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New! Personalized Books and Back-to-School Gifts by Chronicle Books

MyChronicleBooks Personalized Gifts for Kids

MyChronicleBooks Personalized Gifts for Kids

What kid wouldn’t want to star in their favorite children’s book? The all new MyChronicleBooks helps make storytime even more special with gifts you can customize in just a few clicks.

Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Create a personal dedication page in a slew of popular books. Choose from back-to-school gifts like lunch boxes (with a hidden chalkboard inside!), notebooks, and stickers that are personalized just for them. Make your little one the star of the story in select titles such as What Big Brother Does Best.

I love this new project form Chronicle and can’t wait to see what other books and gifts they add to the collection.

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Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Darth Vader & Son: Imagining Darth the Dad

Darth Vader and Son - book cover

Ready for one of the most adorably geeky what-ifs you’ve ever seen? It’s a new book just in time for Father’s Day—Darth Vader and Son.

I. Know! It’s everything you’re imagining right this moment.

Dreamed up by celebrated illustrator and author Jeffery Brown, the book considers: What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if “Luke, I am your father” was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad?

Presenting the trials and joys of parenting through the lens of a galaxy far, far away, Darth Vader and Son addresses everything from Take Your Child to Work Day on the Death Star to using the Force to raid the cookie jar.

A great gift for expecting dads, granddads, geeky dads, movie buff dads, and every dad in between.

And now, a couple pages for you and a quirky book trailer too. Enjoy!
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Give & Tell with Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette

Amy Turn SharpI met Amy shortly after Alt last year. She’s a hoot, a poet, and the wood queen of Little Alouette, an organic wooden toy shop she runs alongside her master carpenter husband, Joe.

Their toys are beautifully handcrafted, wonderfully natural, and the kind you keep in the family for a long time. I gifted a wooden letter H to baby Harper last spring and I’m still waiting for the right little person to come along to give these gorgeous stackers to. Love the grain, don’t you?

If you need a gift for a wee one in time for Christmas or Hannukah, this wooden guitar and mustache rattle are in stock and ready to ship. And they’re awesome. Naturally.

Amy’s a mother of 3 in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also a public speaker, novelist, twitter addict, and blogger. Babble has named her as one of the top 50 Etsy Moms two years in a row. Thanks for joining us Amy!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

When I had my last baby my friends bought me hours of mothers helpers in advance. That was ace. I will always think about that. Mother’s are good gift givers.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

I think when I collected a life scrap book for my gran’s 89th birthday. I took photos and letters from everyone in her life and mementos and compiled them together in a large book. She cried for days and days. She held the book for a long time.
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Amy Turn Sharp's Gift Picks on Wantist

Chin up, Buttercup! Gifts for Those Who’ve Had Better Days

Naughty Betty Encouragement Cards

Naughty Betty Encouragement Cards

Sad but true … sometimes life does hand you a hell sandwich. We’ve all had to eat one at one time or another. And it’s never fun. But it’s also never permanent.

These are the times when our friends are most important. They are our lifeline, our support system. It’s because of them that we can actually choke down that hell sandwich. These cheerful gifts cover just about all possible scenarios of what’s got ‘em down and will help put that spring back in their step.

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Babies in Waiting: Hilarious Gifts for Expecting Parents

Good Luck with THAT card for new parents

Good Luck with THAT Card by Creativity

I’m not a big baby person. They smell funny, they’re hot and they leak. However, many of my friends are baby people, so that leaves me the odd man out. Or does it?

Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t! Babies are great in that they create immediate gift-giving occasions. Considering they happen all the time, you don’t have to wait for a holiday or a birthday to come around. This is great for me because my best friend just found out she’s pregnant with her first baby and I can’t wait to start showering her with gifts.

Like many people expecting their first child, she’s a little clueless and totally freaked out in terms of what to expect. I like to ease that sense of anxiety by injecting some humor into the whole situation. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Here is a collection of hilarious gifts that will have you, and the expecting parents, rolling with laughter.

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Measure Me Stick

Measure Me Stick by Studio 1am

There’s a lot to look at. We get it. To help you out we’re calling attention to a gift you may have missed, or one we think you shouldn’t. This is the Something for Someone Spotlight.

One of our favorite gifts for parents with young children is the Measure Me Stick by Studio 1 a.m. This charming and attractive way to display the growth of a little one is handmade by Donna Piacenza and Jody Work of Chicago, IL. Sure to be treasured by the grown ups and loved by the kids.

Read more about it$120 at Studio 1 a.m.

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