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Unplug and your cables stay put with Cabledrop

Don’t let go

It doesn’t get much simpler than this and for that we are entirely grateful. Cabledrop is a clip with a strong adhesive back that holds a cord in place. For those of you who need one we probably don’t need to tell you just how great this really is—one look at the photo and it’s “Um yes please, where do I get mine?”.

Just imagine

Then: You disconnect your laptop and the cord falls to the floor—a Machiavellian cable intent on seeing you bent over under your desk. You venture, palms first, into the dusty shadow of your workstation to fetch the elusive thing, only to bonk your head on your way back up. Not a good way to start your morning.

Now: You unplug and the cord stays, awaiting your next move.

Bonk no more

Cabledrop was created by Bluelounge Design of Pasadena, CA. Their studio is responsible for all kinds of creative endeavors from furniture, to graphics, to web and obviously products.

Of the products manufactured with the Bluelounge name they write: “[we make] simple solutions to daily problems with a constant drive to transform even the most everyday items into objects of desire.” And they do.

Cabledrop is sold in packs of six with your choice of the muted color palette or the bright colors for $9.95.

Also for sale at:

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