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Father’s Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re still scratching your head about what to give your old man, we’ve got 12 DIY ideas that are sure to put a smile on his face! Bonus? They’re all pretty quick projects, so even the procrastinators among us can get in on some handmade gift-giving love!

Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

1. DIY Adjustable Apron from The Purl Bee

2. Retro Father’s Day Treat Labels from Martha Stewart

3. Root Beer Sampler Kit from The Indigo Bunting

4. DIY Tool Tub and Tote from Sew4Home
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Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!Father's Day Roundup: 12 Awesome DIY Gifts for Dad!

Give & Tell with Bridget Butch (aka BB)

Bridget Butch

Meet Bridget Butch (aka BB). She’s an internet heroine of mine. I’ve been following her blog for years and years, and years. Not to age you, BB, but she’s been sharing link-ity goodness since 2003, which is a long time ago on these here tubes.

BB is a user experience guru (nerd) living in Milwaukee, WI. She has distinct taste, two cats (Oskar and Eva), can’t quit Brooklyn (her home away from home), and enjoys cheese (on an epic level). See? You love her already. Say hello to Bridget as she shares her gifting stories and the gift she really wants from Wantist. (Bet you’ll never guess.)

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

The best gift ever? I don’t think I could possibly answer that. Too many people in my life have given me such thoughtful gifts. A few examples that spring to mind:

  • My mom’s given me two quilts that I absolutely love. She knows I have a spectacular weakness for quilts. One is a hand-made lap quilt that a neighbor made for her, and the other is a quilt that she picked up at an estate sale just for me. I absolutely love them. Who wouldn’t like to bundle up on a cold night with a quilt from Mom?
  • When I went to Paris a few years ago my friend, Gretchen, bought me a tube of Mac red lipstick because I couldn’t POSSIBLY go to Paris without perfect red lipstick. Since I’m awed by Gretchen’s ability to wear red lipstick perfectly and for HOURS (seriously – it’s a superpower), it was absolutely the perfect gift from her.
  • My friends, Lorraine and Tina, have both bought me airline tickets to see them when I wasn’t financially able to swing it. As a travel bug, airline tickets are the gift motherlode. I’m always grateful for a chance to travel. Doing it for free puts me over the moon.
  • Every year, my sister, Eileen, gives me Green Bay Packer tickets for my birthday. Packer tickets are nearly impossible to get and very expensive, but she and her hubs have four season tickets. They always take me and a guest to a game, usually in December. It may be incredibly cold, but, if you’ve ever been to Lambeau Field, you know it’s worth the eight layers of clothes.

What’s your favorite reason to celebrate with a gift?

I think the best gifts are the ones you get or give when there’s absolutely no occasion at all. Those are the gifts that really say, “I was thinking of you, and it made me happy.” They’re absolutely heartfelt and so touching. No one buys impulse gifts for someone they feel ambivalent about. Maybe they do on reality TV, but not in my world.
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Gift picks by Bridget Butch

Tool Time Summer Gift Guide

Core77s Ultimate Summer Gift Guide

There’s something about summertime that brings out the desire to tackle a project. Maybe it’s that you find yourself with a little more free time. Perhaps it’s the dry weather finally giving you the chance to set up those sawhorses in the backyard.

Whatever it is, Core77 and their kingdom of mighty makers have put together a Tool Time Gift Guide for the summer season. While you’ll certainly spy a couple gifts that are also found on Wantist, this list picks up where our handy category leaves off. These are some serious picks for hackers, crafters and engineers. “Gifts and gets,” as they’ve aptly put, “to inspire you to get your hands dirty and dive, safety-goggles first, into the season for making.”

Make on!

Core77′s Ultimate Summer Gift Guide

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That’s right, it’s tool time!

Reclaimed Wood Tool Caddy by The Sawduster

(Not to be confused with this show). According to the magical holiday people, March 11th is Worship of Tools Day, a day to celebrate working with tools and perhaps do so.

We thought we’d have a little fun with this one with a Bubba Gump-style roundup of tool goodies. There’s a tool caddy, striped tools, tool cards, pizza tools, a bowl made of tools, a cake tool, and tool tips—a little something for all kinds of handy tool people.

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Reclaimed Tool Bowl by Tammy RoyHammered Card by Cracked DesignsHammers by Alice Supply CoTable Saw Cake Knife by FredPizza Boss 3000 by Fred and CoDesign*Sponge DIY 101 Building Your Tool BoxTool Box Happy Birthday Card by enormouschampion