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How Many Pins Could A Pinhook Hook?

Pinhooks varieties

Pinhooks Hangable Push Pins

Office supply geeks, organization freaks, crafty kids, and handy types, heads up! These little gizmos are headed straight to your wish list and, if you’re nice this year, into your stocking.

Yes friends, someone much more clever than I has combined the ordinary into the obvious—a push pin, with a hook on it. Say it with me now, “Why (oh why) didn’t I think of that?” And say hello to Pinhooks.

Pinhooks Hangable Push Pins

It just makes sense and the list of uses goes on and on—from jewelry to party decorations to plant vines.

If you’re into quick fixes then pat yourself on the back. Your next project just got a little closer to done.

(h/t papernstitch)

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Pinhooks Hangable Push Pins

Father’s Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re still scratching your head about what to give your old man, we’ve got 12 DIY ideas that are sure to put a smile on his face! Bonus? They’re all pretty quick projects, so even the procrastinators among us can get in on some handmade gift-giving love!

Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

1. DIY Adjustable Apron from The Purl Bee

2. Retro Father’s Day Treat Labels from Martha Stewart

3. Root Beer Sampler Kit from The Indigo Bunting

4. DIY Tool Tub and Tote from Sew4Home
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Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

Gifts That Give Back: ManCans Man Scented Candles

ManCans Man Scented Candles

ManCans Man Scented Candles

Hart Main’s sister was selling candles for a school fundraiser when he had the thought, “Why don’t people sell candles with scents that men like?”

An entrepreneurial 13-year-old, Hart ran with the idea and chose cans over glass jars to differentiate his candles from those he saw everywhere else. Little did he know that selling man scented candles would lead to an opportunity to help so many people.
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ManCans One Candle, One MealManCans Memphis Style BBQ and Cigar candles

Give & Tell with Creede Fitch of Grassrootsmodern

Creede Fitch of GrassrootsmodernCreede coins himself a frugal design junkie. His site Grassrootsmodern is a long time favorite of mine filled with modern styled home goods at reasonable prices—in other words, many Wants!

He loves miminamist and mid-century influences and often finds himself with a hammer and drill in hand in order to achieve the style he wants without breaking the bank. He started Grassrootsmodern six years ago in order to share his ideas and inspirations on affordable design—you’ll recognize his blogging cohort, Wantist contributor Capree. (Design sleuth extrordinaire, that girl!)

Creede lives in Utah with his son, daughter, and golden doodle Ainsley. In between sharing awesome finds and working on his house, he took some time to Give & Tell with us today. Thanks, Creede!

What’s your favorite reason to celebrate with a gift?

I love holidays, and I definitely get into the giving spirit around Christmas. That being said, the best reason to give a gift, is no reason at all. I mean really, who needs a reason to be nice to someone, or show them you love them?

What’s the best food to give as a gift?

I could go two ways here. If the person is close by, there is nothing better than giving a gift of a home cooked meal. Everybody loves to have a nice dinner cooked for them, plus you get to share to food. Win, win. Of course that’s hard to do for you best friend out of state, so in that case I default back to my favorite food group. Chocolate. There is a fantastic selection of quality chocolate out there, my local favorite is Amano. If your friend isn’t chocolate savvy make sure you enlighten them as to the finer points of the bar you chose.
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Creede Fitch's gift picks from Wantist

Tool Time Summer Gift Guide

Core77s Ultimate Summer Gift Guide

There’s something about summertime that brings out the desire to tackle a project. Maybe it’s that you find yourself with a little more free time. Perhaps it’s the dry weather finally giving you the chance to set up those sawhorses in the backyard.

Whatever it is, Core77 and their kingdom of mighty makers have put together a Tool Time Gift Guide for the summer season. While you’ll certainly spy a couple gifts that are also found on Wantist, this list picks up where our handy category leaves off. These are some serious picks for hackers, crafters and engineers. “Gifts and gets,” as they’ve aptly put, “to inspire you to get your hands dirty and dive, safety-goggles first, into the season for making.”

Make on!

Core77′s Ultimate Summer Gift Guide

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That’s right, it’s tool time!

Reclaimed Wood Tool Caddy by The Sawduster

(Not to be confused with this show). According to the magical holiday people, March 11th is Worship of Tools Day, a day to celebrate working with tools and perhaps do so.

We thought we’d have a little fun with this one with a Bubba Gump-style roundup of tool goodies. There’s a tool caddy, striped tools, tool cards, pizza tools, a bowl made of tools, a cake tool, and tool tips—a little something for all kinds of handy tool people.

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Reclaimed Tool Bowl by Tammy RoyHammered Card by Cracked DesignsHammers by Alice Supply CoTable Saw Cake Knife by FredPizza Boss 3000 by Fred and CoDesign*Sponge DIY 101 Building Your Tool BoxTool Box Happy Birthday Card by enormouschampion