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Neon + Love: Cards by Ashkahn

God Only Knows card by Ashkahn

God Only Knows card by Ashkahn

It made my day to stumble across Ashkahn’s cards at Aldea recently. It was the neon that got my attention (such a sucker for it) and the Beach Boys lyric that made me take the card up top home with me.

The eccentric artist from Silverlake, CA creates a collection of cards and gifts that are as suggestive and sassy as Ashkahn is in this photo. They’re hilarious.

The photos in his shop hardly do justice to the cards with the neon punch, but rest assured they lovey, fun, and practically glow in the dark! I’ve rounded up a some favorites here for you.

The top image is my own, with the hope of giving you a better idea of the letterpressed fluoro ink. Rather then stamped and sealed, this one’s going in a frame for the Mister. Perhaps I need a couple more for a proper arrangement.

What about you? Do you ever display greeting cards as works of art?
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Neon + Love cards by AshkahnSooo In Love With You card by Ashkahn

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts? Studiopatró’s Love Set Is All You Need

Love Set folded

Love Set Tea Towels by Studiopatró

Simple expressions of love around the house are a surefire way to bump up the cheer-factor in a home. However it’s not always easy to find gifts that assert sweet somethings and are also well-suited to today’s modern newlyweds and classy couples.

But I’ve found one for you, and it’s exquisite. I was fortunate to catch a sneak peek of Studiopatró’s new Love set of linen tea towels at a local event a couple weeks ago. I’d admired their textiles from afar so it was a treat to see and touch the linens in person. And for the record Studiopatró creator, Christina, is just as chic and lovely as the the line itself.

Love Set stacked

So, the Love Set! This set of hand-printed towels was just added to their shop today. It’s the kind of gift you’ll find yourself buying three of—one for you, one for a lucky couple, and one for all the other fun things you can do with them. I’ll s’plain…

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Studiopatró First Ten tea towelTool BouquetChampagne ForeverLove Set stackedWrapped PresentPlacesetting

Princess Bride Wine? As You Wish!

Bottle of Wits Princess Bride Wines by Alamo Drafthouse

True love in a bottle. It’s no joke now—I mean it! (Anybody wanna peanut?)

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse just launched The Bottle of Wits. It’s a celebration of wine and The Princess Bride! They’re introducing the Inconceivable Cab and As You Wish White in honor of The Princess Bride’s 25th anniversary this year. (Geez really, has it been that long?) I. Am. Giddy!

In addition to the two wines, Alamo is offering some cleverly designed merchandise (that I must get my hands on) and will be hosting a nationwide tour of a Princess Bride Quote-Along.

It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle. The online shop opens up today so you can bring Wesley, Buttercup, Fezzik, the whole gang, to your table.

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Hello! Princess Bride T-Shirt by Alamo DrafthouseWho is Right, and Who is Dead Bottle of Wits T-ShirtBottle of Wits Wine Tags by Alamo Drafthouse

Make This Gift: Custom Art from Your Own Fingerprints!

ManMadeDIY : How To: Make Custom Art from Your Own Fingerprints

Custom Fingerprint Art, by Chris Gardner

Here’s a DIY that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, wedding gifts, or just because. It utilized something so specifically you and turns it into art—your fingerprints!

You’ll need to have some simple creative computer skills (or know someone who does) and be quite cunning to acquire the fingerprints without raising any suspicions. Just tell your Valentine with a wink and a smile, “Shut it! No questions.”

Our friend Chris at ManMadeDIY put together this handy tutorial to take you through the steps for making your own. And if his visual style isn’t quite yours, get creative! There are many ways to adapt the idea changing the scale, colors, paper colors and typeface. Have fun! And let us know how yours turns out.

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Love on the Wall: Prints & Posters from The Love Shop

More Love by TheLoveShop

More Love by TheLoveShop

Gifts that express love all year long are quite possibly the sweetest gifts you can give. And what easier way to do that than with a piece of art?

TheLoveShop is filled with amorous, inspirational, and happy sayings creatively rendered and embellished by the lovely JJ St. James.

After facing down a very trying time in her life, the Australian designer chose to focus on love—joy, peace, happiness, gratitude—and created The Love Shop to share that love. I’m so glad she did!

Pass it on by gifting a lovely print to someone you love. I can’t get enough of the top print titled More Love. More indeed!

I Heart Love by TheLoveShop

I Heart Love by TheLoveShop

Endless Love by TheLoveShop

Endless Love by TheLoveShop

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Timeless Valentines by Quill & Fox

You and Me Valentine Card by Quill & Fox

Sometimes you want to say I love you in a cute and classic way. With roses of red, violets of blue, hearts, and chocolates, and cupids too.

Yas Imamura makes lovely paper things at her studio, Quill & Fox, in Portland, OR. The cards in her Valentine collection are sweet and simple, and available in sets or singles. Send love!

Moon and Back Valentine Card by Quill & Fox

Valentine's Day Card Set by Qull & Fox

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Moon and Back Valentine Card by Quill & FoxValentine's Day Card Set by Qull & Fox

Meaty, Manly, Mustache, Mixtape – Cookies!

Man Meat Cookies by Whipped Bakeshop

Man Meat Cookies by Whipped Bakeshop

Dear Valentine, I’m sending you a cookie. Not just any cookie. It’s been baked fresh with vanilla shortbread, iced with almond royal icing, and hand-decorated to look like a meaty steak. That’s right, steak. Because you like sweets and you like meats and I like you.

Man Meat Heart Cookies by Whipped Bakeshop

Man Meat Heart Cookies

Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia is the brainchild of Zoe Lukas. It’s a “true working bakery, powered by artists.” Artists with an adorable sense of humor.

Pictured are some of favorites from their Valentine selection. From mixtapes to meat steaks the cookies are boxed in sets of 6 all wrapped up and ready to give. Order by the 8th to receive by the 14th!

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I Love You Tattoos! Tattly Valentine Card Sets

Tattly I Heart You 24-Cards Set

Our love for Tattly is no secret so when I heard about their new Valentine Card Sets my inner cupid started doing cartwheels. I mean, how adorable. How ridiculously perfect. It’s everything great about giving sweet little valentines, combined with everything fun about temporary tattoos, combined with everything awesome about Tattly’s creative designs.

Even though your love is forever, your tattoo doesn’t have to be.

Tattly I Heart You Tattoo with Roses

Tattly Valentine Multipack

Available in 8-packs and 24-packs, there are several lovable designs to choose from and multipack sets too, fully loaded with custom printed stickers and folding cards. Whether you order them for your kids to give their friends or you snag a couple for yourself, there’s no denying the fun for all ages that comes with wearing a message of love for the world to see.

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