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What did one Yogi say to the other Yogi?

Yoga Magnet by Bold Face Type

So here’s what happened. I was looking through cards at Bold Face Type, because I think Michele and Lindsey make some really funny stuff and I wanted to show you—like this and this.

But then I came across the magnet shown above. Forgetting it was a magnet, I was immediately inspired to dig up some clever cards for flexible friends. So here we are with 20 awesome cards to give your favorite yogi! Namaste.

Yoga Art Cards Variety Pack by Corinna Luyken
These two by Corinna Luyken are part of a set of 5 art cards. They’re printed from her original watercolors—who could resist downward doggie kisses?

Set of 5 Letterpress Yoga Cards by Fine Day Press
This lovely set of 5 letterpressed yoga cards by Fine Day Press could easily be framed and adored on the wall as much as in the hand. Perfect for yogis with a thing for beauty—which would be most.

Set of 3 OhmmmmmChoooocoooolate Cards by Pamela Trow-Johnson
Chocolate and yoga have so much in common. Both are known to uplift one’s mood, and just try not to say, “Ohmmmmm” the next time you pop a piece in your mouth.

Meditation Card by Kashmira Jhaveri
Keeping with the meditation pose for this card and the next, this card by Ant Design in London has me feeling centered and relaxed just looking at it.

Ommmmm Postcard by Nasoupo
This fit chick with her incense, she’s got the Ommmmm thing down. Available as a single postcard and in this Perfect Lifestyle set.

Breathing card by Amy Rubin Flett
We all have moments this card is well suited for. After all, breathing is important.

Set of 6 Peace and Love Body Positive cards by Merci-Bleh-Bleh
And finally, this set of 6 cards by Merci-Bleh-Bleh for yogis of all shapes and sizes complete with a positive message and hysterical drawings.

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