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Annie Larson’s Incredilbe Hats & Sweaters

Sticker Stripe Box Top by Annie Larson

Sticker Stripe Box Sweater by Annie Larson

It’s not very often that we talk clothing here on Wantist. As gifts go, wearables are incredibly subjective. Taste can be quite personal. The exceptions however, are the truly exceptional, and ALL Knitwear by Annie Larson is exactly that.

Apropos for this first week in October her hats and sweaters will keep you toasty warm and make your eyeballs sing. They’re Cosby Sweaters on overdrive; twenty-first century Huxtables.
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ALL Knitwear Hat by Annie LarsonALL Knitwear Hat by Annie LarsonALL Knitwear Hat by Annie LarsonALL Knitwear Sweaters by Annie LarsonCactus Box Sweater by Annie LarsonConey Box Sweat & Skirt by Annie Larson

Make this Gift! DIY Stenciled Umbrella

Stenciled Umbrella DIY by Two Happy Hearts

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, but why wait? Christen of the blog Two Happy Hearts shows how to adorn an umbrella with stenciled flowers.

This rainy-day DIY makes such a fun personalized gift and the sky’s the limit with how creative you want to get. Not the roses type? Try stripes, polka dots, tree branches, or do as the Portlandians do, and put a bird on it.

Stenciled Umbrella DIY by Two Happy Hearts supplies

Check out Christen’s tutorial for the step-by-step and her suggestions for supplies to help get it just right.

Feeling inspired by this DIY? Is there a stencil or pattern you’d like to try?

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Stenciled Umbrella DIY by Two Happy Hearts supplies

12 Gifts to Make Aries Your Numero Uno!

Mens Leather Aries Cuff

Men’s Leather Aries Cuff from The Ravens Daughter

Independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous … these are all characteristics that have been used to describe Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, from March 21-April 19. Aries is symbolized by the ram, which has come to represent aggression and courage, making Aries an active, energetic sign. Arians are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated and expect the same from others. Throughout history, rams were often symbols of leadership, and as such, Aries people are said to be natural-born leaders who venture out and approach life “head-on”.

Aries are complex. They have a combination of strong masculine and feminine expressions all jumbled up together. But don’t fret. If you have an Aries in your life, there are ways to show them you love and appreciate them and these gifts will do just that!

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Give & Tell with Chris Gardner of ManMadeDIY

Chris GardnerWriter and maker Chris Gardner is is the main man at ManMadeDIY, a crafting blog for guys (though this gal really digs it too). He’s also the editor at Curbly.com, a community of people who make things for their homes. As Chris explains, “ManMade recognizes that all sorts of creative outlets can be realized by, for, and with men. Rosie can rivet, Chris can craft, and all demographics can DIY!”

I’m been a big fan of Chris’s creative how-tos and crafty finds from around the web. In the spirit of the holidays, a couple posts of his you’ll want to checkout are Why You Have to Make Egg Nog… and How to Do It, How to Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees, and How to: Turn a Tacky Glitter Reindeer into an AWESOME Glitter Reindeer.

Oh and while you’re at it, don’t miss Curbly’s mega set of holiday roundups like 10 Other Places to Hang Your Christmas Stockings, or their rad gift guides like 30 Hip Design Gifts Under $25. Here he is sharing gifting tips and tales as only Chris can—thanks so much Chris!

Have you ever done any sneaky research to determine the right gift for someone?

Oh my, yes. I’m a total trickster when figuring out preferences or sizes for gifts. My masterpiece was giving someone a hug while secretly holding a tape measure. I also made up an elaborate story to snag my sweetheart’s fingerprint to make some original art for Valentine’s Day last year, and have managed to use calipers to figure out her exact finger size while she was taking a nap.

Could you share a wrapping secret with us?

I think brown kraft paper will never get old. It looks amazing simply tied up with string, but can be customized in all sorts of fun ways. Last year, I cut out the recipient’s name from old books I got for ten cents at the thrift store and simply glued them on. I also figured out a way to make custom gift “envelopes” by sandwiching the gift between two layers of craft paper and stitching it shut with a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine.

Plus, it matches regular brown paper sandwich bags for those small or bulk gifts, which can look amazing with a simple stamp or hand-printed gift tag.
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Chris Gardner's Gift Picks from Wantist

5 Gifts That Give Back

As we creep closer to the heart of the holiday season, I’ve been challenging myself to find gifts that give back to worthy causes, but calling it a “challenge” isn’t really the best description. In fact, there are endless ways to give something amazing that also supports a greater good. From proceeds to artist promotion, here are five gifts that improve the lives of more than one!

Light Gives Heat

Light Gives Heat

Light Gives Heat was started by a couple going through the process of adopting a child from Uganda. After the adoption got complicated and the humanitarian crisis in Northern Uganda worsened, the pair quit their jobs and moved to Africa to start a non-profit. In addition to offering weekly consistent incomes to over 100 woman with jewelry, handbags and shirts, LGH is also passionate about telling the stories of Ugandan woman that have inspired them over the years. The Winter 2011 Collection has lots of wonderful things, so support their cause because they dreamt big, risked a lot and changed the lives of many.

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It’s Mustache Season! 50 Gifts to Celebrate Movember all Month Long

Movember - Face Grown Hand Brushed 2011

Movember (or the month formerly known as November) is an annual moustache growing event that raises money and awareness for men’s health issues, particularly prostate and other cancers affecting men. From Russia to Dubai, Hong Kong to Antarctica, Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, Movember has grown into an enormous global movement since its humble Australian beginnings in 2003. Over 1 million people have gotten involved, helping to raise over $175 million so far.

The rules for participating are quite simple: with a clean-shaven face, men register at Movember.com on the 1st day of November Movember. For the next 30 days, these men (known as Mo Bros) grow, groom, trim and wax their way into fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives (the Mo Sistas), Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the entire month, raising funds by soliciting sponsors for their Mo-growing efforts. At the end of the month, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate the culmination of their efforts with a Movember party.

There are plenty of events you can attend at the end of Movember, from local ones in your home (yes, YOUR home) or town, to Gala Partes all over the world. But who wants to wait until the end of the month? Certainly not me! Here are a number of ways to help you celebrate Movember all month long.

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Ebbets Field Flannels Throwback Baseball Jerseys and Caps

Ebbets Field Flannels

With the Rangers ahead by a game, it’s time for game 6, baseball fans! We brought you a whopping collection of gifts for ball fans last week, but set Ebbets aside for a post of their own.

Ebbets Field Flannels not only has a great story, but their jerseys and ballcaps have the kind of vintage charm and style that can be worn well all year round. You won’t find shiny mesh polyester in this bunch. These are handcrafted using authentic 1950s-era wool baseball flannel.

Over twenty years ago rock-n-roller Jerry Cohen became a bit obsessed with tracking down vintage jerseys to wear to gigs. He eventually did, had a couple made for himself, and the company was born.

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Ebbets Field Flannel ShirtsEbbets Field Flannel Caps

5 Gifts that Give Back

Giving a thoughtful gift is really rewarding in itself, but exchanging gifts that make a difference in more than one person’s life totally doubles the gift-giving fun. Whether they donate a portion of the product’s proceeds to an amazing cause or improve the lives of the less fortunate, gifts that give back are full of heart. Here are 5 gifts that do good…so get giving!

Copper Whistle, Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles is a non-profit organization campaigning for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These gorgeous necklaces support rehabilitation efforts in the state and raise awareness about the young children sent into battle armed only with whistles. For as little as $34, you can help restore the lives of war-affected kids and make their weapon your voice. Giving the gift of peace and freedom? Yes please.

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