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Get Your Fix! Give Crack Pops

Crack Carmel

Crack Caramel made in Small Batches

With cinnamon and nutmeg right on its heels, if there’s one flavor that springs to mind here in late-October it’s caramel. Sweet, chewy, delicious caramel.

Crack Caramel is handmade in small batches in Los Angeles. They use pure, simple ingredients to create smooth sugary perfection. And to double your pleasure, they’ve gone and made it cute too. By putting it on a stick. Crack Pops are caramel lollipops. Gotta have one! Or several…

Crack Carmel Crack Pops

Crack Pops Caramel Lollipops

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Crack Carmel Crack Pops

Fallback Gift of the Year: Etsy Introduces Gift Cards

Fallback Gift of the Year: Etsy Introduces Gift Cards
I’m not always gung-ho about gift cards. Generally I think they’re a little lackluster. At times impersonal. But this is different. This is big. And I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.

Etsy recently (finally) announced the introduction of Etsy gift cards. The reason this matters is because Etsy is vast. What Amazon is to pretty much everything, Etsy is to pretty much everything handmade.

You see, my favorites list on Etsy is about a million miles long—surely I’m not alone here—making this a really great gift for me. Me. (There, I said it.)

We’ve got gobs of gifts on Wantist hand-picked from Etsy. They’re awesome because the people who make them are awesome, thereby making a gift card that enables folks to shop at whim there, pretty damn awesome.

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Handmade Wedding Invites Pack a Powerful Punch

Sayonara boring save the dates and wedding invites, your cheesy designs and one-size-fits-all approach have got to go! Announcements like this should be special, and I’d gladly take personality and craftsmanship over price and convenience any day.

I think that’s just what Christine and Ian had in mind when they designed and fabricated these gorgeous invitation bundles, complete with 3D trees, a custom Field Guide and hand-stamped names. The couple clearly poured lots of detailed, DIY magic into this project, and it totally shows.

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Measure Me Stick

Measure Me Stick by Studio 1am

There’s a lot to look at. We get it. To help you out we’re calling attention to a gift you may have missed, or one we think you shouldn’t. This is the Something for Someone Spotlight.

One of our favorite gifts for parents with young children is the Measure Me Stick by Studio 1 a.m. This charming and attractive way to display the growth of a little one is handmade by Donna Piacenza and Jody Work of Chicago, IL. Sure to be treasured by the grown ups and loved by the kids.

Read more about it$120 at Studio 1 a.m.

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q&a: with Brittni Wood and our picks from papernstitch

Our picks from papernstitch

Who, What

There are two reasons we love papernstitch. First there’s the delightful hand-picked selection of artists and makers that we might otherwise never learn about if not for the site. And second, the sweet husband and wife launch story—a scenario we always have a soft spot for.

Brittni and Jeff started papernstitch in October of last year. He’s the web guy and she’s the writer/curator.

The pair met in a figure drawing class in ’05 and had always wanted to collaborate on a project together. Brittni, an artist herself, saw opportunity where many find frustration. She was struggling to get her work seen and didn’t have the means to do so. She figured that other creative people were likely having a tough time too, so Brittni and Jeff created an online exhibition where artists, makers, crafters, and indie labels could be seen and celebrated.

papernstitch is curated monthly by Brittni from a pool of designers and makers from all over the world. The site is constantly updated with new shops and products. It’s all about discovery, allowing you to peruse the goods in a cleanly designed online space and click through to buy directly from the independent sellers.

Portrait of Brittni Wood

q&a: Brittni Wood

In addition to the exhibition site, Brittni maintains the awesome papernstitch blog and is a contributing editor for Blosem Kids and Scoutie Girl.

It was a privilege to catch up with Brittni and talk to her about papernstitch for this interview. In addition, we’ve picked some of our favorites from the newest exhibition that started yesterday (shown above) and include some of her picks below. Enjoy!

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