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Martha’s Gift Wrap Challenge—Cast Your Votes!

Vintage Portraits Wrap by Something's Hiding in Here

Vintage Portraits Wrap by Something’s Hiding in Here

As if it were possible to pick! Well okay, we’ll try.

All this week over at the Crafts Department on Martha Stewart, some of our most favorite crafty bloggers have been sharing creative and inexpensive wrapping ideas as part of a Gift Wrap Challenge.

The ideas are bursting with inspiration, and now the trick, to choose the most inspiring! Will it be color copies turned gift wrap? Sleek and stylish stitching? Homemade bows with confetti inside? Or whimsical glittered gift tags?

Pictured are each of the submissions with links to their tutorials so you can give them a go. Wrapper friends, these bloggers are true stars and their sites are wonderful corners of the internet. So go get lost, but don’t forget to vote!

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Adorned Glitter Clothespin Gift Toppers by Creature ComfortsConfetti Bow Ribbion and Pom Pom Topper by Hello SandwichStitched Wrap and Printable Pull Tag by Shimtokk

How to Make DIY Gift Bows from Recycled Magazines!

DIY Recycled Magazine Bows

DIY Recycled Magazine Bows, photo from Whole Living

From newspapers to paper grocery bags, there are plenty of ways to wrap your gift in recycled materials–but recycled magazine bows??  That’s pure genius, people!  The crafty folks over at Martha Stewart-owned Whole Living created this clever tutorial for turning your old glossies into colorful, hand-made gift toppers.  You’ll need about one page per bow and some double-sided tape.  Grab those then head over to Whole Living to see how this eco-friendly craft comes together!

(h/t 100 Layer Cake)

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12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

Pretty packages galore!  Tied up with everything from string to bows, pompoms to lace, and even recycled produce bags, these clever gift wrapping ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Happy gift giving!

12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

1. Braided Yarn and Felt Leaves from Danielle Thompson

2. Colorful Packaging and DIY Embellishments from Oh, Hello Friend

3. Miu Miu-Inspired Glitter and Velvet Gift Wrap from Ambrosia Creative

4. Re-purposed Produce Packaging as Ribbon from Tokketok

12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

5. Calligraphy-Inspired News Years Gifts from Shim Tokk

6. Paper Snowflake Gift Wrap from How About Orange

7. Hand-Drawn Gift Wrap from Mini-Eco

8. Creative Hardware Store Embellishments from Lowes Creative

12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

9. Feather and String Packaging from In Haus Press (h/t Oh, Hello Friend)

10. Pompoms and Jingle Bells Gift Wrap from Danielle Thompson

11. Beautiful Color Combo Ideas from The Purl Bee

12. Re-purposed Trader Joe’s Grocery Bags from A Creative Mint

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12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!12 Pretty Packages to Inspire Your Holiday Gift-Wrapping!

Give & Tell with Badder Homes & Gardens

Badder Homes & GardensAs we begin to brine our brilliantly basted turkeys, spoon splendid stuffings and gather gorgeous gourds for our centerpieces, how about a break from the fancy finer things? In fact, let’s do the opposite of that.

If you’re easily offended and/or have zero sense of humor, stop reading and get back to that pie crust. But if you love a good laugh and girls who tell it like it is, then I’ve got a treat for you.

Say hello to the unMartha’s of Texas, Krista, Sarah, and Nikki. They’re smart, funny, sarcastic, and they swear a lot. They’re the authors of Badder Homes & Gardens—”the bad girls guide to good housekeeping”—and they’re sharing their gifting wisdom and woes with us today. Nikki even threw in a little tutorial for you.

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Nikki's Gift Picks on WantistKrista's Gift Picks on WantistSarah's Gift Picks on WantistNikki's Gift Wrap TutorialSarah from Badder Homes & GardensNikki from Badder Homes & GardensKrista from Badder Homes & Gardens

Easier Than It Looks: Make a Woven Paper Gift Topper!

DIY Woven Paper Gift Topper / Mini Eco
We love a good burst of color, especially in the form of delectable gift wrapping. If you can make that gift wrap yourself all the better! So when I spied this tutorial for a fun and funky paper gift topper, I was over the moon (or should that be ‘rainbow’?).

Aside from looking super awesome, this woven gift topper is surprisingly simple to make. Kate from Mini Eco (the same brilliant lady that brought us that colored pencil jewelry–yum!) shares this simple tutorial for creating your own show-stopping topping.

