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What should you give your Boss?

someecards.com - Sorry I wasted so much of the work day picking out a Boss's Day card for you"

Ecards for Bosses by someecards

There are all kinds of bosses—good, bad, hilarious, humorless, geeky, adventurous, gregarious, odd.

We appreciate variety and that not every boss is the same (though you humorless ones could use a little lightening up, mmmk?) It’s why we made Wantist the way we did and you don’t see a drop-down for “Boss-man” (or woman).

To find the perfect gift for your boss, I recommend starting with something for someone professional, unless your boss is a wild one then head straight for the gifts for fun-loving people.

However, to get you started here’s a few favorites for boss-types.

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Send Grandparents Real Mail Via Email with Postcardly


If I had to guess, the grandmas and grandpas in your life are a lot like mine and love getting photos and letters in the mail.

So do it. Sit down and write them a handwritten letter once and a while. You’ll be so glad you did.

Right, I know. You’re thinking that sounds lovely and all but life is busy, you’ve got a family that’s always on the go, who has time to put a letter in the mail? Well, with Postcardly, you do.

Created by three smart guys in Seattle and inspired by “one lonely grandma,” the idea is so simple: Send real, hold-in-your-hand pictures via email.

You just grab your smart phone, snap a photo and write an email. (Naturally, you can send an email from your computer too.) Off goes your postcard to grandmother’s house with your picture on one side and your message on the other. It’s that easy.

And what a perfect day to give Postcardly a try—it’s Grandparents Day! (A jolly fact you already knew because you downloaded our Jollydays wallpaper.)

Set up an account to make their day again and again—your first 3 postcards are free!

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Don’t Send an E-card, Send a Declaration of Romantic Intent

The Bureau of Communication - Declaration of Romantic Intent

Today is one holiday where a last minute e-card just won’t get you very far. But a Declaration of Romantic Intent? That’ll heat things up. This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re crunched for time or you’re being cheeky, The Bureau of Communication is here to help you be your sexy best.

Just fill in the blanks, give it an email address, and off it goes.

If you’re not feeling romantically inclined that’s okay, they’ve got plenty of other witty bits of correspondence for all occasions to keep you and your recipient well entertained.

In fact, here’s our official Valentine’s Day message to you:
The Bureau of Communication - Observance of a Holiday

(Click to see bigger)

Have a great day lovebirds!

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The Bureau of Communication - Observance of a Holiday