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Welcome to the Arm Party!

DIY bracelet

DIY Wrap Bracelet from Honestly WTF

Giving friendship bracelets is a tradition as old as, well, me. I remember learning how to make the twisty spiral ones and then the wide flat version sometime around the fourth grade. Us girls would sell them to one another for fifty cents or something ridiculous like that. Friendship bracelets have come a long way since then, and there are limitless versions to make yourself or purchase if you’re not the crafty type! Here are just a few of my favorites.

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leather braceletleather braceletsfinger loop braiding braceletjersey knit braceletsgold braceletDIY Rope Bracelet from Honestly WTF

Inspired by Gene Kelly: Happy Birthday, Old Fave

Gift ideas inspired by Gene Kelly films

I grew up watching Gene Kelly movies. My mom would take my sister and I to the library to rent old musicals on VHS. (I know, old school.)

He was always our favorite. An effortless dancer. He sang too. And of course that smile! It didn’t hurt that my mother had done a stage show or two with him in the past and had wonderful stories to tell. That definitely added to our admiration of the classic screen star.

With a tip of the hat to the charming Irishman on his birthday (and boy could he wear a hat), here’s a few gifts inspired by some of my favorite Gene Kelly films.

1. Pelican Boots by Sperry Top-Sider
2. Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Heritage Officer Coat
3. The Sky Umbrella fends off rain with blue skies underneath!
4. Prints of Paris by fine art photographer Irene Suchocki
5. Renoir Straw Porkpie Hat
6. Lemon Ball Vintage Baseball
7. Ebbet’s Flanell vintage replica: 1940 Hollywood Stars Cap

Old movie images from imdb, and here, and here.


Classic Grooming for Your Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger Grooming Kit

A little ol’ band from Texas was known to say, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharped dressed man.” While ZZ Top may be an ironic reference for a shaving product, what they sing is true—the ladies do fancy a well kempt man.

From the classic barbershop brand made famous in the 50s, is Lucky Tiger’s new premium line of organic products. This kit includes full size bottles of everything a gent needs for a clean shave and handsome skin—face wash, moisturizer, liquid cream shave, and after shave.

And because classic men tend to like classic things, all four bottles come neatly packaged in a vintage-styled Lucky Tiger tin. Rarrrr…

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Ten cozy scarves for Fall (Pt. 2, the guys)

Cozy Scarves Part 2

It’s the perfect accessory. Scarves add color, shape, texture, and interest—right there next to your beautiful face.

With a swish, a wrap or a knot you can dress up a tee, embellish a jacket and complete an outfit in a matter of seconds.

And when the breeze starts to bite and the days grow shorter, nothing is quite as cozy as bundling up in your favorite scarf.

We’ve pulled together an eclectic collection of fall styles for men and women. And it’s not just the look and feel we love about these scarves. In many cases there are some wonderful people whose creativity and hard work went in to these pieces, making them that much more covetable.

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