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Make This Gift: A Simple Leather Passport Holder

DIY Leather Passport Holder / Image: Alicia Jepsen

I don’t know about you, but when I think about making something out of leather my mind short-circuits and I start babbling about how hard and impossible such a task must be. I mean, c’mon! It’s made out of leather! Sure, us humans have been doing that for, well, a really long time. But somehow it seems like something only highly skilled craftsmen can do–people who have been doing it for generations, even.

Surely I’m not alone in this thinking, right? Good! Because that’s exactly what people are going to think when you give them this leather passport holder YOU MADE YOURSELF. They’re going to think you’re some sort of leather-working god. You’re going to blow minds, climb the ranks of awesome gift givers, and maybe, just maybe, have a statue erected in your honor.

Or something like that.

DIY Leather Passport Holder / Image: Alicia Jepsen

Turns out, making a simple leather passport holder is SUPER EASY. On top of that, it’ll only take up about 2 hours of your time–not bad for something that’s sure to go down in the gift-giving hall of fame! If you’re ready to cut your leather-working teeth, as it were, check out Alicia Jepsen’s tutorial over on Poppytalk. She shares loads of photos and detailed instructions for making your own leather passport holder. Now go! That statue isn’t going to erect itself.

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DIY Leather Passport Holder / Image: Alicia Jepsen

Classic Leather Camera Satchel

Classic Leather Camera Satchel

Just because you lug around a chunky SLR doesn’t mean you have to carry an ugly bag. Au contraire. In the same way diaper bags have been redesigned to suit the person carrying them instead of telling the tale of what’s inside, this Classic Leather Camera Satchel is all about you while doing a nice job of protecting your gear.

A camera bag sure to make any photographer swoon—there’s room for a camera, a couple lenses, a phone and your laptop too.

We’ve got your back. It’s holiday crunch time, so we won’t post anything you can’t get on time. You’re sitting pretty with this one. Here’s Photojojo’s Christmas Shipping Cutoffs.

Read more about it$190 at Photojojo

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Classic Leather Camera SatchelClassic Leather Camera Satchel

Bike it or hoof it in a hand-crafted R.E.Load Bag

Reload Messenger Bags

Limited edition and custom messenger bags from Philly

Roland Burns and Ellie Lum, the “R” and “E” of R.E.Load Bags, began making bags eleven years ago. They were both bike messengers at the time and had made a couple for vets of the Philadelphia bike messenger community who wore them with pride, helped get the word out and provided feedback. Messengering full-time, they’d make bags when they weren’t out making deliveries.

From the beginning they offered color choices and quickly started doing custom appliqué designs too. To them, this element of self-expression was part of the job of being a messenger. Members of the community would zip past each other on the streets and it was their bikes and gear that they’d recognize on one another.

R.E.Load’s big break came in 2000 when the Cycle Messenger World Championships were held in Philly. As they’ve grown over the years since then their philosophy has been the same: crazy-durable bags, designed and produced in house by a highly-trained staff of creative individuals. And let me just say that the snippets of personality shared about their staff make the bags that much more lovable—Ger-bear and Breannimal rock that appliqué. (See the steps of the appliqué process.)

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Zombies detail

How many plastic bottles is your leather bag made of?

Matt & Nat sophisticated and socially-responsible bags for men and women

Inder Bedi, designer and co-owner of the fashion accessory line Matt & Nat, launched his company around a central message of positivity and a balance of design and social responsibility.

For Inder this meant a brand completely void of animal by-products—an idea prompted by a 30-day challenge to forego meat back in 1991. Matt & Nat grew from a very personal choice and has since become a recognized brand of fashion-forward bags, clutches and wallets sold from their online boutique out of Montreal, and retailers the likes of Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

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Reusable, Better, Collapsible, Stronger

We evaluate collapsible bags

Our look at three of the best reusable bags available

One of the biggest hurdles to making the switch to reusable bags is the frustration of not having one when you need one.

The environmental reasons for the switch are obvious. Plastic doesn’t go away when you throw it away, it just goes somewhere else. And your standard plastic shopping bag might get used for about twenty minutes on average before it’s tossed making the logic of the whole situation a little fleeting. But amen for convenience, we hear ya on that one.

That’s why we decided to figure out where the best overlap of reusability and convenience was happening to help you choose which bags (or combination of bags) might be best for you.

What we discovered is that a big part of the convenience issue could be alleviated by choosing bags that were collapsible and compact when not in use. As much as we love (and use) our favorite screen-printed canvas totes, convenience is a biggie when it comes to making a change that people really do want to make.

We narrowed down the choices based on how they are made and by who, what are they made of, overall brand impression, unisex appeal, and style. We chose Baggu, RuMe, and flip & tumble. And then we used the heck out of them.

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