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Suburban Camping Co.: Bringing Glamping to Your Own Backyard!

Suburban Camping Co.

Suburban Camping Co.

It’s the beginning of camping season, y’all! If you’re not the type to rough it out in the woods with nothing but a pocketknife and a length of rope, perhaps I can interest you in “glamping”. Husband and wife team Chris and Kella MacPhee created Suburban Camping Co. to offer the unique experience of camping without the stress or prep—tell them where and when, and they’ll come to you!

Suburban Camping Co.

Suburban Camping Co.

Roasted marshmallows, campfire stories, and glimmers of nostalgia are all wrapped around the cozy comforts of home. Whether you want to create a memorable event for the family, a wedding or birthday party, or a unique “girls night out” experience, Suburban Camping Co. has a variety of themed campouts that will fit any size event. (They will even set up “camping villages” for music festivals and the like!) My favorite is the Movie Night campout — you can’t beat watching a movie outdoors while camping in comfort!

If you’d rather set up your own glamping adventure, their classic canvas tents are available for purchase! Create a new summer tradition in your own backyard — we’ve got tips and ideas for creating your own DIY glamping event.

Happy summer!

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sub-300Suburban Camping Co.

Far Out! 20 Gifts for the Happiest Hippies

All You Need is Love and Give Peace a Chance Prints, by the Love Shop

Hello Winter of Love, 2011! The holidays are here, like yesterday, and they come bearing gifts…mostly the urgency to find the perfect something special for all types of people. Fear not, we’ve got you covered (and wrapped gorgeously too). If you’re in a bohemian bind, here are 20 gifts for the peace, love and happiness devotee in your life!

Gold Peace Sign Salad Plate by Murval of Paris, Obol Cereal Bowl, Peace of Cake Mold by Fred Flare

Everyone knows hippies are all about spreading the peace, and these dishes will emphasize this message during breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. A cereal bowl disguised as a yin yang? Check.

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Gifts for DIY Glamping

As a city slicker through and through, the idea of camping has always been a bit daunting. I actually enjoy doing the whole “nature thing”, as long as I can come home to a hot shower and a comfy bed. That’s what makes the concept of “glamping” so attractive to me—The New York Times may have put it best when they said that glamping was “camping, but not quite roughing it”.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, picture arriving to “camp” to find pre-pitched, pre-furnished tents, solar-powered heating, and bathroom facilities kept well enough for even the most squeamish travelers. At some locations, like the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Vancouver, BC or the Costanoa Lodge in San Francisco, there are even the occasional over-the-top resort amenities like on-premise laundry service, personal butlers, and spas.

While some hardcore woodsmen and women might shake their heads at the very idea of camping comfortably, glamping lets the less inclined enjoy the best of both worlds—gorgeous scenery and outdoor sports by day, cozy digs and gourmet food by night. Sounds like my ideal long weekend!

While there are many dedicated glamp sites around the world to choose from, we’ve rounded up our top picks for gifts that’ll make any foray into the great outdoors just a little more luxurious. DIY glamping, if you will.

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S’more Gifts for S’mores Day

S'more by David Schwen

There isn’t much better than sitting around a campfire, no laptops, no TV, just good friends, good times and of course, s’mores.

What is it that makes s’mores so awesome? Is it the crunch of the graham cracker? The smoosh of the marshmallow? Or the rich melty chocolate sandwiched inside? I think it’s the whole shebang—a combo often set aside for when we’re nestled in the woods with a flame and a stick.

In celebration of S’mores Day, here’s a s’morgasbord of gifts (see what I did there?) for roasting inside and out, at home or the campsite.

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The Secret to the Perfect S’more

The Art And Science of S'mores

Click image to see it bigger

It’s National S’mores Day and we’d like to know, how do you take your marshmallow?

On the scale from rare to aflame, do you prefer yours barely browned and bouncy or blackened and oozy?

REI got me wondering about this and more with The Art and Science of S’mores. Did you know graham crackers were named after one Rev. Sylvester Graham? Yeah me neither.

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smores-croppedThe Art And Science of S'mores

Grill here or there, grill anywhere

Take the grill to the fun with the fold-up Notebook Grill

To the fireworks, the beach, the campsite

It’s that time of year again—when we don our best red, white and blue ensemble, look back at history, reflect on traditions past and ask ourselves “When was the last time I had a good cookout?”

A great thing about summertime is it’s never too hard, or expensive, to find something fun to do. Good friends, cold beverages and some grilled grub—wherever you are, you’ve got yourself a party.

So butter your buns and shape your patties, we’re taking this cookout on the road.

Portable and compact

When we can associate these two words with something unexpected we get really excited. Add a dose of summer on the brain and this Stainless Steel Notebook Grill at A+R has us lit up like sparklers.

With limited storage space and a world of fun out our window, this grill suits our needs perfectly. It folds to an inch flat, weighs only 9 lbs, has built in handles and can fit in a large messenger bag if we decide to bike to our destination.

Eco tip for charcoal


Instead of the traditional briquettes of yore, look for natural lump charcoal or chemical-free briquettes made from wood that is sustainably harvested.

You too can be a traveling grillmaster. The Stainless Steel Notebook Grill is sold exclusively at A+R out of Venice, CA for $68.

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