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Celebrate The Happy Couple With Wine For Future Anniversaries

Wine For A Wedding Gift Box

Classic Trio Gift Box from Wine For A Wedding

Here in the heart of wedding season, do you find yourself stumped when it comes to gifts? I mean registry gifts are great. They’re a sure thing, a quick win, and not to be disregarded.

Sometimes however, all the events surrounding the wedding might mean you need more than one gift—in which case a double dip in the registry is pretty boring.

Other times, you’re looking to do something different, a little more unique, a little more special, for the couple who has it all. You’ve come the right blog ;)

Wine For A Wedding is wedding gift extraordinaire! These beautifully engraved wooden boxes, crafted in Kirkwood, Missouri, are artful wishes for a happy, lasting, romantic marriage.
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Wine For A Wedding Flourish Gift BoxWine For A Wedding Flourish detail

Princess Bride Wine? As You Wish!

Bottle of Wits Princess Bride Wines by Alamo Drafthouse

True love in a bottle. It’s no joke now—I mean it! (Anybody wanna peanut?)

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse just launched The Bottle of Wits. It’s a celebration of wine and The Princess Bride! They’re introducing the Inconceivable Cab and As You Wish White in honor of The Princess Bride’s 25th anniversary this year. (Geez really, has it been that long?) I. Am. Giddy!

In addition to the two wines, Alamo is offering some cleverly designed merchandise (that I must get my hands on) and will be hosting a nationwide tour of a Princess Bride Quote-Along.

It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle. The online shop opens up today so you can bring Wesley, Buttercup, Fezzik, the whole gang, to your table.

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Hello! Princess Bride T-Shirt by Alamo DrafthouseWho is Right, and Who is Dead Bottle of Wits T-ShirtBottle of Wits Wine Tags by Alamo Drafthouse

Finally…White Elephant Gifts that Don’t Suck!


White Elephant Print by Skylar Hogan

You know the drill, it’s the same in most workplaces. Every year before the holiday break, the office hosts a traditional holiday twosome: a potluck lunch and a white elephant gift exchange.

The rules of a white elephant are simple. Each person brings a present that is already wrapped and places it, anonymously, on a table. The gifts usually have a preset spending limit, typically under $25. Each participant draws a number, indicating when they will take their turn selecting and unwrapping a present from the table. Upon your turn, you can either choose a new, wrapped gift, or trade steal someone else’s gift. Depending on the house rules, each gift can be “stolen” 2-3 times.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, in theory, sure. But the reality is, most people dread white elephant gift exchanges because let’s face it – the gifts are usually pretty crappy. The whole premise is obligatory gift giving for someone you don’t know (or don’t know if someone you know will get what you purchased. You know?), all within a preset, rather low, dollar amount. But think about it a little more carefully … if you are participating in the gift exchange, do you want to end up with some half-used, awful-smelling, re-gifted bottle of hand lotion? Probably not. So buck up, take it seriously, and give a white elephant gift that doesn’t suck. They actually do exist!

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Give & Tell with Badder Homes & Gardens

Badder Homes & GardensAs we begin to brine our brilliantly basted turkeys, spoon splendid stuffings and gather gorgeous gourds for our centerpieces, how about a break from the fancy finer things? In fact, let’s do the opposite of that.

If you’re easily offended and/or have zero sense of humor, stop reading and get back to that pie crust. But if you love a good laugh and girls who tell it like it is, then I’ve got a treat for you.

Say hello to the unMartha’s of Texas, Krista, Sarah, and Nikki. They’re smart, funny, sarcastic, and they swear a lot. They’re the authors of Badder Homes & Gardens—”the bad girls guide to good housekeeping”—and they’re sharing their gifting wisdom and woes with us today. Nikki even threw in a little tutorial for you.

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Nikki's Gift Picks on WantistKrista's Gift Picks on WantistSarah's Gift Picks on WantistNikki's Gift Wrap TutorialSarah from Badder Homes & GardensNikki from Badder Homes & GardensKrista from Badder Homes & Gardens

Save Water, Drink Wine! 16 Fun Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine E-card by Someecards

Wine E-card by Somecards

Hard to believe that the holidays are upon us, but indeed, they are. Rather than winter or holiday season, maybe we should just call it what it really is: party season! Whether it’s a close friend, family member, work colleague, or simply an acquaintance who’s throwing the party, wine is a go-to gift to bring your host. But don’t just bring any old wine, kick it up a notch and gift with a sense of humor. Your cheeky gift will will have all the guests talking, making yours the most memorable and you the life of the party!

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Finding Balance: Lovely Gifts for Libras

Libra Print from Mursblanc

We’re in the month of the Libra, which includes those with birthdays from September 23 – October 22. The zodiac symbol for Libra is scales, representing their ideal for peace, balance and harmony. Here are some astrologically inspired gifts to celebrate the special Libra in your life.

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Need a Gift Yesterday? Two Terrific Gifts Ready to Give in Seconds

Last minute doesn’t have to mean lackluster.

Whether you’ve been too busy or you procrastinated, here’s two great ideas that pack more punch than a gift card, will keep you out of the stores, and are sure to make your recipient very merry.

Both can be given in a box, a card, even an email, just seconds after your purchase.

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gary vaynerchukFoodzie Tasting Box

See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savor, Save the Princess

8-bit Vinters

Wine and video games play together at 8-Bit Vintners

Press Start

We couldn’t help wanting to share Mike James’ story with you. When “Pick a box. Its contents will help you on your way,” is one of the quotes rotating in the masthead, yeah we pretty much feel right at home.

Whether you haven’t touched a controller since ‘94, or you’re a gamer that never misses an episode of CO-OP, you’ll appreciate the passion and determination Mike gives his quirky wine business.

8-Bit Vintners is an homage to simpler gaming days when managing a d-pad and two red buttons was all it took to play for hours. For Mike it’s about the good memories of his childhood days merged with a love for wine in his grown-up days.

After wrapping up his BA and not really knowing what he wanted to do, Mike got married, packed up and moved from Phoenix to the wine country in Walla Walla, Washington. There he studied wine for two years—an education that led him to starting 8-Bit Vintners.

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