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Gifts That Give Back: ManCans Man Scented Candles

ManCans Man Scented Candles

ManCans Man Scented Candles

Hart Main’s sister was selling candles for a school fundraiser when he had the thought, “Why don’t people sell candles with scents that men like?”

An entrepreneurial 13-year-old, Hart ran with the idea and chose cans over glass jars to differentiate his candles from those he saw everywhere else. Little did he know that selling man scented candles would lead to an opportunity to help so many people.
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ManCans One Candle, One MealManCans Memphis Style BBQ and Cigar candles

A Fragrance Floorplan with Scents for Every Room in the House

Lafco House and Home fragrance floorplan

I’ve always had a thing for floorplans. As a kid I would ride my bike to model homes, grab the brochure, and wander the place in all its plastic-fruit glory, mostly interested in the layout of things.

In addition to floorplans I also have a thing for wonderful smells, so when I stumbled upon Lafco’s House & Home Collection of candles and their interactive fragrance floorplan things got a little silly around these parts.

It’s such a different and interesting way to interact with a candle line (of all things) and the scents are designed to complement various rooms in the home. The candles are 100% soy and beautifully boxed making them luxurious, elegant gifts.

Celery and Thyme Dining Room Candle
My favorite is so perfectly Thanksgiving and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the Dining Room candle. The scent is celery and thyme which beckons my senses at just the thought of it.

Do go play with the floorplan (I assure you that “play” is in fact the right word). And for retailers that carry every room in the house visit Candle Delirium or Candles Off Main.

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Celery and Thyme Dining Room Candle

20 Autumn Candles from Clove to Campfire

Costes Orange Candle

There’s just something about this season. Autumn gets here and suddenly I want it to envelop me like a cozy blanket or favorite sweater. The brisk breeze, the turning leaves, the ones rustling on the ground. The scarves, the pecan pie, the chai lattes—I love it all. But what I love the most, yes maybe even more more than the pie, are the smells!

With the window cracked open, warm socks on, and a delicious candle burning, I’m a happy camper. Are you the same way?

I love a good candle. As a gift giver they’re always on my list of gifts for your backup stash. (You know, those things you keep on hand for just-in-case?)

I’ve rounded up some really wonderful ones for you. They’re perfect for a housewarming gift, for new neighbors and for your hospitable host.

From woodsy to spicy, maple and clove, pumpkin and apple, leaves and acorns, chai and bourbon, hearth and campfire—these are the scents of the season and you’ll find them in all kinds of wonderful combinations below.

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Autumn Candles - brown collageAutumn Candles - green collageAutumn Candles - white collageAutumn Candles - orange collage

A candle by any other name is not this funny

A Scent of Scandal

Irresistible scents with hilarious names by A Scent of Scandal

Sibling Candlry

Scandal founders, brother and sister Ari Solomon and Heather Brancaccio must know a thing or two about candle fans.

For one, we’re impulse shoppers when the price and scent are right—these are both, and smell amazing. With fragrances like fig leaf, early morning dew, black and blueberry and brown sugar it’s hard to resist picking one up for a sniff.

The candles are 100% soy which lasts a long time, holds the scent really well and burns clean which is good for you and the air. They’re also packaged in a simple tin that looks good practically anywhere.

And just to blow our skirts up, their names are so crazy fun, whether you’re buying one for a friend or looking to brighten your own day in an olfactory way, these are sure to make you smile, probably more than once.

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XXX is hot, 30 is meh

Roman numeral candles for celebrating, not counting

It happened, it was unavoidable

I turned thirty today. Rather, I turned XXX today. And to anyone else crossing the threshold of the big three-ohhh, I highly recommend it—XXX is much more fun.

Fred takes the cake

To celebrate in style this dirty-thirty birthday girl looked to Fred. You see, Fred makes funny look easy and continually introduces some of the most clever, part-stylish and part-absurd home accessories into the world. If you’ve ever found yourself in a gifty little boutique and some quirky product made you actually LOL, it was probably made by Fred & Friends.

Wrapped in witty

Half the fun of a product by Fred is the packaging and more specifically the copy written on it. Each trademarked name and quippy tag line coaxes a smile. And its that smile wherein the value lies. Take the Roman Candles, the tag line is, “Party like it’s MCMXCIX”. Predictable perhaps but every time I see it the grin reappears.

Age gracefully, with fewer candles

Whether you’re 30, 40 (XL), 54 (LIV), or 89 (LXXIX, they don’t work past 89) these Roman Candles will certainly produce fewer flames to extinguish than their traditional counterparts. And they may even spark a laugh or two. What’s a birthday if not a reason for a good chuckle?

Celebrate any age from 1 to 89 with Fred’s Roman Candles from Vat19—an equally silly store with quick, friendly service. Oh, and the best price, $4.95.

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