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Camera Tattoo Set by Tattly

Camera Set by Tattly

While dreaming all day about creating piles of gorgeous Polaroids, Tattly announced their latest set of temporary tattoos. Cameras. Geeky, adorable, glorious cameras. I. Fell. Hard.

You see, Tattly creator swissmiss knows a thing or two about “design-minded kids and kids-at-heart.” (I’ll gladly throw myself in that ring. Care to join?)

Determined never to affix another ugly clipart tattoo on her daughter, Tina collaborated with her twenty dearest design geniuses to create a line of designy temporary tattoos. Turns out, adults are crazy about them too.

For all those friends (like me) too shy or too indecisive to pull the trigger on the real thing, these tattoos, in addition to being beautiful, have one especially appealing feature—they come off!

Below are some favorites, but do go see them all. It’s not too early to start thinking stocking stuffers!

What to Focus on Tattoo by Marc Johns

What to Focus On by Marc Johns

workisnotajob. Tattoo by Catharina Bruns

workisnotajob. by Catharina Bruns

Color burst tattoo by Jessi Arrington

Color burst by Jessi Arrington

Speak Up tattoo by Jennifer Ward

Speak Up by Jennifer Ward

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  1. If you become attached to your Camera Tattly and are thinking of making it a friend for life, get inspired by these stop-motion videos of a photography-inspired tattoo sleeve in progress.