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New! Personalized Books and Back-to-School Gifts by Chronicle Books

MyChronicleBooks Personalized Gifts for Kids

MyChronicleBooks Personalized Gifts for Kids

What kid wouldn’t want to star in their favorite children’s book? The all new MyChronicleBooks helps make storytime even more special with gifts you can customize in just a few clicks.

Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Create a personal dedication page in a slew of popular books. Choose from back-to-school gifts like lunch boxes (with a hidden chalkboard inside!), notebooks, and stickers that are personalized just for them. Make your little one the star of the story in select titles such as What Big Brother Does Best.

I love this new project form Chronicle and can’t wait to see what other books and gifts they add to the collection.

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Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Make it! DIY Popsicle Memory Game

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

A perfect little DIY gift to take us into long weekend—it’s a memory game like the one you played as a kid, only these game pieces look like popsicles!

Created by Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic, her post includes a free printable download to make your very own. It’s a thoughtful and inexpensive birthday gift for a little friend, and makes a fun thank you for teachers too.

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

Any thoughts for how to adapt this gift, and maybe create a grown up version?

Visit Eat Drink Chic for the download & how-tos and have a terrific weekend!


DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game by Eat Drink Chic

Give & Tell with Chris Gardner of ManMadeDIY

Chris GardnerWriter and maker Chris Gardner is is the main man at ManMadeDIY, a crafting blog for guys (though this gal really digs it too). He’s also the editor at Curbly.com, a community of people who make things for their homes. As Chris explains, “ManMade recognizes that all sorts of creative outlets can be realized by, for, and with men. Rosie can rivet, Chris can craft, and all demographics can DIY!”

I’m been a big fan of Chris’s creative how-tos and crafty finds from around the web. In the spirit of the holidays, a couple posts of his you’ll want to checkout are Why You Have to Make Egg Nog… and How to Do It, How to Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees, and How to: Turn a Tacky Glitter Reindeer into an AWESOME Glitter Reindeer.

Oh and while you’re at it, don’t miss Curbly’s mega set of holiday roundups like 10 Other Places to Hang Your Christmas Stockings, or their rad gift guides like 30 Hip Design Gifts Under $25. Here he is sharing gifting tips and tales as only Chris can—thanks so much Chris!

Have you ever done any sneaky research to determine the right gift for someone?

Oh my, yes. I’m a total trickster when figuring out preferences or sizes for gifts. My masterpiece was giving someone a hug while secretly holding a tape measure. I also made up an elaborate story to snag my sweetheart’s fingerprint to make some original art for Valentine’s Day last year, and have managed to use calipers to figure out her exact finger size while she was taking a nap.

Could you share a wrapping secret with us?

I think brown kraft paper will never get old. It looks amazing simply tied up with string, but can be customized in all sorts of fun ways. Last year, I cut out the recipient’s name from old books I got for ten cents at the thrift store and simply glued them on. I also figured out a way to make custom gift “envelopes” by sandwiching the gift between two layers of craft paper and stitching it shut with a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine.

Plus, it matches regular brown paper sandwich bags for those small or bulk gifts, which can look amazing with a simple stamp or hand-printed gift tag.
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Chris Gardner's Gift Picks from Wantist

Far Out! 20 Gifts for the Happiest Hippies

All You Need is Love and Give Peace a Chance Prints, by the Love Shop

Hello Winter of Love, 2011! The holidays are here, like yesterday, and they come bearing gifts…mostly the urgency to find the perfect something special for all types of people. Fear not, we’ve got you covered (and wrapped gorgeously too). If you’re in a bohemian bind, here are 20 gifts for the peace, love and happiness devotee in your life!

Gold Peace Sign Salad Plate by Murval of Paris, Obol Cereal Bowl, Peace of Cake Mold by Fred Flare

Everyone knows hippies are all about spreading the peace, and these dishes will emphasize this message during breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. A cereal bowl disguised as a yin yang? Check.

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Give & Tell with Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette

Amy Turn SharpI met Amy shortly after Alt last year. She’s a hoot, a poet, and the wood queen of Little Alouette, an organic wooden toy shop she runs alongside her master carpenter husband, Joe.

Their toys are beautifully handcrafted, wonderfully natural, and the kind you keep in the family for a long time. I gifted a wooden letter H to baby Harper last spring and I’m still waiting for the right little person to come along to give these gorgeous stackers to. Love the grain, don’t you?

If you need a gift for a wee one in time for Christmas or Hannukah, this wooden guitar and mustache rattle are in stock and ready to ship. And they’re awesome. Naturally.

Amy’s a mother of 3 in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also a public speaker, novelist, twitter addict, and blogger. Babble has named her as one of the top 50 Etsy Moms two years in a row. Thanks for joining us Amy!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

When I had my last baby my friends bought me hours of mothers helpers in advance. That was ace. I will always think about that. Mother’s are good gift givers.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

I think when I collected a life scrap book for my gran’s 89th birthday. I took photos and letters from everyone in her life and mementos and compiled them together in a large book. She cried for days and days. She held the book for a long time.
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Amy Turn Sharp's Gift Picks on Wantist