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Finding Balance: Lovely Gifts for Libras

Libra Print from Mursblanc

We’re in the month of the Libra, which includes those with birthdays from September 23 – October 22. The zodiac symbol for Libra is scales, representing their ideal for peace, balance and harmony. Here are some astrologically inspired gifts to celebrate the special Libra in your life.

Balance Bar Necklace from Dogeared Jewelry, Libra Necklace from Two Reasons, Balancing Act Ring from SoulPeaces

Whether it be a subtle or bold design, you can never go wrong with jewelry. These pieces proudly make statements for the Libra wearer that balance is a driving force for them.

Balancing Bottle Holder from Snuggle Bug Crafts, Symbol Coat Rack, Balance Quote Dish from Mary Burrows

Perhaps your Libra is more of a homebody. These housewares exemplify balance and are sure to bring a sense of peace to any home.

Libra Print from Peggy Wolf Design, Boss Art Print from Urban Outfitters Print Shop, Poise from Camilla Stacey

If your Libra is more of an art enthusiast, nothing says “I’m Balanced” more than these cheeky prints.

Libra Chardonnay from 12 Signs Wine, Wobble Cognac Glasses, Wobble Decanter

Libras also love love. And who wouldn’t enjoy a romantic night for two? Give them their own Libra wine and you’ll be a shoe-in for a second date!

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