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Grill here or there, grill anywhere

Take the grill to the fun with the fold-up Notebook Grill

To the fireworks, the beach, the campsite

It’s that time of year again—when we don our best red, white and blue ensemble, look back at history, reflect on traditions past and ask ourselves “When was the last time I had a good cookout?”

A great thing about summertime is it’s never too hard, or expensive, to find something fun to do. Good friends, cold beverages and some grilled grub—wherever you are, you’ve got yourself a party.

So butter your buns and shape your patties, we’re taking this cookout on the road.

Portable and compact

When we can associate these two words with something unexpected we get really excited. Add a dose of summer on the brain and this Stainless Steel Notebook Grill at A+R has us lit up like sparklers.

With limited storage space and a world of fun out our window, this grill suits our needs perfectly. It folds to an inch flat, weighs only 9 lbs, has built in handles and can fit in a large messenger bag if we decide to bike to our destination.

Eco tip for charcoal


Instead of the traditional briquettes of yore, look for natural lump charcoal or chemical-free briquettes made from wood that is sustainably harvested.

You too can be a traveling grillmaster. The Stainless Steel Notebook Grill is sold exclusively at A+R out of Venice, CA for $68.

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