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Make this gift: DIY Caramel Apple Kit

DIY Caramel Apple Kit

DIY Caramel Apple Kit, Photo by Kimberley Hasselbrink

This fun DIY gift makes use of one of the best food combos of all time: caramel sauce and apples. It’s where ooey gooey meets crisp and delicious… and they make sweet, sweet food babies that are the perfect accompaniment to fall and winter. SO, why not give the gift of caramel apple goodness to friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone who appreciates thoughtfully put together gifts? Sounds like a pretty great idea to me!

DIY Caramel Apple Kit

DIY Caramel Apple Kit, Photo by Kimberley Hasselbrink

Kimberley Hasselbrink shares this awesome how-to over on Oh Happy Day and suggests pairing your kits with cute vintage butter knives for slicing up apples and spreading on the good stuff.  With an assortment of toppings like chopped pistachios, bacon bits, coconut flakes, or even sea salt, you can make this kit as gourmet as you’d like!  Is your mouth watering yet??  Head on over to Oh Happy Day for tips on how to put together your own perfectly delicious caramel apple kits!

psst… It’s Caramel Apple Day—what a great way to celebrate!


DIY Caramel Apple Kit

What should you give your Boss?

someecards.com - Sorry I wasted so much of the work day picking out a Boss's Day card for you"

Ecards for Bosses by someecards

There are all kinds of bosses—good, bad, hilarious, humorless, geeky, adventurous, gregarious, odd.

We appreciate variety and that not every boss is the same (though you humorless ones could use a little lightening up, mmmk?) It’s why we made Wantist the way we did and you don’t see a drop-down for “Boss-man” (or woman).

To find the perfect gift for your boss, I recommend starting with something for someone professional, unless your boss is a wild one then head straight for the gifts for fun-loving people.

However, to get you started here’s a few favorites for boss-types.

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11 Happy Things to Make You Smile

Smile., Jocelyn Duke

Smiling’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It’s the perfect choice for every person and occasion, healthy, and inexpensive but not cheap. You can even give smiling right back when you receive it without being rude! Smiling’s my favorite.

Few symbols are associated with universal happiness, but the yellow smiley face is without a doubt one of them. Harvey Ball created the icon in 1963, and after his beloved friend started popping up on every bumper sticker and mall stand T-shirt, he feared its intent would soon be lost. His solution was World Smile Day, and the idea is pretty simple: Everyone should devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout the world. We’re so in! Here are 11 things that will get you grinning. Pass it on!

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October Jollydays! Free Desktop Wallpaper

Wantist's October 2011 Jollydays Free Desktop Wallpaper

We’re back with another Jollydays wallpaper for you!

It’s a calendar of sorts, with dates hand-picked for their ability to stir up a bit of jolliness. They’re reasons to be extra sweet that day, give a gift, send a card, or make something for someone. They’re excuses to have fun. We all love fun, right?

October’s got some great ones, like World Teachers Day (today), Frankenstein Friday, and of course, Halloween. And you don’t want to miss Boss’ Day, oh no. Just find the size that fits your computer, download, and have Happy October Jollydays!


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In Honor of the Ice Cream Cone

porcelain ice cream cone white

Porcelain Ice Cream Cone by Virginia Sin

Some people live for the ice cream, I live for the cone! Cake, sugar, waffle – love ‘em all. Especially that very last bite that collects the melted ice cream. Holy yum! Time to celebrate the glorious edible vessel that is the ice cream cone with National Ice Cream Cone Day. We’ve gathered up a grand selection of gifts for the cone fan whose love runs as deep as that last litte drip.   

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Oh my Guac, You Made my Guacamole Day!

Perfect Guacamole by Food Network Magazine

Perfect Guacamole by Food Network Magazine

I’ve been patiently awaiting and it’s finally here! Happy Guacamole Day! I can’t think of a better mashed up mess of deliciousness to celebrate than this glorious food. A concoction like no other starring the magnificent, the gorgeous, the creamiest of fruits, the Avocado.

Here to help you make someone’s Guacamole Day, I’ve got guac-making tools to speed up the mashing and get to the scooping. You’ll find dishes for chipping and dipping in styles and colors to please them all. I’ll share gifts only a guacamole lover could love and round things out with mouth-watering recipes, including, are you ready? Avocado Pie.

So let’s get guac’ing!

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Send Grandparents Real Mail Via Email with Postcardly


If I had to guess, the grandmas and grandpas in your life are a lot like mine and love getting photos and letters in the mail.

So do it. Sit down and write them a handwritten letter once and a while. You’ll be so glad you did.

Right, I know. You’re thinking that sounds lovely and all but life is busy, you’ve got a family that’s always on the go, who has time to put a letter in the mail? Well, with Postcardly, you do.

Created by three smart guys in Seattle and inspired by “one lonely grandma,” the idea is so simple: Send real, hold-in-your-hand pictures via email.

You just grab your smart phone, snap a photo and write an email. (Naturally, you can send an email from your computer too.) Off goes your postcard to grandmother’s house with your picture on one side and your message on the other. It’s that easy.

And what a perfect day to give Postcardly a try—it’s Grandparents Day! (A jolly fact you already knew because you downloaded our Jollydays wallpaper.)

Set up an account to make their day again and again—your first 3 postcards are free!

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Beggin’ for Bacon on Bacon Day

Savory or sweet, on its own or wrapped around a friend, infused in booze or expressed with art; it’s bacon, and it’s the best thing ever! I honor bacon at least once a week, but I’ll take any excuse to commemorate its amazingness more frequently. Well, we’re in luck, because tomorrow is Bacon Day! While you’re out celebrating the gateway meat this weekend, think about bringing some of these tasty treats with you, since there’s nothing worse than forgetting to BYOB on September 3rd!

Bacon really brightens up a room, so you’re going to want to get your hands on a few of these sizzling items. Start with a toast to bacon mania from this etched pint glass while savoring the scent of a bacon candle (made with real bacon fat). Don’t forget to keep things cozy with a decorative pillow or two, but be careful, guest envy will likely ensue!

We all know sharing is caring, so send a greeting card to a pork enthusiast, or read a salty love story with your sweetheart. Perhaps you know a wall that needs a piece of awesome art…there’s no need to be shy, say it loud and proud with me, “I LOVE BACON!”

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