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What should you give your Boss?

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Ecards for Bosses by someecards

There are all kinds of bosses—good, bad, hilarious, humorless, geeky, adventurous, gregarious, odd.

We appreciate variety and that not every boss is the same (though you humorless ones could use a little lightening up, mmmk?) It’s why we made Wantist the way we did and you don’t see a drop-down for “Boss-man” (or woman).

To find the perfect gift for your boss, I recommend starting with something for someone professional, unless your boss is a wild one then head straight for the gifts for fun-loving people.

However, to get you started here’s a few favorites for boss-types.

Something quirky

Something quirky for your Boss
Candy on the desk is a sign of a friendly boss. If there’s already candy on her desk, she’ll love this quirky Glass Zipper Bag ($20). If not, maybe she’ll get the hint. And what about those glasses he peers above when you knock at the door? Here’s a proper place to put them—a hand-carved proboscis perch ($12).

Something practical

Something practical for your Boss
For sketching, note-taking, doodling and dream-making, this Daily Arsenal of Doane Paper ($65) is quite the gift. Or perhaps organized travel is more practical for your boss. Grid-It for iPad ($29) is like a toiletry kit for gadgets.

Something engaging

Something engaging for your Boss
You might say Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, knows a thing or two about happy employees and happy customers. A little educational gifting perhaps? Try Tony’s first book, Delivering Happiness ($12). Bosses need encouragement too. For all her brilliant ideas, give her a Bursting with Brilliance Notebook ($10).

Something funny

Something funny for your Boss
These Inanimate Stickers ($4) bring office supplies to life. Even if your boss doesn’t laugh at these, you’ll have a great time putting them to use. It’s no secret f-bombs in the office aren’t always well received. This F Bomb Paperweight ($45) is the exception.

If you have a cranky boss, well then here’s a couple things to treat yourself to this Boss’s Day. A cookie in their likeness (bite with caution). Or if you seem to keep losing your stapler, here’s some inspiring supplies the Milton in all of us is sure to love.

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