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Annie Larson’s Incredilbe Hats & Sweaters

Sticker Stripe Box Top by Annie Larson

Sticker Stripe Box Sweater by Annie Larson

It’s not very often that we talk clothing here on Wantist. As gifts go, wearables are incredibly subjective. Taste can be quite personal. The exceptions however, are the truly exceptional, and ALL Knitwear by Annie Larson is exactly that.

Apropos for this first week in October her hats and sweaters will keep you toasty warm and make your eyeballs sing. They’re Cosby Sweaters on overdrive; twenty-first century Huxtables.
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ALL Knitwear Hat by Annie LarsonALL Knitwear Hat by Annie LarsonALL Knitwear Hat by Annie LarsonALL Knitwear Sweaters by Annie LarsonCactus Box Sweater by Annie LarsonConey Box Sweat & Skirt by Annie Larson

MIO Sustainable Design + Beautiful Gifts

MIO Store Interior

MIO Philadelphia Store Front

With Earth Day this Sunday, I’d like to bring your attention to our wonderful sponsor, MIO! MIO is a design company and the vision of the Salm brothers—Isaac, the numbers guy, and Jaime, the design guy.

MIO creates beautiful, affordable gifts and home interior products, with an emphasis on making sustainability covetable through design.

They call it Green Desire, and it’s their guiding principle. It’s based on the idea that we should crave sustainable products out of genuine desire rather than fear, guilt or altruism. (Yes!) They’re matching our desires with what’s good for the planet, and they do an incredible job of it. Just have a look at these favorites from MIO’s collection—colorful, smart, and quite desirable.

Earth Friendly Gifts from MIO

1. Organixe Pencil Holder, 2. Square Cap Straw Hat, 3. Rider Cap Straw Hat, 4. Oval Tack Frame, 5. Beehive Softbowl, 6. Wobowl Softbowl, 7. Pop-Up Basket

Isaac and Jaime work closely with creative designers, manufacturers, engineers and business folks worldwide from their studio and storefront in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, they run CultureLab, a design consultancy within MIO that assists companies such as Target, FedEx, and Anthropologie with incorporating sustainable solutions into their business practices.

Wantist and MIO Giveaway coming soon...

I’m super excited to let you in on something really special. We’ve teamed up with MIO for an Earth Day Giveaway! More details coming later this week.

Stay tuned!

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Wantist and MIO Giveaway coming soon...Earth Friendly Gifts from MIO

Ebbets Field Flannels Throwback Baseball Jerseys and Caps

Ebbets Field Flannels

With the Rangers ahead by a game, it’s time for game 6, baseball fans! We brought you a whopping collection of gifts for ball fans last week, but set Ebbets aside for a post of their own.

Ebbets Field Flannels not only has a great story, but their jerseys and ballcaps have the kind of vintage charm and style that can be worn well all year round. You won’t find shiny mesh polyester in this bunch. These are handcrafted using authentic 1950s-era wool baseball flannel.

Over twenty years ago rock-n-roller Jerry Cohen became a bit obsessed with tracking down vintage jerseys to wear to gigs. He eventually did, had a couple made for himself, and the company was born.

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Ebbets Field Flannel ShirtsEbbets Field Flannel Caps

5 Gifts that Give Back

Giving a thoughtful gift is really rewarding in itself, but exchanging gifts that make a difference in more than one person’s life totally doubles the gift-giving fun. Whether they donate a portion of the product’s proceeds to an amazing cause or improve the lives of the less fortunate, gifts that give back are full of heart. Here are 5 gifts that do good…so get giving!

Copper Whistle, Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles is a non-profit organization campaigning for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These gorgeous necklaces support rehabilitation efforts in the state and raise awareness about the young children sent into battle armed only with whistles. For as little as $34, you can help restore the lives of war-affected kids and make their weapon your voice. Giving the gift of peace and freedom? Yes please.

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All shapes & sizes allowed

Goorin Bros. Bold Hatmakers is soaked in style

Get off my lawn

Not your grandfather’s hat (although he might’ve worn one), Goorin Bros has been in the business of making bold hats since 1895. They’ve kept their focus on old-world craftsmanship and quality while creating style trends in the here-and-now with their large selection of hats for all comers (men, women & kids).

Not hat-savvy

Check out the illustrated hat glossary, where Goorin gives a bit of history behind each of the 26 styles of hats. (I’ve got a gatsby that’s been my go-to over the past couple of years.)

I’m having a great hair day

There’s a variety of accessories ranging from bags, scarves, wallets and more. It’s not quite as solid a lineup as the hats, but there are some nice pieces if you like the style, just not on your head.

Artist Support

Limited-edition artist-created hats is really where Goorin shines. Pictured above is the Iron Eye (designed by Retna) flat-brim ballcap—the level of detail in the stitching and variety of fabrics make these hats unlike anything else. Limited Edition hats are available in fedora, duckbill and flat-brim ballcap styles.

No need to settle for the same old, with prices ranging from as low as $15 for a beanie to $150+ for the smoothest fedora, Goorin has your next hat ready.

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