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Freebie Alert! Printable Birthday Invites and Goodie Bags

Printable Birthday Invites and Goodie Bags from Funkytime

Printable Birthday Invites from Funkytime, Photo by Sibylle Roessler

I know we’re all gearing up for fall and winter holidays, but last time I checked, birthdays are always in season! (Right Libras?)

To help your celebration go off without a hitch, Funkytime blogger Sibylle Roessler is offering up super festive invitation and goodie bag printables. She also shares some pretty great DIY ideas for sprucing them up with pompoms, rickrack, and fringe—yum! And wouldn’t you know it, her techniques are equally snazzy for homemade treats and wrapped packages too.

Happy downloading and, of course, happy birthday-ing!


Make Your Own DIY Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract / Image credit: Kathleen Ullman

Homemade Vanilla Extract, photo by: Kathleen Ullman

Show foodie friends how much you care (about their tastes and their friendship) by gifting them your own homemade vanilla extract. They’ll be impressed with your apparent alchemy skills and you’ll score some major brownie points as an awesome gift giver.

Printable Homemade Vanilla Extract Labels from Style Me Pretty

Printable Homemade Vanilla Extract Labels from Style Me Pretty

To make everything even more special, consider using a unique, cork-topped jar and/or printing custom labels (like the free printable labels above, by Style Me Pretty).

Wrap it up in a bow (or dip the cork in wax if you feel like getting super fancy) and you’re good to go. The best part about this DIY gift?  It’s insanely easy. Check out how to make your own over on Simply Recipes!

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Printable Homemade Vanilla Extract Labels from Style Me Pretty

October Jollydays! Free Desktop Wallpaper

Wantist's October 2011 Jollydays Free Desktop Wallpaper

We’re back with another Jollydays wallpaper for you!

It’s a calendar of sorts, with dates hand-picked for their ability to stir up a bit of jolliness. They’re reasons to be extra sweet that day, give a gift, send a card, or make something for someone. They’re excuses to have fun. We all love fun, right?

October’s got some great ones, like World Teachers Day (today), Frankenstein Friday, and of course, Halloween. And you don’t want to miss Boss’ Day, oh no. Just find the size that fits your computer, download, and have Happy October Jollydays!


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Bokeh Gift Tags: Free Printable Stickers

We had this crazy idea to make gift labels with bokeh images. Something fitting from Richie to Margot.

Why bokeh, you say? Because there’s something magical about it. It’s colorful, and dare I say, sparkly. I’m not talking sparkly like My Little Ponies, I’m talking sparkly like Japan through the lens of Sofia Coppola.

I don’t want to bore you with all the geeky technical details but I do want to show you how the gift tags turned out.

Wantist Bokeh Gift Tag Stickers

We (well mostly Jacob—he’s a keeper I tell ya) decided to format them for these square labels by Avery (22806) because they’re easy to use and print to the edge. You’ll find them at Amazon or your local office supply store.

All you have to do is:

I told you it was easy.

They’re perfect on everything from a wrapped box to a gift bag, even treat bags of homemade cookies. (I am so cool with it if you decide to send me some.)

Images used (left-to-right, top-to-bottom): D Sharon Pruitt, Sami, D Sharon Pruitt, Harsha K R, Parée, Leo Fung, Kevin Dooley, Neal Fowler, Andrew Czap, Ernst Vikne, Duncan Harris, Kevin Dooley.

(Please link to this post, not directly to the PDF. Thank you! http://wnt.st/3bja)

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Wantist Bokeh Gift Tag Stickers

Wrap It: FREE Printable Wrapping Papers for All Occasions!

Lovely Notes Wrapping Paper Printables by Bliss!

What’s that, you say? You just found THE PERFECT GIFT for that amazing person in your life?  Go you (and high fives all around)! Now it’s time to wrap that sucker up. I vote for keeping things sweet and simple and free… or what I like to call the “gift wrapping trifecta”!

Whether you’re saying ‘thank you’, cheering up a friend, or telling your boo how much you love ‘em, Michaela over at Bliss! has the wrapping paper for you.  Choose from eight cheery designs, all printable and all free. My faves are “Hello Gorgeous!” and “Today is a beautiful day!“. Check them all out here and let us know which lovely note will accompany your next gift!

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September Jollydays: Free Desktop Wallpaper

Wantist's September Jollydays Free Desktop Wallpaper

To perpetuate acts of kindness, unexpected surprises and good times, we bring you Jollydays.

It’s a free desktop wallpaper providing you with excuses to add some jolly to the month ahead. Enjoy!


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Mother’s Day Breakfast by Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day Breakfast Printable

Letting Mom kick her feet up while someone else makes breakfast is a Mother’s Day tradition we’re all familiar with. It’s a nice way to do something special for Mom and Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! has a sweet little way to personalize it. These flags and tags are a available as a free printable download—all you need are toothpicks and glue. Easy enough for young and grown-up kids. Go check it out!

Oh Happy Day Breakfast Printable detail

Following Oh Happy Day! is a bit like looking in on a fairytale. Not in the royal sense, but a much more real life one. Jordan is a San Francisco based party planner and letterpress printer who recently moved with her husband, Paul, and their two little ones to live in Paris for a year. She blogs about the experience, in addition to sharing creative projects and other pretty inspirations.

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Oh Happy Day Breakfast Printable detail

DIY Valentine Fruit Stickers by Twig & Thistle

DIY Valentine Fruit Stickers 5 500x753

Any day is a good day to show someone you love them which is why we think Twig & Thistle’s Naturally Sweet DIY Valentine idea is pretty swell.

DIY Valentine Fruit Stickers Bananas

The simplest gifts, and the smallest gestures, often leave the most lasting impressions. In that spirit, Kathleen, the creative and generous gal that she is, made these stickers for sneaking a lovey message to the apple of your eye onto piece of fruit.

They’re free to download. A printer, sticker paper, and something to cut them with and you’re all set! Well okay, you’ll need some fruit too ;)

Sweet and subtle. Happy Friday all!

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