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Freebie Alert! Printable Birthday Invites and Goodie Bags

Printable Birthday Invites and Goodie Bags from Funkytime

Printable Birthday Invites from Funkytime, Photo by Sibylle Roessler

I know we’re all gearing up for fall and winter holidays, but last time I checked, birthdays are always in season! (Right Libras?)

To help your celebration go off without a hitch, Funkytime blogger Sibylle Roessler is offering up super festive invitation and goodie bag printables. She also shares some pretty great DIY ideas for sprucing them up with pompoms, rickrack, and fringe—yum! And wouldn’t you know it, her techniques are equally snazzy for homemade treats and wrapped packages too.

Happy downloading and, of course, happy birthday-ing!


Handmade Wedding Invites Pack a Powerful Punch

Sayonara boring save the dates and wedding invites, your cheesy designs and one-size-fits-all approach have got to go! Announcements like this should be special, and I’d gladly take personality and craftsmanship over price and convenience any day.

I think that’s just what Christine and Ian had in mind when they designed and fabricated these gorgeous invitation bundles, complete with 3D trees, a custom Field Guide and hand-stamped names. The couple clearly poured lots of detailed, DIY magic into this project, and it totally shows.

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Wedding Invite Love


Getting hitched this year? Maybe you design invites yourself? Or you simply enjoy looking at pretty print inspiration? Then you’ve gotta see this new site.

Wedding Invite Love is a directory of wedding invitation designers, searchable by price or location, with great big photos which of course, we love.

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