to use grand language or the most poetic phrasing. The point is not to try and turn into Shakespeare just because you’re writing a letter. The most romantic thing about a love letter is feeling treasured and knowing that someone took the time to appreciate you thoughtfully and expressively.

Just write simply, as though you had to explain to someone else what you truly love about that person.”

Orders placed by Feb. 8th will be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day and can be purchased at Felt & Wire or Paperfinger.


Love Letter Transcription by Paperfinger

Make Their Day All Year Long: 15 Calendars for 2012!

2012 tea towel calendar

2012 Tea Towel Calendar from Flytrap

Well friends, another year is quickly coming to a close. This is a time for reflection, examination, and resolution; time to take stock of all we did, said, hoped for and achieved in 2011. But it’s also time to plan and pave the way for a new year and what better way to kick that off than with a brand new 2012 calendar? Not only are they great items to treat yourself with and keep you organized, they also make great gifts. Here is our 2012 calendar round-up for just about everyone on your list!

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Get it Together! 10 Gifts for the Perpetually Late and Unorganized

Now is The Time Letterpress Print

Now is the Time by Rawart Letterpress

Tardiness is my number one pet peeve. Most of us know someone perpetually late and unorganized. They’re never on time, they always have an excuse, and more often than not, they look like a hot mess because even as late as they are, they still rushed to get there.

I have a sister who is notorious for missing her flight every Christmas to come home. We’ve come to the point where we just expect her to show up a couple days late. Comical? Yes. Annoying? Totally. Here are 10 helpful gifts to get people where they need to be, when they need to be there.

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23 Supplies for an Inspiring Office Space

Power in Numbers by Tweed Tom

Every fall, I start getting a bit nostalgic for the most wonderful time of the year. Throughout my youth, kids were always whining about the end of summer, but I was anxiously awaiting back-to-school shopping. I’d dream about stocking up on fresh notebooks and Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, or filling my pencil box to the brim with new writing utensils and crayons. Was I a huge dork? Maybe, but we all know organization outweighs street cred, right? Right?!

Well, I’m still geeking out on office supplies, but nowadays I lean more towards vintage desk accessories and bright, quirky details. Since there’s no denying that your environment influences the work you produce, I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with inspiration. Here are some fun goodies that will spruce up any work space while simultaneously increasing productivity!

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Handmade Wedding Invites Pack a Powerful Punch

Sayonara boring save the dates and wedding invites, your cheesy designs and one-size-fits-all approach have got to go! Announcements like this should be special, and I’d gladly take personality and craftsmanship over price and convenience any day.

I think that’s just what Christine and Ian had in mind when they designed and fabricated these gorgeous invitation bundles, complete with 3D trees, a custom Field Guide and hand-stamped names. The couple clearly poured lots of detailed, DIY magic into this project, and it totally shows.

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