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Ebbets Field Flannels Throwback Baseball Jerseys and Caps

Ebbets Field Flannels

With the Rangers ahead by a game, it’s time for game 6, baseball fans! We brought you a whopping collection of gifts for ball fans last week, but set Ebbets aside for a post of their own.

Ebbets Field Flannels not only has a great story, but their jerseys and ballcaps have the kind of vintage charm and style that can be worn well all year round. You won’t find shiny mesh polyester in this bunch. These are handcrafted using authentic 1950s-era wool baseball flannel.

Over twenty years ago rock-n-roller Jerry Cohen became a bit obsessed with tracking down vintage jerseys to wear to gigs. He eventually did, had a couple made for himself, and the company was born.

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Ebbets Field Flannel ShirtsEbbets Field Flannel Caps

Play Ball! All Star Gifts for Baseball Fans

Chicago's Wrigley Field, Canvas Photo Print by Nader Farzan

Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Canvas Photo Print by Nader Farzan

Baseball—you hit the ball wherever the other team isn’t, then run as fast as you can in a counterclockwise direction until you’re back where you started. That’s it, right? Oh no, there’s so much more—the peanuts, the hot dogs, the home runs, the wave! Serious fans will tell you, it’s the match-ups and the statistics that make the game. The rivalries and the history too.

The biggest match-up of the year begins this week. It’s World Series time! Even if your team wasn’t a playoff contender this year, it’s hard not to get into the excitement of the season’s final series and an American tradition 108 years old.

So Rangers and Cardinals fans, may the best team win! And for baseball fans from coast to coast, here’s 20 amazing gifts sure to knock it out of park.

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Ready For College Football?

Number 1 Homecoming Game by Alphabet City Photo

Number 1 Homecoming Game, at Alphabet City Photo‘s Etsy shop

Are you ready for some football? Because I am! Get set to be decked out in your favorite team’s gear, belly up to the cooler, and spend some time in close quarters with fellow football watchers. We’ve put together a selection of gifts that are sure to get even the most fair-weather fan into game day fighting form!

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Gifts for DIY Glamping

As a city slicker through and through, the idea of camping has always been a bit daunting. I actually enjoy doing the whole “nature thing”, as long as I can come home to a hot shower and a comfy bed. That’s what makes the concept of “glamping” so attractive to me—The New York Times may have put it best when they said that glamping was “camping, but not quite roughing it”.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, picture arriving to “camp” to find pre-pitched, pre-furnished tents, solar-powered heating, and bathroom facilities kept well enough for even the most squeamish travelers. At some locations, like the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Vancouver, BC or the Costanoa Lodge in San Francisco, there are even the occasional over-the-top resort amenities like on-premise laundry service, personal butlers, and spas.

While some hardcore woodsmen and women might shake their heads at the very idea of camping comfortably, glamping lets the less inclined enjoy the best of both worlds—gorgeous scenery and outdoor sports by day, cozy digs and gourmet food by night. Sounds like my ideal long weekend!

While there are many dedicated glamp sites around the world to choose from, we’ve rounded up our top picks for gifts that’ll make any foray into the great outdoors just a little more luxurious. DIY glamping, if you will.

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