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Make This Gift: A Simple Leather Passport Holder

DIY Leather Passport Holder / Image: Alicia Jepsen

I don’t know about you, but when I think about making something out of leather my mind short-circuits and I start babbling about how hard and impossible such a task must be. I mean, c’mon! It’s made out of leather! Sure, us humans have been doing that for, well, a really long time. But somehow it seems like something only highly skilled craftsmen can do–people who have been doing it for generations, even.

Surely I’m not alone in this thinking, right? Good! Because that’s exactly what people are going to think when you give them this leather passport holder YOU MADE YOURSELF. They’re going to think you’re some sort of leather-working god. You’re going to blow minds, climb the ranks of awesome gift givers, and maybe, just maybe, have a statue erected in your honor.

Or something like that.

DIY Leather Passport Holder / Image: Alicia Jepsen

Turns out, making a simple leather passport holder is SUPER EASY. On top of that, it’ll only take up about 2 hours of your time–not bad for something that’s sure to go down in the gift-giving hall of fame! If you’re ready to cut your leather-working teeth, as it were, check out Alicia Jepsen’s tutorial over on Poppytalk. She shares loads of photos and detailed instructions for making your own leather passport holder. Now go! That statue isn’t going to erect itself.

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