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Darth Vader & Son: Imagining Darth the Dad

Darth Vader and Son - book cover

Ready for one of the most adorably geeky what-ifs you’ve ever seen? It’s a new book just in time for Father’s Day—Darth Vader and Son.

I. Know! It’s everything you’re imagining right this moment.

Dreamed up by celebrated illustrator and author Jeffery Brown, the book considers: What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if “Luke, I am your father” was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad?

Presenting the trials and joys of parenting through the lens of a galaxy far, far away, Darth Vader and Son addresses everything from Take Your Child to Work Day on the Death Star to using the Force to raid the cookie jar.

A great gift for expecting dads, granddads, geeky dads, movie buff dads, and every dad in between.

And now, a couple pages for you and a quirky book trailer too. Enjoy!
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Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 12.51.49 PMDarth Vader and Son - tie problemDarth Vader and Son - bad guy drawing

Hold-In-Your-Hand Gifts for Instagramers

Printstagram Poster

Printstagram Instagram Poster

Do you Instagram? You know, that lovable photo-sharing app that makes sun-drenched brunches last forever and ensures you’ll never look down at your toes quite the same way again.

What about your husband? The father of your minis? Maybe even your Dad?

What if he could wear his favorite colorized candids? Pin perfect compositions to the wall? Or flip through favorite photos of his favorite faces in a pocket-sized tiny book? He can! With Printstagram.

Printstagram is a service that turns your instagrams into physical, tangible items, a.k.a. gifts! Utilizing your photos, or those of your friends, they make it possible to create posters, stickers, and now t-shirts, of any pics you choose.

Dads are hard to shop for to be sure, so I especially love these for Father’s Day, but they of course make great gifts all year long—for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding favors, and they’re really fun graduation gifts too!
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Printstagram MiniprintsPrintstagram T-Shirt and Printstagram TinybookHappy Prinstagram Poster recipient

Pretty in Pixels: Make a DIY Pop-Up Pixel Card for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Pop-up Pixel Card

DIY Pop-Up Pixel Cards, by Kate Petty

These pixelated pop-up cards are hot off the press, y’all! The always fabulous Kate Petty from MiniEco assures us that these super impressive handmade cards are, in fact, super easy to make. All you need is a craft knife, a ruler, and some colorful paper to print on. Once you’ve grabbed your supplies, head over to MiniEco to download Kate’s printable template–you’ll be on your way to 3D heart-popping, pixelated glory in no time. (Did that sound like a promise? Oh, good. It totally was.)

Happy Handmade Valentine’s Day!

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Make Their Day All Year Long: 15 Calendars for 2012!

2012 tea towel calendar

2012 Tea Towel Calendar from Flytrap

Well friends, another year is quickly coming to a close. This is a time for reflection, examination, and resolution; time to take stock of all we did, said, hoped for and achieved in 2011. But it’s also time to plan and pave the way for a new year and what better way to kick that off than with a brand new 2012 calendar? Not only are they great items to treat yourself with and keep you organized, they also make great gifts. Here is our 2012 calendar round-up for just about everyone on your list!

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Bubble Calendar2012 Rustic Letterpress Calendar by Yeehaw Industries2012 Year in Food calendar2012 Douche calendar2012 vintage fashion calendarbuild-a-robot_2012_paper_craft_calendarLove calendar2012 DIY tea towel calendar2012 calendar of silly holidays2012 Kate Spade calendar2012 Papercut Calendar2012AnneTaintorCalendar2012 luggage tag calendar

Give & Tell with Geek Dad, Ken Denmead

Ken Denmead is a husband and father from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as a civil engineer. He’s also the editor of Wired magazine’s parenting blog, GeekDad, where along with a group of other geeky parents, he posts projects, book and movie reviews, podcasts, and more about being a parent and being a geek.

You’ve seen Ken’s work around Wantist before—he’s also the author of the Geek Dad series of books, Geek Dad, The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun, and just released this month, The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists, filled with science experiments and MacGyvery exploits for the family to do together.

Needless to say, he’s a busy guy, so I’m completely geeking out when I tell you that we snagged some of his time to Give & Tell today. Thanks Ken!

Could you share a wrapping secret with us?

My favorite tried-and-true technique is one I learned as a kid – curling ribbon with the edge of a scissors blade. But I always take it one step further. I will snip the ribbon into smaller strings, and then curl them, for a very interesting curly string effect.

Have you ever given a gift in an interesting way?

Especially with our boys, we love to do treasure hunts. And it’s a tradition in our family to put interesting clues to a gift on its tag. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes obscure.
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