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20 Photography Gifts for Expressing your Analog Love

Make Magic Happen print by Jan Skácelík

Make Magic Happen print, Jan Skácelík

Cameras and smiling go hand in hand, and I’m not just talking about picture posing. While most companies are focused on manufacturing slimmer, faster and better devices, it’s nice to go back to our analog roots sometimes. Here are 20 showstoppers fit for every photographic aficionado on your list this season.

Clockwise: Pink Slim Angel Wide-Angle Camera, Fisheye 2 I Love You Edition Camera by Lomography, Powershovel K202 White Cat 35mm Camera by Holga, Yellow 208120 135Tim Plastic Camera by Holga, Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera, Diana F+ CMYK by Lomography

These colorful 35mm film gems are top notch, and given their individuality and reasonable cost, they’d be great gifts for any photographer, rookie or pro. There’s wide-angle, fisheye and telephoto lenses, lots of flash and filter options and they shoot half frame, long and double exposures. Basically, they’re putting every point-and-shoot I’ve ever owned to shame. Oh, and the kitty Holga? IT MEOWS. I know, my mind has been blown too.

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Make and Give a Photorealistic Gadget Pouch

DIY Photorealistic Gadget Pouch / Image: Photojojo

Got gadgets and gizmos aplenty? Whozits and whatzits galore? Fantastic! Turn those thingamabobs into photorealistic pouches for friends, family, or your favorite vintage camera-loving geek!

DIY Photorealistic Gadget Pouch / Image: Photojojo

The fine folks at Photojojo have created a step-by-step tutorial for turning your favorite objects into handy pouches that are perfect for loose change, business cards, credits cards, or even iphones. The best part? No sewing required (this DIY gift is easy peasy). Hit up Photojojo for all the deets on making your own photorealistic pouch!

(h/t ManMade DIY)

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DIY Photorealistic Gadget Pouch / Image: Photojojo

Coming Soon: Inkling Digital Sketch Pen

Wacom Inkling Digital Pen

I’ve always dreamed of something like this. A way to sketch and doodle right onto paper and have my drawings magically appear on the computer so I can do more with them.

Well it’s not magic and it isn’t a dream. Coming mid-September is the new Inkling by Wacom. What you draw on regular paper uploads (in layers even) straight into a digital format. Oh, the possibilities!

The video for it is pretty great too. Check it out:

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3 Ways to Drink with Pi

theUncommonGreen Pi Bottle Opener by Brian Green

Brian Johnson is a clever one. He designs a mix of art, furniture and home accessories for theUncommonGreen, a design house he founded based out of Boston. Brian also appears to have a special place in his heart for pi.

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theUncommonGreen Pi Pint Glass by Brian JohnsontheUncommonGreen Pi Coaster by Brian Johnson

Cooking for Geeks

Cooking For Geeks book cover

There’s a lot to look at. We get it. To help you out we’re calling attention to a gift you may have missed, or one we think you shouldn’t. This is the Something for Someone Spotlight.

The whys inform the how-tos. Nowhere is that more true than in the kitchen. If you’re ready to bring your curiosity and obsession for details to your cooking, then you’ll want to add Cooking for Geeks to your wishlist.

With chapters like Initializing the Kitchen and Fun with Hardware, and topical interviews such as Local Food with Xeni Jarden (Boing Boing) and Scientific Testing with Adam Savage (Mythbusters), you’re sure to learn a thing or two.

Read more about it$20 at Amazon.com

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