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It’s Mustache Season! 50 Gifts to Celebrate Movember all Month Long

Movember - Face Grown Hand Brushed 2011

Movember (or the month formerly known as November) is an annual moustache growing event that raises money and awareness for men’s health issues, particularly prostate and other cancers affecting men. From Russia to Dubai, Hong Kong to Antarctica, Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, Movember has grown into an enormous global movement since its humble Australian beginnings in 2003. Over 1 million people have gotten involved, helping to raise over $175 million so far.

The rules for participating are quite simple: with a clean-shaven face, men register at Movember.com on the 1st day of November Movember. For the next 30 days, these men (known as Mo Bros) grow, groom, trim and wax their way into fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives (the Mo Sistas), Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the entire month, raising funds by soliciting sponsors for their Mo-growing efforts. At the end of the month, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate the culmination of their efforts with a Movember party.

There are plenty of events you can attend at the end of Movember, from local ones in your home (yes, YOUR home) or town, to Gala Partes all over the world. But who wants to wait until the end of the month? Certainly not me! Here are a number of ways to help you celebrate Movember all month long.

DONATE: A portion of the proceeds from each of the items below will go directly to the Movember foundation. Any of these would be an easy way to celebrate and participate.

Gifts that Donate to Movember

1st row: Country Gentleman Red Plaid Shirt from Five Four Clothing, Dali’la Demistache from Demitasse Jewelry, 2nd row: The Moustache is the Key Shirt from Palmercash, I Heart Mo Shirt from Fuzzy Ink, 3rd row: Movember X KKi Hat from Krochet Kids, Movember Shoes from Toms

ADORN: Why not adorn yourself with mustache jewelry? It comes in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors so there’s plenty to choose from for both men AND women!

Movember Mustache Jewelry

1st row: Mustache Cufflinks, Salvador Necklace from Dannijo, 2nd row: Curly Black Moustache Necklace from Frame Boutique, Mr. Mustache Ring from Smiling Silver Smith, 3rd row: Mustache Tie Clip from Tsaiclip, Mustache Button Pendant Necklace Set from Uptown Avenue

WEAR: A mustache doesn’t just have to be worn on your face. Why not sport a t-shirt to show your support for Movember? Funny, cute, cheeky, some even down-right dirty, there’s a tee out there to please every personality!

Movember Mustache tees

1st row: Kids Mustache T-Shirt from Red Brick Wall, Mr. Curly Mustache Tee from Spreadshirt, 2nd row: Milk Moustache from Threadless, Sesame Street Mustache Tee from 80s Tees, 3rd row: My Mustache Brings all the Girls to the Yard Shirt from Red Bubble, Robot Mustache Shirt from Cyanide Stitches

CARRY: How about a cheeky mustache accessory? For long trips, short trips and everything in between, these should take care of your keys, money, books, clothe or whatever you need to tote around.

Movember_Bags and Carry-alls

1st row: Mr. Moustache Tote from Sirena con Jersey, Leather Mustache Wallet from Robbie Moto, 2nd Row: 13 inch Laptop Case from Rais Cais, Moustache Zipper Gadget Pouch from Yummy Pocket, 3rd row: Moustache Keychain from Yummy Pocket, Cherry Bomb Mustache Clutch from One Late Night, 4th row: Mustache Coin Purse from Fred Flare, Mustache Luggage Tag from Two Polka Dots

EAT: I don’t need a reason to eat a tasty treat, but in case you do, there are plenty of mustache themed candies, chocolates, cookies and cakes to go around.

Movember mustache edibles

1st row: Chocolate Mustache Lollipops from Five Sisterz, Mustache Cookie Cutter Set from Fuzzy Ink (you can DONATE with these too!), 2nd row: Mustache Candy and Mustache Baking Mold from Archie McPhee, 3rd row: Mustache Mints from Neatoshop, Grape Flavored Wax Mustache from Zurchers

DRINK: Care for a spot of tea? Whether it’s beer, wine, coffee, or water, there’s a mustache accessory to go with whatever it is you fancy! I’ll take the pint glasses, myself!

Movember mustache drinking accessories

1st row: Handlebar Mustache Corkscrew from Fred & Friends, Mini Moustache Stackable Glasses from Modern Madness, 2nd row: Pop’s Stache from Perpetual Kid, White Mustache Coffee Mugs from Love Grace Joy, 3rd row: Woodgrain Mustache Flask from Lady Rene, Mustache Pint Glasses from Bread and Badger

DECORATE: Why not bring some stache-y stylings into your home too. From artwork to don your walls, pillows to lay your head, and oversized magnets to put wherever, there’s a little something for every room, in every style.

Movember Mustache Decor

1st row: Mustaches on Strings Signed Print by Marc Johns, Mustache on My Mind Print from Jesse Kuhn, 2nd row: Jumbo Mustache Magnet from Accoutrements, Mustache Wall Clock and Mustache Pillowcase Set from Urban Outfitters, 3rd row: Gray Wool Mustache Pillow from On the Mend

SHARE: There is one basic requirement for any Movember (or Movember-themed) party and that’s a mustache. You should have one and so should all of your guests! These will guarantee your Movember party is the best on the block!

Movember Share

1st row: The ORIGINAL Mustache on a Stick from Something’s Hiding in Here, Manly Mustache Mirror Clings from Accoutrements, 2nd row: Pink Straw Mustache Photo Prop Set from Little Retreats, Mustache Soap from Perpetual Kid, 3rd row: Bendable Party Mustache from Accoutrements, Mustache Wrapping Paper from Perpetual Kid

So what are you waiting for? Get growing!

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  1. So I looked at this page and found a lot of gifts to make for my friends birthday.She is becoming a teen. THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  2. A Krochet Kids Movember edition?! Love it!!! Such a great collection, Morgan. I can’t wait for Movember!