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Vegetabowls: Bowls Look Just Like Real Vegetables

Watermelon Bowls by Vegetablowls

Watermelon Bowls by Vegetablowls

Put the lime in the coconut and the sorbet in your Vegetabowl.

Inspired by the colors and shapes of nature, Melanie Mckenney makes earthenware bowls created from real fruits and veggies.

Each mold is cast from produce fetched from her local farmers’ market. Because of the nature of the plaster molds, some bowls are only available for a limited time based on what’s in season.
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So Fresh! Seasonal Produce Calendars by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Produce Calendar Posters by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Produce Calendar Posters by Chasing Delicious

You know what? It’s berry season!

You know what else? These Seasonal Produce Calendars are really terrific. Every foodie, aspiring foodie, and fresh-food lover who wouldn’t dare call themselves a foodie, needs these on their kitchen walls.

Created by Russell van Kraayenburg, he’s a self-described food-crazed writer, photographer, and creative director obsessed with deliciousness. Russell’s also the author of Chasing Delicious, an educational and beautiful blog that encourages people to prepare foods from scratch using all natural seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Chasing Delicious emphasizes eating seasonally for flavor and nutritional benefits but also explains one other perk—the Thanksgiving effect—that I especially enjoyed reading about:

My favorite part about abiding by an ingredient’s natural availability is what I like to call the Thanksgiving-effect. Most of us only eat those famous turkey-day dishes on thanksgiving because the meal, and each particular dish, is more special that way. Approaching fruits and vegetables with the same zealous attention to seasonal availability makes that tiny dewberry window in May all the more special.

(Read more from Russell’s Kitchen 101 post.)

The posters are printed on heavy weight paper with room for framing and can be purchased at a great price individually or as a set of three.

And with that, I do believe it’s time to whip up a Basil Mint Cake for us to share and a Watermelon Swash for me. Right now. Hello June and happy weekend!

(h/t Sodapopgirl)

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fruits-300Seasonal Fruit Calendar by Chasing Delicious

Say it with Fruits & Veggies from Yee-Haw Industries

Yee-Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards - Artichokes and Beets

I’m still in a bit of denial about September starting tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the sights and smells of Autumn, but I’m just not ready to let go of the summer sun, the season’s fresh berries and trips to the Farmers’ Market.

I have, however, found a delightful way to grab hold of the beauty of that lively place and share it with someone else—year round if I choose—with these wonderful Farmers’ Market cards by Yee-Haw Industries.

Oh and by the way, Yee-Haw is amazing, y’all. Their Knoxville, Tennessee shop headed up by Julie Belcher and Kevin Bradley, produces some of the most down-home, honky-tonk, kickass artisan printed pieces you ever did see.

Yee-Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards

The cards are available in assorted sets or you can pick your preferred piece of produce at Yee-Haw’s Etsy Shop.

Which printed piece of produce would you pick? A peck of pickled peppers? ;)

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all-veggies-300Yee Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards - Artichokes and BeetsYee Haw Industries Farmers Market Cards