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Give Living Ornaments by Flora Grubb

Gold Leaf Cup Christmas Ornament by Flora Grubb

Gold Leaf Cup Ornament by Flora Grubb

20 days y’all! C’mere you jolly bearded man. Let’s snuggle.

I just love this time of year, don’t you? The lights are hung, the stores look beautiful, and handmade events are popping-up everywhere. It’s a great time to get out and fall in love with some local makers.

With such a wild year nearly behind us, there’s a simple wintery style we’ve cozied up to this December—seems our favorite stores have too.

It’s a mix of woodsy natural textures, crisp whites, shimmery touches and geometric everything. Have a look at the gifts on Wantist’s page one to see what I mean.

Forest Floor Christmas Ornament by Flora Grubb

Forest Floor Ornament by Flora Grubb

Falling perfectly into this mix are these wonderful ornaments by Flora Grubb. Made with living succulents and air plants they make truly unique gifts for all friends of little plants.

And with just a bit of care they’ll even continue to thrive long after the holidays have come and gone.

Aren’t they lovely?

Succulent Ornament by Flora Grubb

Succulent Ornament by Flora Grubb

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Succulent Ornament by Flora GrubbSucculent Ornament by Flora GrubbSucculent Ornament by Flora GrubbForest Floor Christmas Ornament by Flora GrubbForest Floor Ornament by Flora Grubb

The Ultimate Wrap for Every Occasion! Word Search Universal Wrapping Paper

Wordless Universal Word Search Wrapping Paper - With Love

While my dream home will always include a healthy gift wrap stash, if I had to stock it with just one wrap, it would most definitely be this one.

Created by Italian designers Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti, Wordless Wrap is a whimsical word search wrapping paper that has you covered for every occasion. The pair dreamt up the idea shortly after Christmas when they found themselves wrapping a birthday gift, with only holiday wrap on hand.

They were quite thorough, and quite clever, with their creation too. The underside of the wrap (the inside) includes the word search solutions so you can easily spot the 20 different greetings and occasions on the wrap. There’s everything from “Happy Birthday” to “I Miss You” to “It is not a tie”. (ha!)

The wrap ships from Italy and is sold in sheets. Stock up now so you’re prepared for every celebration the year brings!

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Wordless Universal Wrapping Paper - Word Search SolutionsWordless Universal Wrapping Paper - Merry ChristmasWordless Universal Word Search Wrapping Paper - Two-Sided Solutions

Rustic, Wintery Wrapping Inspiration by Sunday Suppers

Holiday Packages by Sunday Suppers

Photo by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers

Before we sign off and settle in with our families for some holiday fun, I wanted to share a few last bits of inspiration for this festive season that are making me smile, right this very minute.

There’s been a lot of love for the simplicity of kraft paper around here these last few months and these lovely rustic packages by Sunday Suppers epitomize every ounce of it. A simple mix of paper, pine, and twine. Don’t they make you want to run outside and gather some wintery bits to bring indoors? So cozy.

Holiday Packages by Sunday Suppers

Photo by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers

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Holiday Packages by Sunday Suppers

Give & Tell with Chris Gardner of ManMadeDIY

Chris GardnerWriter and maker Chris Gardner is is the main man at ManMadeDIY, a crafting blog for guys (though this gal really digs it too). He’s also the editor at Curbly.com, a community of people who make things for their homes. As Chris explains, “ManMade recognizes that all sorts of creative outlets can be realized by, for, and with men. Rosie can rivet, Chris can craft, and all demographics can DIY!”

I’m been a big fan of Chris’s creative how-tos and crafty finds from around the web. In the spirit of the holidays, a couple posts of his you’ll want to checkout are Why You Have to Make Egg Nog… and How to Do It, How to Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees, and How to: Turn a Tacky Glitter Reindeer into an AWESOME Glitter Reindeer.

Oh and while you’re at it, don’t miss Curbly’s mega set of holiday roundups like 10 Other Places to Hang Your Christmas Stockings, or their rad gift guides like 30 Hip Design Gifts Under $25. Here he is sharing gifting tips and tales as only Chris can—thanks so much Chris!

Have you ever done any sneaky research to determine the right gift for someone?

