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Feet on the Ground and Eyes on the Prize – 10 Serious Gifts for Capricorns!

Capricorn Zodiac Print by JSGD on Society6

Capricorn Zodiac Print by JSGD on Society6

Ambitious, sincere, competitive. Hardworking, committed and determined. These are all qualities of the Capricorn, born December 22 – January 19. Unfortunately, with a birthday that close to Christmas, more often than not, it gets overshadowed by the holiday and their gift becomes a dual purpose holiday/birthday kinda thing.

This year, don’t let the season overshadow their day! Celebrate your Capricorn on their birthday and make them feel special—even if their birthday is on December 25th.

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Give & Tell with Geek Dad, Ken Denmead

Ken Denmead is a husband and father from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as a civil engineer. He’s also the editor of Wired magazine’s parenting blog, GeekDad, where along with a group of other geeky parents, he posts projects, book and movie reviews, podcasts, and more about being a parent and being a geek.

You’ve seen Ken’s work around Wantist before—he’s also the author of the Geek Dad series of books, Geek Dad, The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun, and just released this month, The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists, filled with science experiments and MacGyvery exploits for the family to do together.

Needless to say, he’s a busy guy, so I’m completely geeking out when I tell you that we snagged some of his time to Give & Tell today. Thanks Ken!

Could you share a wrapping secret with us?

My favorite tried-and-true technique is one I learned as a kid – curling ribbon with the edge of a scissors blade. But I always take it one step further. I will snip the ribbon into smaller strings, and then curl them, for a very interesting curly string effect.

Have you ever given a gift in an interesting way?

Especially with our boys, we love to do treasure hunts. And it’s a tradition in our family to put interesting clues to a gift on its tag. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes obscure.
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Ken Denmead's picks from Wantist

Give & Tell with Cariann Burger of Cargoh

Cariann Burger from Cargoh.com

Cariann Burger is one cool chick. She’s got talent (of the super-creative kind), she’s genuine and sweet to everyone (that smile!) and she runs a company that empowers and celebrates the work of artists all over the world.

Cariann and her husband Paul are the founders of Cargoh, a marketplace of independent art and design—essentially a jackpot of wonderful things from an inspiring community of creative people.

Today she joins us for our very first Give & Tell. Thanks, Cariann!

What’s the most inexpensive item you could receive that warms your heart every time?

Flowers from my husband, even though I tell him not to buy them, and his love notes.

Have you ever given a gift in an interesting way?

When I first started dating my husband we lived in different countries. I would send him a meaningful gift weekly with a letter in it. The letters spelled a word, which was a clue to the surprise I had for him when we saw each other again.
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Cariann Burger's picks from Wantist

Coming Soon: Inkling Digital Sketch Pen

Wacom Inkling Digital Pen

I’ve always dreamed of something like this. A way to sketch and doodle right onto paper and have my drawings magically appear on the computer so I can do more with them.

Well it’s not magic and it isn’t a dream. Coming mid-September is the new Inkling by Wacom. What you draw on regular paper uploads (in layers even) straight into a digital format. Oh, the possibilities!

The video for it is pretty great too. Check it out:

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Hear your music with all new ears

SRS iWow

SRS iWOW plugin for iTunes improves audio by leaps and bounds

More music than ever is available at your fingertips; between all those MP3s you stumbled across back in Napster’s heyday and the present-day instant gratification of the iTunes Music Store/Amazon’s MP3 store (not to mention streaming radio), you’ve got days and days of music at your disposal.

Lost in this world of abundance and accessibility is fidelity. I’m not talking about the age-old debate of bit-rate encoding and vinyl vs CD vs MP3—just the sound coming out of your off-the-shelf Mac’s speakers regardless of its original format. Want to improve what you hear like magic? SRS iWOW is the trick up your sleeve.

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Right where you left them

Unplug and your cables stay put with Cabledrop

Don’t let go

It doesn’t get much simpler than this and for that we are entirely grateful. Cabledrop is a clip with a strong adhesive back that holds a cord in place. For those of you who need one we probably don’t need to tell you just how great this really is—one look at the photo and it’s “Um yes please, where do I get mine?”.

Just imagine

Then: You disconnect your laptop and the cord falls to the floor—a Machiavellian cable intent on seeing you bent over under your desk. You venture, palms first, into the dusty shadow of your workstation to fetch the elusive thing, only to bonk your head on your way back up. Not a good way to start your morning.

Now: You unplug and the cord stays, awaiting your next move.

Bonk no more

Cabledrop was created by Bluelounge Design of Pasadena, CA. Their studio is responsible for all kinds of creative endeavors from furniture, to graphics, to web and obviously products.

Of the products manufactured with the Bluelounge name they write: “[we make] simple solutions to daily problems with a constant drive to transform even the most everyday items into objects of desire.” And they do.

Cabledrop is sold in packs of six with your choice of the muted color palette or the bright colors for $9.95.

Also for sale at:

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