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Chin up, Buttercup! Gifts for Those Who’ve Had Better Days

Naughty Betty Encouragement Cards

Naughty Betty Encouragement Cards

Sad but true … sometimes life does hand you a hell sandwich. We’ve all had to eat one at one time or another. And it’s never fun. But it’s also never permanent.

These are the times when our friends are most important. They are our lifeline, our support system. It’s because of them that we can actually choke down that hell sandwich. These cheerful gifts cover just about all possible scenarios of what’s got ‘em down and will help put that spring back in their step.

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Old dog bed, new tricks

Molly Mutt

Molly Mutt for a fresh, clean dog bed all the time

Dog beds get stinky. True story. Not all that long ago we got Everett a new bed. He’d out-grown his first one, and that little cushion with no removable cover had seen better days—so into the dumpster it went.

The new bed, while well-made with a zipper cover and able to withstand the toils of our crazy beast, cost a pretty penny and just isn’t as cool or clever as these.

Molly Mutt makes dog bed duvets—great for us and our existing bed, but also a great solution when you need a new bed all together.

Ah, and the true story gets even better. They took their duvet idea a few steps further for a creation that’s smart, inexpensive and a really good way to reuse your old skivvies.

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