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Make and Give a Photorealistic Gadget Pouch

DIY Photorealistic Gadget Pouch / Image: Photojojo

Got gadgets and gizmos aplenty? Whozits and whatzits galore? Fantastic! Turn those thingamabobs into photorealistic pouches for friends, family, or your favorite vintage camera-loving geek!

DIY Photorealistic Gadget Pouch / Image: Photojojo

The fine folks at Photojojo have created a step-by-step tutorial for turning your favorite objects into handy pouches that are perfect for loose change, business cards, credits cards, or even iphones. The best part? No sewing required (this DIY gift is easy peasy). Hit up Photojojo for all the deets on making your own photorealistic pouch!

(h/t ManMade DIY)

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