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Make This Gift! Flying Wedding Couple Balloons

DIY: Flying wedding couple balloons on Brooklyn Bride

Flying wedding couple balloons by Brooklyn Bride, photo by Hilda Grahnat

I’ve been obsessed with idea since first seeing it. What a fun project to put a smile on the face of someone special.

Seen here as a fun decoration for a wedding reception. Brittany Watson Jepsen takes you through all the DIY steps to make Flying Wedding Couple Balloons over on Brooklyn Bride.

DIY Flying wedding couple balloons by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Flying wedding couple balloons by Brooklyn Bride, photo by Hilda Grahnat

It’s such a whimsical idea for any celebration. So many adaptations come to mind. Birthdays—Flying High at 50! Over the Hill and Up in the Sky! And of course the younger kids would get a kick out of this too.

It’d be a sweet gesture on an anniversary too, don’t you think? Even more magical with plane tickets attached. (Wink-nudge)

I’d love to see this done other ways. What are your ideas?

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DIY Flying wedding couple balloons by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Oh Snap! Edible Instagrams & Camera Cookies

Polaroid Photo Custom Cookies by Manjar

Polaroid Photo Custom Cookies by Manjar

You needn’t look far for quirky and clever gifts for photography fans.

Feeling dull? This vintage camera pencil sharpener should do the trick. Need a boost? Look no further than a strong coffee in your handy camera lens mug. Wanna zoom? Then give the iPhone telephoto lens a try.

Still not convinced? Here’s 20 gifts for expressing your analog love.

Camera Cookies Gift Box by Manjar

Camera Cookies Gift Box by Manjar

But what to do for sugar-happy shutterbugs? Give them camera cookies and edible instagrams!
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Mini Diana Camera Cookies by ManjarCamera Cookies Gift Box by ManjarGreenpoint Cookie Gift Box by Manjar

Photo-opoly: The Monopoly Game Made with Your Own Photos

Photo-opoly DIY Phohotgraphy Board Game


What if your Monopoly game was filled with landmarks from your own neighborhood? The house on the hill, that sandwich shop you love, your favorite park—they could all be yours! You could be King of the Hood.

With Photo-opoly your game can be anything you imagine it to be. Whatever you have a photo of is up for grabs, given you have enough play money.

Would you invest in your high school football team? How much is Thanksgiving 2002 worth to you? Maybe you’ve got your money on hairdos of the early 90s?

Photo-opoly has the tools, the rules and the pieces to create a board game empire of your very own. Just bring your own pics!
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Photo-opoly Board GamePhoto-opoly Photography MonopolyPhoto-opoly Photo Game

Hold-In-Your-Hand Gifts for Instagramers

Printstagram Poster

Printstagram Instagram Poster

Do you Instagram? You know, that lovable photo-sharing app that makes sun-drenched brunches last forever and ensures you’ll never look down at your toes quite the same way again.

What about your husband? The father of your minis? Maybe even your Dad?

What if he could wear his favorite colorized candids? Pin perfect compositions to the wall? Or flip through favorite photos of his favorite faces in a pocket-sized tiny book? He can! With Printstagram.

Printstagram is a service that turns your instagrams into physical, tangible items, a.k.a. gifts! Utilizing your photos, or those of your friends, they make it possible to create posters, stickers, and now t-shirts, of any pics you choose.

Dads are hard to shop for to be sure, so I especially love these for Father’s Day, but they of course make great gifts all year long—for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding favors, and they’re really fun graduation gifts too!
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Printstagram MiniprintsPrintstagram T-Shirt and Printstagram TinybookHappy Prinstagram Poster recipient

Lytro: The No-Focus-Necessary Camera

Lytro Light Field Camera

I’ve decided that today’s Gift of the Day needed a little extra attention. It’s that rad. It’s a whole new kind of camera, and it’s pretty amazing.

The Lytro Light Field Camera uses new technology that captures all the light traveling in every direction of the scene you’re snapping a photo of. This means your subject, the foreground, the background, and everything in between is recorded in focus, without you having to adjust anything.

You know those gorgeous photos with a shallow depth of field where the most important part of the image is in focus and everything else is a little fuzzy? Well Lytro lets you take the photo and then decide what’s most important (what you want to be sharpest) AFTER you take the photo. And if that’s not impressive enough, you can focus and re-focus the image again and again.

On top of the no-doubt-about-it greatness of all that, Lytro has a slim, portable form factor. Because of the technology inside, there’s no lag-time before or between snapping photos which helps you capture moments right when they happen, and not a split second later.

Have a go at it with the pics in this post. Click on an image and watch the focus shift. So cool!

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Create a Custom Photo Strip Phone Case

Case-Mate DIY Tool examples

What do moms love? Moms love photos of their babies. And what do moms use every day more than any other thing in their bag? Their phone. So doesn’t it make perfect sense to make mom a super cool case that lets her take her favorite faces with her wherever she goes? Of course it does!

That’s why we’re all over Case-Mate’s new DIY features to customize a case for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Best-Friendship Day, any day!

Case-Mate DIY Photo Booth Cases

Use a single photo, or pick several!

Case-Mate DIY Tool choose your layout

Choose your layout using Case-Mate’s DIY Tool

In addition to decking out your case with a single photo, now Case-Mate’s easy DIY tool let’s you create collages, photo strips and other arrangements. Tell the story of a favorite memory—a big trip, an anniversary, a family photo session, a messy time baking in the kitchen—by recreating it on the back of her phone.

The DIY tool works with many many smart phone styles and you can upload images straight from your photo library or even right out of Facebook or Instagram—hello filters!

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Case-Mate DIY Tool choose your layoutCase-Mate DIY Photo Booth Cases

Give & Tell with Alyssa Yuhas of welikewelove

Alyssa YuhasAlyssa is all kinds of cool. She’s a tastemaker, trendsetter, and terrific graphic designer. She publishes a blog of inspiring things to like and love—music, art, fashion, it’s all there. In addition she’s also the creator of welikewelove, a quarterly magazine of wonderful things, currently in it’s 9th issue.

welikewelove is born out of a love for discovery, and the belief that discoveries are best shared with excitement and the barely controllable urge to include someone. You may remember this interview we did with the mag in the summer—so fun!

While I miss her IRL, she’s here virtually today to share gifting secrets with you! And for a dose of Christmas cheer, be sure to check out her Joyeux Noel board on Pinterest. It’s dreamy.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

I’m not sure I have a favorite GIFT I’ve given, but I love giving gifts to my husband, family or friends when they least expect it. Any time BUT their birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, etc. (Don’t worry, I still treat them well on those days!) Randomly when I’m shopping at a store or online, I’ll see something that is so perfect for them– a record, t-shirt, necklace, book, etc– I’ll pick it up and either give it to them right away or save it for a special moment. I love giving when they least expect it. I love the element of surprise!

Tell us about a gift-giving ah-ha moment you recall.

Some people in my life are really hard to buy for– they have what they need and what they want. Or they buy it as soon as they want it. My ah-ha moment came when I realized I could buy them “an experience”. So, I buy a ticket or two to a concert, theatre, dance, orchestra, art opening, art class, restaurant tasting, cooking class, etc… and the best part is, buy yourself a ticket and you can do it together!
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Alyssa's gift picks from Wantist