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17 Wonderful Ways to Say Thank You This Thanksgiving

The Unlucky Turkey by Mr. Boddington

The Unlucky Turkey by Mr. Boddington

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite occasions to send a card. It’s a special time of year when everyone’s feeling cozy, friendly, fat, and grateful.

To those you can’t be with this Thanksgiving and others you appreciate more than they know, say thank you, say gravy, or simply send your love with one of these turkey-stuffing, fun-loving, thanks-giving cards.

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Heartfish Press Alphabet Cards + 20% Off Sale!

W is for Warm Wishes – Alphabet Greeting Card by Heartfish Press

ABC is for Absolutely Brilliant Cards! I have a thing for Heartfish Press. I’ve posted about Hijiri and her typetastic letterpress goods before but I’ve been wanting to feature her line of Alphabet Greeting Cards for a while, and now’s the perfect time. Hijiri just welcomed a new baby girl!

Right. You’re thinking, “How is THAT the perfect time?” Well, because while the shop is taking some time off, they’re offering 20% off everything. Everything! (With code: WELCOMEBABY)

It’s a great time to stock up and pick some favorites for the coming holidays. Each card in the Alphabet line celebrates a different occasion or sentiment so there’s something for everyone, like Y, for the Year 2012. Which is almost here. I can hardly believe it.

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Say it with Fruits & Veggies from Yee-Haw Industries

Yee-Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards - Artichokes and Beets

I’m still in a bit of denial about September starting tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the sights and smells of Autumn, but I’m just not ready to let go of the summer sun, the season’s fresh berries and trips to the Farmers’ Market.

I have, however, found a delightful way to grab hold of the beauty of that lively place and share it with someone else—year round if I choose—with these wonderful Farmers’ Market cards by Yee-Haw Industries.

Oh and by the way, Yee-Haw is amazing, y’all. Their Knoxville, Tennessee shop headed up by Julie Belcher and Kevin Bradley, produces some of the most down-home, honky-tonk, kickass artisan printed pieces you ever did see.

Yee-Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards

The cards are available in assorted sets or you can pick your preferred piece of produce at Yee-Haw’s Etsy Shop.

Which printed piece of produce would you pick? A peck of pickled peppers? ;)

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all-veggies-300Yee Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards - Artichokes and BeetsYee Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards

q&a: with Vivian Leung of 9SpotMonk

q and a with 9spotmonk

From a great business story comes inspiration. From a glimpse into the people involved, we make a human connection. And through these tales behind the things we love we gain meaning, understanding and appreciation.

In a nutshell, that’s the oomph behind our new feature section.

We reached out to Vivian Leung, founder and principal creative at 9SpotMonk Design out of Glen Rock, NJ, to learn more about her printing studio and her diverse collection. Lucky for us, she agreed—and was quite a privilege to collaborate with.

9SpotMonk has a design philosophy that we find irresistible, “You will either agree with the following statement or not: Design matters. If you agree, then you’ll be quite happy with the work of 9SpotMonk Design.” In addition they describe themselves as craftsmen, artists, a tinge perfectionist, and just as focused on the tactile aspects of their products as the visual.

Over the past couple years 9SpotMonk has implemented a Green Focus commitment with great success. The studio recently launched their ecoModern® Custom Wedding collection with initiatives that include 100% cotton paper as their primary stock, purchase of wind power energy credits equal to the shop’s usage and participation in the Plant A Billion Trees program.

As you’ll see 9SpotMonk is quite the talented small team. Sold nationwide and abroad, from your favorite local stationer, to great kids stores like fawn&forest, to seasonally at Urban Outfitters. Nearly ten years in, and the collection screams personality—much of it, courtesy of Vivian…

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