Oh my, yes. I’m a total trickster when figuring out preferences or sizes for gifts. My masterpiece was giving someone a hug while secretly holding a tape measure. I also made up an elaborate story to snag my sweetheart’s fingerprint to make some original art for Valentine’s Day last year, and have managed to use calipers to figure out her exact finger size while she was taking a nap.

Could you share a wrapping secret with us?

I think brown kraft paper will never get old. It looks amazing simply tied up with string, but can be customized in all sorts of fun ways. Last year, I cut out the recipient’s name from old books I got for ten cents at the thrift store and simply glued them on. I also figured out a way to make custom gift “envelopes” by sandwiching the gift between two layers of craft paper and stitching it shut with a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine.

Plus, it matches regular brown paper sandwich bags for those small or bulk gifts, which can look amazing with a simple stamp or hand-printed gift tag.
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Chris Gardner's Gift Picks from Wantist

Falalala with Gift Wrap From Mr. Boddington’s

Wrapping Paper by Mr. Boddington's Studio

Wrapping Paper by Mr. Boddington’s Studio

If you haven’t started yet, it’s time to get wrapping!

Of all the paper in all the land Mr. Boddington’s has my heart this Christmas. Extra points for the chevron pattern? Well of course! What can I say, I love a happy zig-zag.

Their wrapping paper is sold by the sheet in mix and match sets of 5 or 10. That’s right you pick the ones you like most! My five pack would look something like this: 3 Red Chevrons, 1 Rudolph at The Disco, and 1 Big Johns Christmas Trees.

If Hanukkah is your holiday of choice this December, Mr. Boddington’s also makes an adorable hand-drawn paper for you too featuring matzos, Menorahs, and more!

And let’s not forget, a proper present needs a proper tag. More chevrons!

Chevron Gift Tags by Mr. Boddington's

Gift Tags by Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Orders should be placed with Mr. Boddingtons by Dec. 20 to get them in time. Happy wrapping!

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bodd-300Chevron Gift Tags by Mr. Boddington's

Merry and Bright Stockings by MissMosh

Orange Mod Stripe Stocking by MissMosh

Is your home all jazzed up for the holidays? Still looking for a little something to make the house merry and bright?

Rebekah’s colorful felt stockings have jolly written all over them in colors that break from tradition with cheerful pops of orange and yellow. (See more fun colors in her shop.) There’s still time to get them hanging on your mantel!

And of course we’ve got you covered with wonderful gift ideas to fill them up with—our 100+ Amazing Stocking Stuffers!

Mint Mod Stripe Stocking by MissMosh

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Mint Mod Stripe Stocking by MissMosh

12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

Pretty packages galore!  Tied up with everything from string to bows, pompoms to lace, and even recycled produce bags, these clever gift wrapping ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Happy gift giving!

12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

1. Braided Yarn and Felt Leaves from Danielle Thompson

2. Colorful Packaging and DIY Embellishments from Oh, Hello Friend

3. Miu Miu-Inspired Glitter and Velvet Gift Wrap from Ambrosia Creative

4. Re-purposed Produce Packaging as Ribbon from Tokketok

12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

5. Calligraphy-Inspired News Years Gifts from Shim Tokk

6. Paper Snowflake Gift Wrap from How About Orange

7. Hand-Drawn Gift Wrap from Mini-Eco

8. Creative Hardware Store Embellishments from Lowes Creative

12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

9. Feather and String Packaging from In Haus Press (h/t Oh, Hello Friend)

10. Pompoms and Jingle Bells Gift Wrap from Danielle Thompson

11. Beautiful Color Combo Ideas from The Purl Bee

12. Re-purposed Trader Joe’s Grocery Bags from A Creative Mint

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12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

Holiday Cheer in Tow! Send Greetings by Dear Hancock

Snowman on a Station Wagon card by Dear Hancock

On the road no more. O Holy Yes.

After a short stay in our new home town, we’re settled and happy for the next several weeks in our first home town, Dallas, TX.

2,370 miles, y’all. If I never see another expansive stretch of highway, big rig, or cow, I’d be okay with that.

Onward into the holidays! The air is crisp, the decorations are out—let’s do this.

Do you send Christmas cards? Cards for the New Year? Or Hanukkah, perhaps? They’re so fun to receive aren’t they?

One of my favorite collections this season is by Dear Hancock. With all this road tripping, they certainly seem a fitting choice. I simply can’t decide, are we more Corvette or more station wagon?

Santa Corvette card by Dear Hancock

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