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Father’s Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re still scratching your head about what to give your old man, we’ve got 12 DIY ideas that are sure to put a smile on his face! Bonus? They’re all pretty quick projects, so even the procrastinators among us can get in on some handmade gift-giving love!

Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

1. DIY Adjustable Apron from The Purl Bee

2. Retro Father’s Day Treat Labels from Martha Stewart

3. Root Beer Sampler Kit from The Indigo Bunting

4. DIY Tool Tub and Tote from Sew4Home
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Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

Suburban Camping Co.: Bringing Glamping to Your Own Backyard!

Suburban Camping Co.

Suburban Camping Co.

It’s the beginning of camping season, y’all! If you’re not the type to rough it out in the woods with nothing but a pocketknife and a length of rope, perhaps I can interest you in “glamping”. Husband and wife team Chris and Kella MacPhee created Suburban Camping Co. to offer the unique experience of camping without the stress or prep—tell them where and when, and they’ll come to you!

Suburban Camping Co.

Suburban Camping Co.

Roasted marshmallows, campfire stories, and glimmers of nostalgia are all wrapped around the cozy comforts of home. Whether you want to create a memorable event for the family, a wedding or birthday party, or a unique “girls night out” experience, Suburban Camping Co. has a variety of themed campouts that will fit any size event. (They will even set up “camping villages” for music festivals and the like!) My favorite is the Movie Night campout — you can’t beat watching a movie outdoors while camping in comfort!

If you’d rather set up your own glamping adventure, their classic canvas tents are available for purchase! Create a new summer tradition in your own backyard — we’ve got tips and ideas for creating your own DIY glamping event.

Happy summer!

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sub-300Suburban Camping Co.

Wrap It: DIY Paper Calla Lilies for Mother’s Day

DIY Paper Calla Lilies

DIY Paper Calla Lilies, by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! These paper calla lilies from Oh Happy Day are a perfect way to dress up your Mother’s Day (or wedding, bridal, baby shower, and birthday) gifts. All you need are a few basic supplies and you’re on your way to wowing that special lady in your life. I love these paired with brown craft paper and a band of neon, don’t you? The possibilities are endless, really, so go nuts!

See how to make your own paper calla lilies over on Oh Happy Day!

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How to Make DIY Origami Bows from Recycled Magazines

DIY Origami Bows

DIY Recycled Magazine Origami Bows, by Jessica Jones

In honor of Earth Day and because these were just too cool not to share, I thought you’d all get a kick out of these awesome recycled magazine origami bows! All you need is a single piece of scrap paper and you’re set. Aren’t they lovely? I might just start turning everything into a pretty bow — watch out!

Check out How About Orange for more pretty pics and Let’s Create for the detailed tutorial.

Happy folding!

P.S. If you’ve got a surplus of magazines (who doesn’t?) and are feeling extra crafty, check out these pretty magazine bows too!

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Make This Gift: A Colorful Leather and Wood Trivet!

DIY Leather and Wood Trivets

DIY Leather and Wood Trivets, by Kate Pruitt

Hello, beautiful! These pretty wood and leather trivets are perfect for friends who love to cook or as a housewarming gift for new neighbors. They’re simple, modern, and oh-so-colorful! Plus, you can totally customize the colors to match your gift recipient’s decor (serious bonus points, you guys). If you’re not sure, you can’t go wrong with a minimalist raw wood/white/and black leather combo!

Check out how to make them over on Design*Sponge.

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Best Mail Day Ever: DIY Birthday Surprise!

creating gif

DIY Birthday Mail Surprise, photo by Jordan Ferney

Birthday mail is the best mail, don’t you think??  Now, imagine getting 112 birthday greetings from all your favorite people that, when combined, forms a giant mural!  BEST mail day ever, right?  Jordan from Oh Happy Day has the deets on kicking off this awesome birthday mail campaign — check it out!

DIY Birthday Mail Surprise, photo by Jordan Ferney

My favorite part, aside from how ridiculously clever this DIY birthday idea is, is all the sweet notes written on the back!  This would be a great way to get family and friends in on a simple but heart-warming birthday gift — kind of like this 60 years of memories idea — but with a little more pizzazz!

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DIY Birthday Mail Surprise

Make This Gift: DIY Cross-Stitch Pendant Necklace!

DIY Cross-Stitch Pendant, by Brittni Mehlhoff

Oooh, I love this little DIY gift idea so much.  Brittni from Papernstitch shares her technique for making this abstract cross-stitch pendant, but the possibilities really are endless!  I’m thinking triangles or polka dots done in some neon or metallic thread — what do you say?  How would you customize this gift?  Share your pattern ideas with us!

Check out Brittni’s step-by-step tutorial right here.  You can snag blank cross-stitch pendants from Lovely Lovely for $7.50.

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Freebie Alert: Printable Thank You Cards from Sass&Peril!

Free Printable Thank You Cards from Sass&Peril

Free Printables from Sass&Peril, photo by Shannon Kennedy

Freebies are the best, aren’t they?? Especially when they’re incredibly well-designed like these printable thank you cards from Shannon Kennedy of Sass&Peril (the same lovely designer that brought you those fantastic holiday gift tags). Don’t tell, but I would totally pay for these! Instead, I’ll send all my warmest thoughts of glitter and unicorns to Shannon for offering up these free designs. Also?  A huge, huge THANK YOU.

Warm up your printers then head over to Sass&Peril to snag your own free download!

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Make This Gift: Cheerful Paint-by-Numbers Coasters

DIY Paint-by-Numbers Style Coasters

DIY Paint-by-Numbers Coasters, photo by Halligan Smith

You guys, please tell me I’m not alone in my obsession with coasters… I mean, I really can’t get enough of them! Good thing there are so many fantastic DIY possibilities out there, including these colorful paint-by-number style beauties created by Halligan Smith. The way I see it, everyone needs coasters, right? Consider making and giving a set for birthdays, thank-yous, house warming parties, or just because! Halligan shares the process (and even offers free templates for all four designs) over on Design*Sponge, so go check it out!

Have you spied any other clever DIY coaster designs? Let’s have a coaster part—share your faves in the comments!

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Pretty in Pixels: Make a DIY Pop-Up Pixel Card for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Pop-up Pixel Card

DIY Pop-Up Pixel Cards, by Kate Petty

These pixelated pop-up cards are hot off the press, y’all! The always fabulous Kate Petty from MiniEco assures us that these super impressive handmade cards are, in fact, super easy to make. All you need is a craft knife, a ruler, and some colorful paper to print on. Once you’ve grabbed your supplies, head over to MiniEco to download Kate’s printable template–you’ll be on your way to 3D heart-popping, pixelated glory in no time. (Did that sound like a promise? Oh, good. It totally was.)

Happy Handmade Valentine’s Day!

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Make This Gift: A DIY Pompom Necklace!

DIY Pompom Necklace

DIY Pompom Necklace, photo by Erica Coffman

A great gift for your stylish sister, those sassy book club ladies, or your color-loving girlfriend, these DIY pompom necklaces are Classy with a capital “C”!  Inspired by the high-fashion tribal necklaces of designer Nicole Akong, the brilliant ladies behind Honestly WTF created this do-it-yourself version.  I love the cheery colors and playful poms, but the real magic is in the customization–this necklace can be as bright and bold or subtle and subdued as you want!

Put on your present-making pants and head over to Honestly WTF for the complete tutorial. Happy gift-making!

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