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Handmade Wedding Invites Pack a Powerful Punch

Sayonara boring save the dates and wedding invites, your cheesy designs and one-size-fits-all approach have got to go! Announcements like this should be special, and I’d gladly take personality and craftsmanship over price and convenience any day.

I think that’s just what Christine and Ian had in mind when they designed and fabricated these gorgeous invitation bundles, complete with 3D trees, a custom Field Guide and hand-stamped names. The couple clearly poured lots of detailed, DIY magic into this project, and it totally shows.

Bonus? The invites cost less than $200, and the pair bonded over laser cutters and creating something unique for family and friends. A worthwhile labor of love, if I do say so myself.

All Images: Ian Collins

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1 Comment

  1. I am getting married in the middle of the woods in August 2014. I am absolutely in love with this Join us in the Woods wedding invitation. I can’t imagine having anything else. I don’t need it to be lazer cut, I was just interested if you would be willing to share the template of this invitation? Please let me know.