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Goorin Bros. Bold Hatmakers is soaked in style

Get off my lawn

Not your grandfather’s hat (although he might’ve worn one), Goorin Bros has been in the business of making bold hats since 1895. They’ve kept their focus on old-world craftsmanship and quality while creating style trends in the here-and-now with their large selection of hats for all comers (men, women & kids).

Not hat-savvy

Check out the illustrated hat glossary, where Goorin gives a bit of history behind each of the 26 styles of hats. (I’ve got a gatsby that’s been my go-to over the past couple of years.)

I’m having a great hair day

There’s a variety of accessories ranging from bags, scarves, wallets and more. It’s not quite as solid a lineup as the hats, but there are some nice pieces if you like the style, just not on your head.

Artist Support

Limited-edition artist-created hats is really where Goorin shines. Pictured above is the Iron Eye (designed by Retna) flat-brim ballcap—the level of detail in the stitching and variety of fabrics make these hats unlike anything else. Limited Edition hats are available in fedora, duckbill and flat-brim ballcap styles.

No need to settle for the same old, with prices ranging from as low as $15 for a beanie to $150+ for the smoothest fedora, Goorin has your next hat ready.

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