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Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper: Get Yours!

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper Set

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper by Gift Couture

Remember this cheeseburger gift wrap? We first wrote about it back when it was the glimmer in the eye of a hopeful Kickstarter project. Well you should know it’s now a real thing.

Two buns, a patty, lettuce, tomato, and of course cheese, are sold in a set of 6 high resolution sheets by Gift Couture.

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper Set

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper by Gift Couture

Get yours in plenty of time for those game day birthday parties coming up or that cheeseburger themed Christmas tree you’ve always wanted.


10 “No Bull” Gifts for Taurus on their Birthday!


Texas Longhorns – Fine Art Photo from Deirdre T

Happy birthday, Taurus, or Taureans, to be exact. Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the bull, a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power—all traits used to describe those born April 21 through May 21. But aside from their stubborn nature, Taureans have much more to them than just outward appearances.

They are patient, reliable, warm-hearted and enjoy the good things in life, whether earthly, financial, sensual or cultural. With such varied interests, spoiling your favorite Taurus on their birthday should really be quite simple. Here are 10 no-bull gifts to celebrate the special bull in your life!

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Makin’ & Eggs: 24 Easter Egg DIYs to Dye For!

Makin' and Eggs: 24 Easter DIYs to Dye For

Color and creativity blossom like crazy in the Spring. Blogosphere you are an imaginative bunch! After rounding up these gorgeous DIYs, I’m now completely antsy and dying to get crafty with these awesome ideas.

For your Easter brunch hostess, your kids, your table, and by all means yourself, here are 24 fantastic DIYs to turn the incredible, edible canvas into a work of art.

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Springtime at Terrain

Terrain at Styer's

Terrain at Styer’s

Every season, Terrain sets the tone with a gorgeous assortment of gifts that celebrate the outdoors. With Easter and Mother’s Day right around the corner, this nursery, cafe, and al fresco wonderland located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, doesn’t disappoint. I’m so glad their online shop is just as lovely.

From fresh blossoms to delicate cordials, hand-woven mossy Easter baskets and scents from the garden, have a look at these spring favorites from Terrain!

Springtime favorites from Terrain

From top to bottom: 1. Elderflower Cordial, 2. Vertical Vases Garland, 3. Woodland Coast Basket, 4. Green & Spring Revitalizing Body Lotion, 5. Meyer Lemon & Lavender Jam, 5. Bunny & Bloom Cookies, 6. Persius Long Handled Copper Rake, 7. Tomato Candle, 8. Nested Candies, 9. Tulip Magnolia Brances

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Springtime favorites from Terrain

12 Months of Potato Chips!

Anchor's Chip of the Month Club for Christmas

I wanted to bring a little extra attention to today’s Gift of the Day as the Christmas gift-giving window comes to a close. You know we love a good gift subscription when it comes to last-minute gifts. You buy now, it keeps on giving later.

Some favorites that come to mind: Cheese, Pig, Flowers, or a fancy Tasting Box from Foodzie. Our favorite this year has got to be Anchor’s Chip of the Month Club. I mean, have you ever met a person that didn’t like potato chips?

Anchor’s supports indie chippers from across the country—many you’ve probably never heard of before—bringing hard-to-find gourmet potato chips right to the door of your recipient. It’s months of crunchy deliciousness and a last-minute gift giving job well done!

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Give & Tell with Amy Ferguson

Amy FergusonToday’s guest gift-giver is the wonderfully fun Amy Ferguson. She’s a southern girl who has lived in New York for the past seven years. Amy’s a crafty, artsy, goofball—it’s no surprise why we love her so. She works as a freelance Art Director at various ad agencies in NYC and there’s a very good chance Amy’s work has popped across your TV and made you laugh.

She lives in the West Village, blogs happy things at Old Sweet Song, and has single handedly brought back the ultimate DIY gift idea here at Wantist, Rob Gordon style. Thanks, Amy!

Could you share a wrapping secret with us?

I really love the look and versatility of wrapping gifts with brown kraft paper. I like tying the gifts with string but I mix up the variety of string. Sometimes I use red and white bakers twine or just plain old white twine. And I just got an awesome spool of neon pink twine from the hardware store and it looks fantastic with the brown paper. There’s something sweet and retro about the look but it’s also polished and chic. Plus you never have to worry about holiday specific wrapping.

What’s the most inexpensive item you could receive that warms your heart every time?

I think there are few more personal and heartfelt gifts than a good old fashioned mix CD (Really, I miss mixtapes. But does anyone have a cassette player anymore?! And I wouldn’t even know where to buy a blank cassette tape). Mixes might be my favorite thing to give. I love curating the songs for the specific person, picking the order and then designing a personalized cover. I take it all very seriously! But getting a mix made with love is also really amazing. There’s something nostalgic about it that reminds me of my teen years. Can we all just stop what we’re doing right now and make a pact to not let the mix CD die? Long live the mix CD!
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Amy Ferguson's gift picks on Wantist

How to Make Delicious, Delightful Dipped Pretzels

DIY Dipped Pretzels wrapped in a box

We’re down to the wire and you’re thinking, “What could I make with a lot of love, a lot of fun, but not a ton of time?” Dipped pretzels! These are sure to blow the tastebuds off of teachers, friends and neighbors. Let me show you how to turn ordinary pretzels into a fun and classy present that you’ll love giving. Trust me, they are a huge hit.

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Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper

Gift Couture Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper
Do you choose a wrapping theme for the gifts under your tree?

What’ll it be this year? Traditional hues and symbols, like holly or ho ho hos? Something shiny? A monochromatic palette? Perhaps something wild like Summer's theme this year—kraft paper and neon!

Here’s a new one for you—cheeseburger. With all the fixings. Oh yes.

Gift Couture Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper

Okay, okay before you get too carried away dreaming about a mountain of paper patties and sesame seed buns under your tree this year, this all-American wrap isn’t available just yet.

Designed by Sarah Fay & Justin Colt of NY, this cheeseburger paper is the first creation in a new gift wrap line called Gift Couture. The project is currently being funded on Kickstarter and they’re less than $300 from their goal to get this tasty looking paper into production and in stores by February.

In addition to being an instant smile maker, this paper has another inherent feature your recipient will love—six gifts!

(h/t Josh Spear)

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Gift Couture Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper

20 Meatastic Gifts for Carnivores!

Meat Love U

Meat Love U by Charity Ryan

Yeah, yeah, we all know the eat-less-meat buzz is spreading worldwide, but not everyone wants to board that Kermit-colored, rouphage-laden train. Some people prefer to get their protein from something that once had parents rather than a plant or bean. True meat lovers are something of a rare kind. They can name the time and place of their “best steak ever”; they stop at butcher counters, in awe, to admire the vast selection of meaty goodness; they once took a cross-country road trip just to try a burger they saw on TV. These are the true carnivores, the meat lovers of the world, and it is for them that this list was put together!

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