All you need is colored paper and sticky tape. The colors, of course, are up to you! What do you envision? Shades of a favorite color? Silver and gold? The possibilities!

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Decorating for Halloween with Paper, Ribbons & Tape

No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating made with Washi Tape

No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating made with Washi Tape

Halloween decor is so frighteningly fun! The colors, the shapes, the ghouls and the creativity are equally exciting for wide-eyed youngsters taking it all in, and kids-at-heart wishing it was still acceptable to approach your neighbor with an open bag and a smile.

Being the savvy gift-givers that we are, I thought it’d be fun to roundup some Halloween cheer with ideas you can make from your gift wrap stash, using paper, ribbons, and tape.

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Halloween Paper Garland by MaraMayPumpkin's Decorated with RibbonFall Wreath made with Raffia by Brittany at My Decopauged LifeChevron Halloween Wreath made with baker's twine by Tatertots and Jello

Rainbow Bright: Colorful Yarn-Tied Gift Wrapping!

Rainbow Yarn Gift Wrapping / Image: Anna Williams

From the book More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, Photo by Anna Williams

Brown paper packages tied up with string? Easy. Classic. Understated. Brown paper packages tied up with a spectrum of bold, splashy colors? Easy, unexpected, and one helluva way to announce just how awesome the contents of that package are! Joelle Hoverson, the author of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, takes the simple brown box / string combo up about 20 notches with this super easy gift wrapping idea. If you can tie a knot, you can do this too!

This idea comes from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (page 122) and all you need to create your own rainbow-inspired* gift is an assortment of colorful yarn. Wrap each length of yarn around the box once, tie a knot, and voila!  You’ve got one super rad gift just waiting to knock the socks off that special someone.

* While I love the rainbow approach, this idea is easily customizable – consider using colors that coordinate with the event (wedding, baby shower, the recipient’s favorite colors, etc.)!

(h/t Oh Happy Day)

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OMG, Amazing Origami Sticker Ribbon

Oribbon: Decorative Origami Sticker Ribbon

I tend to get really excited about cool, innovative products, especially if those products have something to do with gift giving or, even better, pretty paper. So when I spotted this origami sticker ribbon (!!!) over on Internet Therapy, well, let’s just say my dog came running in from the other room to see what all the commotion was about!

Oribbon: Decorative Origami Sticker Ribbon

Oribbon, as it’s called, is an entirely new way to spruce up your gift wrap. These colorful strips of paper are scored in multiple directions, allowing you to create super awesome 3D ribbons and shapes with just a few folds. The bottom is sticky, so after you’ve created your origami ribbon masterpiece, all you need to do is decide where to stick it! Sold in a set of 6, each kit comes with illustrated instructions to help you make some of the coolest 3D ribbons and shapes in town!

Available from Upon a Fold: $12.90.


Oribbon: Decorative Origami Sticker Ribbon

Dress up Your Gifts with a Limited Edition Stash of Vintage Embellishments

Chewing the Cud Limitee Box

I’m so excited to share Chewing the Cud’s Limitée boxes with you!

Viola Sutanto, designer of these wonderful fabric wraps as well as the cute iPhone e-card app, Bon Bon Mots, has put together a limited edition collection of 100 kits filled with goodies to create beautiful, special gifts.

Put together in a vintage cigar box, each kit is filled with finds from Viola’s travels and flea market trips.

Vintage Cigar Box

They’re the sort of embellishments and gift wrap accessories that on their own can be hard to find or are often only available in large quantities. Just imagine getting creative with whimsical details like carnival tickets, letterpress hangtags, old library cards and patterned stickers.

This kit is the perfect addition to your personal gift wrap stash and also makes a great gift for sweet friends.

Remember, there’s only 100 of them so if you want one, snag it! If you don’t manage to get your hands on one, a smaller Bon Bon pack is available.

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Vintage Cigar Box

Taped and Tied with Felt & Wire Supply

Angela Liguori Wrapping paper and Italian cotton ribbon

Have I made it clear how much I love paper goods and perfect packages? No? Well I do. And I will.

Case in point: when I found out Felt & Wire was adding a supplies section to their already wonderful collection, I was giddy, and let’s just say that’s a word I save for special moments.

Already known for their art prints, gift wrap and stationery, they recently introduced the stuff that really encourages a person to get crafty. Stuff like ribbon and tape and interesting collections of things to stick on paper and make it look like you’re super creative. Which you are. I’m not saying you’re not. Oh, just look!

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